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Audicus Employee Spotlight

Meet Madeline Foster, Consumer Insights Manager!

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

What is your role at Audicus?

Madeline joined the Audicus team in 2020. She is Consumer Insights Manager on the Marketing team, focusing on content creation to elevate the voice of the customer. She has grown several times on the team during her four years with the company. In her previous role with the company, she created impactful email campaigns, drove our promotion strategy, and crafted compelling content that resonates with our audience.

How’d your career path get you here?

Madeline completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne and obtained a Master of Public Health from King’s College London. With a solid educational foundation in clinical work and a deep-rooted passion for healthcare, she sought a career path where she could leverage her skills to enhance accessibility and affordability in the healthcare sector. Madeline is driven by wanting to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, and was on the search for innovative startups where she could make a difference. When she discovered Audicus, she instantly recognized it as the perfect fit for her aspirations and expertise.

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

“I really enjoy learning more about the people who we serve.”

One of Madeline’s earliest projects involved the captivating narrative of a customer named Dennis. It was a fun and creative project where she crafted mini-documentaries showcasing our customers’ stories. She vividly remembers Dennis, who, after acquiring Audicus hearing aids, founded “Remeos,” a social group of retired gentlemen venturing to Manhattan restaurants to critique their dining experiences. She recalls shooting his video “was an absolute blast, his personality was charming and hilarious,” and one she will never forget.

How would you describe the culture at Audicus?
Madeline says “everyone at Audicus really cares about the population that we serve, and the problem that we’re solving.” She mentions it’s a very supportive environment and a dynamic culture where there is always something new to think about, a new problem to solve, and questions to answer.

Any advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in Marketing?
For anyone wanting to start a career in marketing, Madeline suggests “be open to different opportunities in marketing, and learn as much as you can about different types of marketing.” Seize every chance to expand your knowledge across various facets of the field. Additionally, she suggests job seekers research companies that they have a connection with, and feel passionate about because, “it’s way easier to market something you care about.”

How do you like to start your day?

Madeline kick-starts her day with movement and some sort of exercise, usually running,  and loves to include her fur son Joey.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, Madeline enjoys training for marathons, “especially with my fellow long-distance Audicus running buddies.” When she isn’t studying for her Ph.D., she enjoys traveling and seeing new places, and mentions she’s visited all fifty states in the United States. Right now she’s currently planning her wedding, which will be in her home country of Australia!


Thank you for all you do, Madeline!