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Audicus Employee Spotlight

Meet Ahmed Buzeriba, Business Development Manager

Audicus strives to provide top-tier hearing aids and services to our customers.

Let’s see who’s working behind the scenes to make that happen.

What is your role at Audicus?

Meet Buz, a member of the Audicus family and Business Development Manager! He relocated from San Diego to New York City in 2018. After joining Audicus through a training bootcamp, Buz stands as the sole remaining participant from that training. Under the guidance of his first sales manager, Buz was initially hired as an intern with the possibility of transitioning to full-time employment upon success. Initially tasked with nurturing leads rather than closing them, he later transitioned into the role of Account Executive. He mentions  “I loved it, and I was performing well.”

Within months, Buz proved he was capable of success and surpassed expectations. By the end of 2018, he not only achieved the goal of becoming the top salesperson, but also began envisioning a broader impact within the Audicus sales team. Buz recalls speaking with a customer who called from a PACE program (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), and this encounter sparked Buz’s interest in the realm of business-to-business sales. With the support of managers and Director of Business Development, Buz became the first initial B2B team member. After some thought, Buz eventually moved to Canada, and became the first remote employee at Audicus. 

Buz later embraced the opportunity to engage with medical directors, CEO’s, industry experts, and wanted to find a way to not only help one person, but “help out an entire organization.”

In his role now, Buz oversees two team members, supporting them however he can. At this time he is exploring the managed care world, meeting with consultants and seeing which opportunities Audicus’s solutions best fit.

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

Buz says he loves “growing things from the ground up,” and started many initiatives within organizations he was a part of during his time in college. He says he has a project management aspect of his role, which “gives me the freedom to be more strategic and explore where I can make an impact.” 

One of the favorite projects Buz works on is PACE. He mentions “the people are really cool, over the phone and in person.” Buz especially loves attending the conferences and meeting them face to face.

What’s one of your most memorable moments with Audicus?

When Buz hit the million-dollar mark in sales, a former team member purchased Buz Poco Robana cologne, an expensive, incredible smelling cologne. “The team made a special event for me, and that cologne was the gift they gave to me.” Buz specifically recalls the party, mentioning “it was a Friday, back when we had the bat cave office.” 

After the party ended, he got into the elevator  trying to get the cologne into his duffel bag, and it fell and shattered all over the floor. He immediately cleaned the mess, not wanting anyone to get onto the elevator and step on shards of glass, and then remembered he left something upstairs in the office.  When he got back upstairs, a few team members were waiting for the elevator. He says, “I grabbed what I needed, came back down, and my colleague said ‘you really started spraying it in here, huh?’” Buz says he turned bright red, went home and told his wife what happened, and she ordered him a new cologne.

What’s a piece of advice you have for someone wanting to start a career in Business Development?

“Don’t say no to any meeting, even if you’re selling hearing aids and someone wants to meet with you that has a product you don’t think would even work with your company.” Buz says “if someone offers you time in your calendar, have an open mind – you never know who someone can introduce you to.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

Buz is a huge soccer fan – his favorite team is Barcelona, and he coaches a high school team. When he lived in New York, he’d play with a co-worker and his group of friends. Additionally, Buz enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Fun fact about you?

A fun fact about Buz is he was born in Alexandria, Egypt! As an avid traveler, Buz has visited all continents except for two – Australia and Antarctica.


Thank you for all you do, Buz!