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What Are Lyric Hearing Aids?

Lyric hearing aids may be a little different than what you are used to. The hearing aids are designed to be worn throughout the day and night for the length of the battery’s life. 

This means you can wear them while bathing, sleeping, exercising, and everything in between. Phonak makes the hearing aids and refers to them as “invisible”, or “invisible hearing aids”.

How Much Do Lyric Hearing Aids Cost?

If you scour the internet for pricing on Lyric hearing aids, you won’t find exact numbers. 

This is because Phonak relies on “Certified Lyric Providers” to prescribe and purchase hearing aids for you.

Generally, the cost runs between $3,000 and $6,000 for a pair. 

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Unlike most hearing aid models, Lyric hearing aids are paid for on an annual subscription. 

That means every year you should expect to visit your hearing aid provider and shell out more money for hearing aids. The cost includes brand-new devices and accessories whenever batteries die or a device malfunctions.

You cannot purchase outside of the subscription plan.

What Type of Hearing Aid Is the Lyric by Phonak?

Lyric hearing aids fit completely within the ear and are offered in multiple sizes to ensure the right fit. The devices are always on and do not require adjustments.

A hearing professional is required to place the Lyric hearing aids within your ears. You cannot place them yourself.

Fortunately, you have everything you need to remove the device yourself. 

Phonak uses analog processing, which differs from most other hearing aids. Today, most hearing aids rely on digital processing to convert sound waves. 

For Lyric Hearing Aids, Phonak believes that the analog method provides natural amplification and discourages you from tweaking with settings.

How Can I Buy Lyric Hearing Aids?

If you already have an audiologist, they may be able to provide you with Lyric hearing aids or at least put you in contact with a provider.

If you do not have an audiologist or simply don’t know where to start, Phonak has a search feature on their website to help you locate a Lyric dealer. 

Purchasing does not happen online; it happens through the hearing aid provider.

Phonak’s Lyric Hearing Aid Features:

1) Invisible:

The main draw of the Lyric is that it fits snugly within your ear. Some users report that others cannot even tell they are even wearing hearing aids. Because there are multiple sizes offered, finding a size to properly fit within your ear should not be a problem.

2) Water Resistant

Since you wear the Lyric hearing aids all the time, they are water resistant. Phonak doesn’t recommend that you submerge the devices for an extended amount of time, but your daily shower should be just fine.

Do Lyric Hearing Aids Work?

Many users report a positive experience with the sound quality of the Lyric hearing aids. 

The analog technology is a unique approach that seems to work well for those with mild to severe hearing loss. 

The devices are not a good fit for those who are often in the water, have inner ear issues, or have middle ear conditions.

Phonak touts the Lyric’s help with fighting tinnitus and reports better sleep quality versus traditional hearing aids that are removed nightly.

Lyric Hearing Aids Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable: The main device is backed with foam that keeps the hearing aids in place. You don’t have to worry about them falling out or moving around inside your ear. 
  • Simple to use: Since you are not in charge of making adjustments to settings, the hearing aids are easy to use. All that’s needed is a professional to put them in place. You don’t need to do anything from there.


  • No Bluetooth: For those looking for a device that can connect to the television or phone, the Lyric is not for you. The analog technology is not Bluetooth compatible, so you cannot connect to other devices.
  • No adjustments: While this is a benefit for some people, it is a negative for others. Sometimes it is nice to tailor your hearing aid settings to fit your environment.
  • Expensive: The biggest downside to the Lyric is the cost. Since the subscription needs to be paid yearly, the upfront costs turn into ongoing payments that may be out of your price range.
  • Require multiple visits to the provider: A professional is required to set the Lyric hearing aids in place. The professional can charge whatever cost they find appropriate, and you have to return to them every time you want to utilize your subscription to get a new pair of hearing aids. Not only can this be inconvenient, but also costly.

Hearing Aids: Lyric Reviews

As you may imagine, there are mixed reviews when it comes to the Lyric. Some wearers complain about the short lifespan of the devices as well as the high cost, while others appreciate the lack of tinkering necessary.

From, here is a review from May 2022:

The Lyric 4 hearing aids often move in my ears while sleeping. This causes a diminishment of my ability to discern words. Also, the volume was very faint although my audiologist adjusted at least 3 times. The batteries go dead often. I have been wearing Lyric 4 for 7 months. Although I still have 5 months left on my subscription I plan to discontinue use in 2 weeks. 

From the same website in December 2021:

I love love my Lyric hearing aids. I’ve been using Lyric hearing aids for about 11 years. I forget I am hearing impaired with them, and so do other people. You cannot see them, you can sleep in them, shower in them. They are amazing. I hope Lyric continues with the great hearing aids they have. I have been hearing impaired all my life my first hearing aid when I was 8 years old. And I am now 60. I can testify to how great they are. Thank you!

Common Complaints About Lyric Hearing Aids

The most common complaint about Phonak’s invisible hearing aid model is the amount of time spent replacing the devices. 

A professional is required to insert the Lyric, so you have to return to them every 2-3 months when you need a new pair. 

They are semi-disposable. You get a new pair every time, but you do not have the ability to remove and reinsert the devices yourself. 

If there are any issues, you cannot solve them on your own which removes a sense of independence.

The second most common complaint is about the cost. 

Stop to consider that a traditional pair of hearing aids costs the same amount as the Lyric, but lasts on average 5-7 years before a replacement is necessary. 

If you pay Lyric’s subscription price every year, you are certainly spending more than if you went with a competitor. 

How Do Lyric Hearing Aids Compare to Audicus Products?


Payment structure: Audicus also has a subscription service; however, their membership costs only $99 a month and does not require a yearly commitment. Included in their costs are a new pair of hearing aids every 18 months, individualized support on demand, cleanings, insurance coverage, and delivery to your home.

Bundling for value: With Audicus, you do not need to pay for a trip to a hearing aid specialist’s office. This not only cuts down on the costs you have to pay per visit, but it also makes the price of their hearing aids universal, no matter where you live. You know what to expect and won’t have any surprise costs if you need help with your hearing aids.

Freedom and convenience: Audicus’s hearing aids do not require a specialist to insert them. This gives you the freedom to remove them at any time (ex: if you want to go swimming) and put them back into place on your own.


Batteries/recharge differences: Audicus has multiple options with their hearing aids when it comes to batteries. Some require traditional batteries, while others are rechargeable. Either way, you need to make replacements or remember to charge them. Lyric hearing aids, on the other hand, are simply thrown away when the battery dies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Makes Lyric Hearing Aids?

The Lyric is made by Phonak, a well-known hearing aid company. Phonak products are made by Sonova. Sonova also produces Unitron, Hansaton, and Audicus hearing devices.

Are Lyric Hearing Aids Worth the Money?

Depending on your needs, Lyric hearing aids could be worth the money. If you have tried traditional hearing aid models and find them to be uncomfortable, inconvenient, or strange sounding, Lyric’s design and analog technology may work for you. However, for many, the yearly subscription costs do not outweigh the benefits, and they find the hearing aids to not be worth the funds.

Are Lyric Hearing Aids Really Invisible?

Phonak’s invisible hearing aid model, The Lyric, rests completely within the ear, so for all intents. In this way, they are considered invisible. The devices are placed deep in the ear canal by a medical professional and can be removed by not being replaced by a regular wearer.