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UPDATE: We’re excited to report back about James’s experience with Audicus hearing aids. His wife Liz wrote to Audicus, “First impressions: he loves them and the TV volume is considerably lower. Which makes me happy!”

And a few months later…

“He loves them… made a big difference in TV volume and conversing with others. I don’t have to yell to be heard now. It makes it a lot more pleasant and he can understand our great grandchildren when the talk which is great because a two-year and a fifteen month old has plenty to say. Even if it sometimes just saying ‘Gendaddy’ their version of granddaddy.”

Below is the original story about the Audicus sweepstakes winner James Walker:

Thanks to everyone who entered our Facebook sweepstakes for free hearing aids. We had hundreds of entrants! We are excited to announce that we selected a hearing aid winner at random. Congratulations to James Walker from Carrollton, Georgia!

James’s hearing aids are in the mail, and we can’t wait to report back about his experience. We’ve already had a chance to correspond with James’s wife of almost 49 years, Liz, who told us a little bit about their life together and experience with hearing loss.

Liz and James entered the sweepstakes because they can’t afford to purchase hearing aids from an audiology clinic and James was missing what his family and the preacher say. James says that when he watches TV, “turning the volume up to 100 percent is too much for my wife.” She often leaves him alone in a room when he turns up the volume too high.

Liz and James met when they were 15-years-old and married in February 1966. They’ve enjoyed an adventurous life together: they used to be avid motorcycle riders and in 1975 they took a two-week road trip across the country to California, stopping in many states along the way. They “even drove into Mexico just to say [they’ve] been out of the USA.” And they’ve been to Disney World multiple times.

They currently lead a full life as retirees, but find it hard to socialize at family events. They have a daughter, three granddaughters, two great grandsons and one great granddaughter and hope to share many more happy experiences with them–and with better hearing!

The Audicus team is very excited to see how James does with his new Canto hearing aids! They will address his range of moderate-to-severe hearing loss and accommodate his hearing loss if it enters the profound range.

We’re interested to hear from other readers about their experience with hearing loss. What is the sound you miss most when you’re not wearing hearing aids? Do you find it hard to agree on a television volume with your partner? Leave your comments in the comment section below.