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What’s more romantic than sharing a meal together? Avoid the crowds this Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a decadent 3-course meal in the comfort of your own home. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes around the web, so you can whip up a night to remember. As usual, all of our recipes are rich in nutrients that help prevent hearing loss. Plus, by spending the night in, you are avoiding potential noise-induced hearing loss from being in an over-crowded restaurant.

Appetizer: Deviled Eggs

healthy - hearing - recipe - deviled - eggs - audicus

You may associate this dish with backyard barbeques and potlucks, but these are not your average deviled eggs. If you’ve ever eaten at The Spotted Pig in New York City, you may know what we’re talking about. April Bloomfield’s deviled eggs are legendary – and she’s shared the recipe in her book, A Girl and Her Pig. Eggs are rich in anti-oxidants, so this delectable appetizer is a win for both your stomach and your ears.

Main Course: Steak

healthy - hearing - recipe - steak - audicus

What better way to celebrate than with a classic? It’s a special occasion, so treat yourself to the slightly more expensive grass fed beef. Not only is it leaner (and some say tastier), but grass fed beef is significantly higher in omega-3’s and anti-oxidants. Hello, hearing health! The author suggests serving it with (magnesium-rich) potatoes and some bitter greens. May we suggest anti-oxidant-rich spinach?

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

healthy - hearing - recipe - chocolate - mousse - audicus

Finish off your meal with a light but satisfying dessert. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of zinc, and the star of this easy, 3-ingredient mousse. Don’t forget to check back next week for another dark chocolate recipe!

Keeping up your hearing health has never been so romantic, or delicious! Will you be trying this menu on Valentine’s Day? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day tradition? Let us know in the comments below – we love to hear your feedback!

By: Alice Stejskal