As long as there have been humans there has been hearing loss, and throughout the centuries people have designed different forms of technology to help combat hearing impairment and supplement hearing aid devices.


Hearing aid batteries are not only a decent hearing aid accessory, they are often times a necessary one! Most hearing aids rely on some kind of battery.


Different hearing aid batteries have certain advantages including durability, cost, and varying degrees to which they are eco-friendly. Zinc air batteries are very durable, with each battery lasting up to 10 days!


Hearing aid earwax guards are great accessories for keeping your hearing aid clean! They help prevent damage by and accumulation of earwax. Audicus hearing aid earwax guard orders come with 15 guards, which need to be replaced after 3 months.


Hearing aid cleaning brushes come equipped with a soft brush tip end that can clean different parts of a hearing device including the sound port, body and faceplate.


Hearing aid dehumidifiers are perfect for hearing aid users that routinely expose their hearing aids to varying degrees of moisture throughout the day. If you normally go outdoors, live in a humid environment or perspire frequently then a dehumidifier would be a good tool to have!


Hearing aid dehumidifiers use a desiccant to extract moisture from the hearing aid overnight. This desiccant helps prevent water from interacting with the electric and metallic components of the hearing aid.


Hearing aid cases are an excellent accessory for keeping your hearing aid safe! They can protect against moisture, dirt and dust. Furthermore, you are less likely to lose or break your hearing aid if you have a case that you routinely put it inside when it is not in use.


Many hearing aid cases cost around $20, which is much less than the hundreds or thousands of dollars needed to repair or replace a hearing aid that was not stored properly!


Bluetooth remotes are relatively recent innovations in the hearing aid world.


Not only can they control for hearing aid volume, they can also let you stream from your laptop, television, or smartphone, among others. Audicus Bluetooth packages not only come with a Bluetooth remote, they also come equipped with a Bluetooth dock and 2 charging adapters.


Although Bluetooth packages normally go for a few hundred dollars, they increase the versatility of hearing aids, allowing them to be used in conjunction with a wide array of tech.


Choosing the Best Hearing Aid Accessories for You  


Hearing aid accessories not only provide users with higher-quality products, they also help to eliminate the stigma that usually accompanies the use of hearing aids.


Although the title of “best hearing aid accessory” is debatable due to the large variety of hearing aid accessories available, what is most important is which hearing aid accessory is best for you.


When using hearing aid accessories be sure to choose hearing aid accessories that do not cause physical irritation and find hearing accessories that you are comfortable with wearing.


Sources: Healthy Hearing

By: Aaron Rodriques