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If you’re a baby boomer, you might be realizing how all the trends from your youth are now fashionable again—with some new twists. Here’s our list of the top 10 things that boomers pioneered, paving the way for millennials.

10) At-home workouts: Peloton what? Forget the fancy exercise bikes and Lululemon—we’ll take Richard Simmons and some neon leotards, please.

9) Magnum P.I.: A brand new remake of the classic Hawaiian detective drama has hit the screen, but can anyone compare to Tom Selleck and that glorious mustache? Jury’s still out, for now.

8) Fondue: Gooey dipping cheese was a big trend in the 70s, often reserved for apres-ski nights. Now, there’s fondue franchises all over the country and it’s expanded to cooking cheese, meats, and delicious melted chocolate. Okay, maybe millennials improved this one.

7) Journey: Thanks to Tony Soprano and Glee, “Don’t Stop Believing” became one of the top hits of the second millennium, three decades after it first came out. Despite Steve Perry not even being in the band anymore, Journey is once again touring, and the hit tune can be heard at any college bar on a Saturday night.

6) Wire-rimmed glasses: Specs are no longer a sign of nerdiness. Today, nearly everyone above the age of 10 needs glasses and large, wire-rimmed frames are making a big comeback among the most stylish of glasses-wearing fashionistas.

5) Murder mysteries: Back in the day, we had Hercule Pirot and Miss Marple. Youngsters today are more into podcasts like Up and Vanished and My Favorite Murder, which explore true crime around the country.

4) 1970s fashion: Sure, wrap dresses, suede, over the knee boots, maxi dresses, and wide-legged pants are cool now—but baby boomers rocked them all first! And also experienced the retro fashion mistakes…feathered hair, anyone?

3) Yoga/meditation: Transcendental meditation was huge a few decades ago, as the centering practice and yoga swept the nation. Now, you can’t throw a rock down the street without hitting multiple yoga studios!

2) Ted Danson: Before he was a demon hellbent on torturing lost souls on The Good Place, handsome Ted Danson was everyone’s favorite bartender on Cheers.

1) Records: Before iPods, Spotify, and Pandora, there were records. Nothing compares to spending hours in a record shop, flipping through albums to find the perfect one. Record players are back in a big (and expensive) way for all the millennial hipsters out there.

By: Elena McPhillips