Earlier this year, Audicus launched a partnership with Hearing Charities of America (HCOA),  a nonprofit committed to helping the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Together we have collected used hearing aids from the public, which are then refurbished and customized for low-income individuals. To kick-off the holiday season, we encourage anyone who has a spare hearing aid to donate them to someone in need.

Have Old Hearing Aids?

Many people have old hearing aids that are perfectly functional, but not in use. Perhaps they’ve upgraded to a new model, found a pair they thought they’d lost long ago, or have a pair left behind by a loved one who passed.  Over the past three years we have received multiple inquiries from people looking to donate their hearing aids and we’re happy to say that we are now accepting them! Once we receive the hearing aids, we’ll send them along to Hearing Charities of America, which will refurbish the hearing aids and have audiologists program them for their patients.

Donations Accepted!

If you have old hearing aids and would like them to be refurbished for people in need, please send them to:
Audicus Hearing Aid Donations
115 W 27th St, 8th Floor
NY, NY 10001

Why Are We Giving Back?

Our main focus at Audicus has always been to provide people with the best hearing aids at the lowest prices. Still, we recognize that not everyone can afford the hearing aids on our site. Our partnership with Hearing Charities of America allows us to go one step further and help those individuals. We are thrilled to be giving back to the community in this way and can’t wait to see how our customers embrace this new chapter with us.

For more information on the project visit: www.audicus.com/giving-back. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-979-6918.




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  1. I turned 70 in dec and my hearing is getting very bad!Sitting across from someone i can’t hear what they said to me! i also have musical ear syndrome and it is very frustrating.I’m on medicare and medicade and i struggle finance wise.

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