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In addition to hearing aids and hearing aid batteries, there are a number of hearing aid accessories that can cater to your particular interests. Learn more about different hearing aid accessories in this week’s Audicus blog!

Hearing aid accessories come with a number of different functions, and many people can find particular hearing aid accessories useful or entertaining depending on their personalities.


Different Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid dehumidifiers are perfect for people who are sporty, athletic, and outgoing. Hearing aid dehumidifiers extract moisture that may build up from your hearing aids throughout the day as a result of running, swimming, hiking, and a number of other physical activities.

Hearing aid dehumidifiers use a desiccant to extract moisture from the hearing aid overnight. The desiccant prevents water from interacting with the electric and metallic components of the hearing aid.

For people that love exploring outdoors in wooded areas and other habitats with loose soil, hearing aid cases are also an excellent accessory for keeping your hearing aid safe!

Hearing aid cases protect against moisture, dirt, and dust, which are commonly encountered when hiking and camping out in the wild. Furthermore, you are less likely to lose or break your hearing aid if you have a case that you routinely put inside when it is not in use.

For people that are more introverted and prefer staying indoors, there are quite a few entertaining hearing aid accessories.

Bluetooth remotes and other Bluetooth devices, for example, are relatively recent innovations in the hearing aid world that can allow hearing aids to perform a number of different tasks.

Bluetooth remote for hearing aids
Bluetooth remote

Not only do Bluetooth remotes control hearing aid volume, but they also allow for streaming from a laptop, television, or smartphone, among others.

Audicus Bluetooth packages not only come with a Bluetooth remote, but they also come equipped with a Bluetooth dock and 2 charging adapters.

In addition to Bluetooth devices, there are also a number of online audio games and video game apps that can help you to train your brain in different auditory environments.

For people that love video games, has a variety of games that rely on auditory stimuli.


Hearing Aid Accessories for You

The sheer number of hearing aid accessories available online and their reasonable pricing means that you have a wide variety of products to choose from!

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Some people appreciate the outdoors but also like staying inside, so they may get the best out of their hearing aids by getting both hearing aid dehumidifiers and Bluetooth accessories.

Not only do these accessories provide users with higher-quality products, but they also help to eliminate the stigma that usually accompanies the use of hearing aids.

Although the title of “best hearing aid accessory” is debatable due to the large variety of hearing aid accessories available, what is most important is which hearing aid accessory is best for you. Be sure to explore hearing aid accessories to find what best suits your personality!

By: Aaron Rodriques


Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association