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Are you a new hearing aid user? Welcome to the wonderful world of better hearing! Using a hearing aid for the first time can take some adjusting, so Audicus is offering this handy guide for using and maintaining hearing aids. All you need to know about hearing aids is below!

Starting Out With Your Hearing Aid

This may seem obvious, but step one is turning it on! Audicus hearing aids do not have on/off switches so at first glance you might not know how to turn on your hearing aid. All you have to do is close the battery door. Your hearing aid will automatically turn on and be good to go.

If your hearing aid suddenly stops working, check to make sure the battery compartment is fully closed. It’s unlikely it will swing open on its own but if there is something preventing it from closing, your hearing aid will not work.

When you are not using your hearing aid, open the battery door fully. This will air out the battery compartment and ensure the hearing aid is off, preserving battery power.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

It is extremely important to keep your hearing clean (and dry!). Thorough hearing aid maintenance will also help your hearing aids and batteries last longer. Follow these simple steps for optimal hearing aid maintenance:

  1. Open battery compartment door when not using hearing aids.
  2. Keep hearing aids away from excessive moisture:
    1. Do not wear your hearing aids in the shower or pool.
    2. Use a hood or umbrella in the rain.
  3. Keep hearing aids away from excessive heat:
    1. Do not wear your hearing aids in a sauna.
    2. Do not wear them while using a hairdryer.
    3. Do not leave them in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
  4. Keep hearing aids away from cosmetic products such as sunscreen, hairspray, hair gels, creams, or aftershaves.

How to Clean your Hearing Aid

One of the crucial parts of hearing aid maintenance is knowing how to clean them. Life happens, and sometimes you can’t avoid getting your hearing aids a little dirty or clogged. Here are some tips for cleaning hearing aids:

  1. Store them in a dry box to keep out dirt and moisture when you’re not wearing them. Dry boxes can be purchased online and are instrumental in proper hearing aid maintenance.
  2. Buy a wax pick and hearing aid cleaning brush. These tools make it easy to clear out dirt and wax that can clog up your hearing aid. If you are experiencing a lot of feedback or hearing muffled sounds, it’s likely due to a wax buildup that you can clean yourself!
  3. Use a cleaning service—Audicus now offers a professional hearing aid cleaning service for our customers! Simply mail in your hearing aids to our New York City office and we’ll clean them for you. For more details, click here.


 By: Elena McPhillips