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Walmart Hearing Aids

It usually costs a lot of money to get hearing aids, given that they are medical devices. More often, obtaining one requires multiple visits to the doctor. However, did you know that Walmart – a store we’ve known since childhood – also provides hearing aids? 

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Does Walmart Offer Hearing Aids?

They do!

In 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established a ruling on devices for hearing loss. It gave way to a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, resulting in Walmart hearing aids’ availability in their stores. 

Walmart Hearing Aid Brands

Some of the most popular brands sold by Walmart include Hearing Assist and MD Hearing.

There are also sound amplifiers, which we will discuss later.

Here’s a quick overview of Walmart hearing aid brands:  

Hearing Assist

Products:  Hearing Assist HA 1800, Hearing Assist HA-302
Type: In-the-ear (ITE) for HA 1800; behind-the-ear (BTE) for HA-302
Hearing loss type: Mild to moderate
HA 1800’s features:  Programmable (four settings), noise reduction, 70-hour battery life
HA-302’s features:  Directional input, feedback cancellation, noise reduction

MD Hearing

Products: MD Hearing Aid VOLT, MD Hearing Aid AIR 
Type: Both BTE
Hearing loss type: Mild to moderate
VOLT’s features: Water-resistant, feedback suppression, quick recharge 
AIR’s features: Highly discreet (1 inch), easy to use with other audio equipment

Lucid Hearing

Products: Lucid Hearing Enrich, Lucid Hearing Enrich Pro
Type: BTE for Enrich; in-the-canal (ITC) for Enrich Pro
Hearing loss type: Mild to moderate
Enrich’s features: Three hearing modes, wind noise filter, dynamic feedback cancellation
Enrich Pro’s features: 8-channel sound processing, two listening modes, water, and sweat resistance


Products: Lexie B1, Lexie B2 
Type: Receiver-in-canal (RIC) 
Hearing loss type: Mild to moderate
B1’s features: Replaceable batteries, ear-measuring kit included
B2’s features: Rechargeable batteries, 18 hours of use, iPhone compatibility

Go Prime

Products: Go Prime, Go Lite
Type: Both ITE
Hearing loss type: Mild to moderate
Go Prime’s features: Everything in Go Lite, plus six channels and 12 bands, digital processor
Go Lite’s features: Analog device, portable charging case, adjustable volume


Walmart Hearing Aid Prices

Cost ranges from $199 (Go Lite’s and Enrich’s price) to $999 (Lexie B2), depending on the type of device and its features.

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Choosing a Hearing Aid at Walmart

The FDA suggests that you check the packaging of any kind of OTC hearing aids. This helps you identify whether they are approved for safety and effectiveness.

Below are some things you should look for when choosing a hearing aid at Walmart::

  • Warnings and related information about your age, health, hearing loss symptoms, advice on seeking professional help, etc.
  • Information on whether the device is refurbished or pre-owned
  • The words “OTC” and “hearing aids” appear clearly on the label

Walmart Sound Amplifiers vs. Hearing Aids

This is where you have to be careful when shopping. Sound amplifiers aren’t the same as hearing aids, and they don’t provide the same level of sound quality or clarity. 

Instead, they are used to make loud noises easier to hear, but they won’t help you understand conversations better. If you need a device for this purpose, then it’s best to consult an audiologist for advice.

However, there’s a problem with such amplifiers at Walmart. Most of them don’t have the necessary features to reduce background noise or ensure a clear and comfortable sound experience. 

So, it’s important to be aware of what kind of device you require before purchasing one from Walmart.

Audicus vs. Walmart Hearing Aids

In the end, the most important thing is to find a hearing aid that fits your individual needs. This is something that Walmart hearing aids may not offer. Hearing aids from this famous store are a one-site-fits-all solution. As a result, you may not get the best fit for your hearing loss. 

On the other hand, Audicus provides custom-fit hearing aids tailored to meet your exact needs. We do so by personalizing devices according to the results of your hearing test, which Audicus also provides for free. This way, you’ll rest assured that your hearing aids are optimized to provide the best sound quality and clarity possible.


Does Walmart offer a hearing test? 

No, Walmart does not offer hearing tests. If you suspect that you have hearing loss and need to get tested, consult an audiologist for advice. You can easily do this by undergoing an online hearing test with Audicus.

What are the best hearing aids to get at Walmart?

The best hearing aids to get at Walmart depend on your individual needs. Go Lite and Lucid’s Enrich are the best budget devices. While you can opt for Lexie for more features at a higher price.

Are Walmart hearing aids FDA approved?

Yes, all their hearing aids are FDA approved.

Does Walmart sell OTC hearing aids? 

Yes, they sell over-the-counter hearing aids. These are usually less expensive than prescription models. However, they may not provide the same level of sound quality and clarity as a custom-fit device.