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Buying just about anything these days can be a process. Instead of showing up to a store and picking out what you want, you can go on the Internet and research. There might be a sale on a product, negative reviews to take into account, or even the availability to purchase online.

When it comes to buying your first (or even second or third!) pair of hearing aids, you want to be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

With such an expensive — yet worthwhile — purchase, reviews matter, so here’s a roundup of 3 highly-rated receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids on the market right now.

Audicus Clara

Using state-of-the-art sound-processing technology, Audicus takes your audiogram and programs the Clara specific to you. You’ll receive your hearing aids in the mail and can use top-notch customer service if you have any issues.

By cutting out the middleman of an audiologist’s office or brick-and-mortar store, the Clara is available for $1,400 per pair.

Each hearing aid has 2 directional microphones, so no matter your setting, the hearing aids can pick up on the right sounds you want to hear (i.e. conversation, television show, musical performance). The design of the hearing aids is also discrete since the majority of the device is inside the ear, and the outer portion is small in size.

They can also be upgraded if you want to enable Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries and dock, or enhanced hearing capabilities. This is just another way you can save money on the frills you don’t need while still getting a great product. Audicus customers use Shopper Approved, a third-party, verified website to give thousands of 5 star reviews, so you know the brand is reliable too!

Kirkland Signature 8.0

Kirkland is a Costco-based brand, so you know you’ll be getting a fair price. Next time you are doing your grocery shopping, stop by the hearing aid center to get a free hearing aid test and check out the Signature 8.0.

At just under $1,600 per pair, they offer built-in Bluetooth capability to allow you to stream music directly to your hearing aid or talk on the phone hands-free.

They are also compatible with smartphone apps to allow you to adjust volumes or settings with ease. What’s fun about the Signature 8.0 is that it comes in 10 colors! If you want the hearing aid to blend in, chances are there will be a color that matches your skin tone, or you could go bold and choose a red or blue option.

In addition, when you purchase through Costco, you have free follow-up appointments, free cleanings, and checkups, often free warranty periods, and the reliability of a retailer you already trust.

Phonak Audeo Marvel

This sleek-looking hearing aid comes in several different models with upgraded options like Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, or syncing to the MyPhonak app.

No matter the model, the Marvel hearing technology streams across both hearing aids, allowing each aid to talk to the other and better customize your hearing experience. The devices also come with a plug-in that connects to your television or computer to allow you to hear devices that aren’t Bluetooth enabled in your hearing aid, bypassing the need for wireless headphones.

Consumer’s Advocate ranked Phonak as “very good” with a 7.9 out of 10 rating, so you can rely on their high standards. Due to the fact that they must be purchased through a retailer, their cost varies between $1,500 and $3,000.  

Still confused? Check out Consumer Reports’ guide for buying hearing aids to get a breakdown of different types and brands of hearing aids, as well as who you can trust.

By: Diana Michel

Sources: Shopper Approved, Consumer’s Advocate, Consumer Reports