Have you ever wondered about the different advantages of finding hearing devices over the internet? Learn more about the benefits of online shopping in this week’s latest blog!

Like many other types of products, searching online for hearing aids and hearing aid accessories can allow you to locate less expensive alternatives to local businesses. Buying hearing aids online still means that you get personalized hearing aids and hearing aid accessories.

Benefits of Buying Hearing Aids Online

Audicus and other hearing aid companies have a wide variety of hearing devices and hearing aid accessories available online. Buying products online can be more convenient for a variety of reasons.

If traveling to a certain location to buy a hearing aid is too difficult or time-consuming, it helps to have an online service that will deliver the desired product straight to your door. Different shipping options also allow you to have express, standard, or other forms of shipping that range in the time it takes a package to reach its final destination. This means that after you order your hearing aids online, you only have to wait about a week and a half, depending on what shipping you select, to receive your hearing aids.

Many mail services also provide the option of in-person signatures, so they will not leave a package at your door if you are not at home. This lowers the possibility that your product will be stolen or damaged by inclement weather.

If you’re ordering a multitude of different products from Audicus, online ordering can guarantee that the products arrive at the same time and in the same packaging. For a collection of products that may be particularly heavy or difficult to carry, professional shipping helps ensure that they arrive without being chipped or broken.

Online ordering is also convenient when multiple family members need different types of hearing aids. In this case, buying hearing aids over the internet saves multiple trips to different locations and special discounts can be applied to hearing aids bought in pairs or purchases over a certain price.

Hearing Aid Prices                                                            

The costs of shipping products found online can oftentimes be expensive, and in many cases, these shipping fees can exceed the hearing aid prices themselves! However, Audicus offers free shipping for all of its products.

Buying online also allows you to have access to a wider variety of hearing device colors, patterns, and shapes, whereas many in-person stores may be limited to what they have in stock during that particular week.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Audicus at contact@audicus.com. Purchasing hearing aids in-person normally comes with benefits including proper fitting, but with the option of different sized domes, Audicus is able to fit hearing aids just as well!

When ordering online, be sure to also inquire about hearing aid care, hearing aid use, and counseling opportunities. The company or audiologist should have licensing that is available for review by any prospective customers that access their website.

Sources: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

By: Aaron Rodriques

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