About Audicus


We partner directly with leading European hearing aid manufacturers. Our hearing aids are award-winning German-designed RIC and CIC models. We are constantly testing the newest hearing aids to ensure that we offer the best product to our customers.  


Audicus is a mainly an online hearing aid company with headquarters in New York City. We also currently have one brick-and-motor location in New York City.  But if you ever need us we are only a phone call, chat, or email away. 

Already have a hearing test from the doctor?

If you have a copy of your hearing test simply submit your test to our site. We will contact you shortly after we’ve reviewed the results. If you know that you have had a hearing test, but do not have a copy, you have the medical right to request and receive a copy from your doctor.

How the Online Hearing Test works

The Online Hearing Test was developed by MIT neuroscience engineers and uses predictive pattern matching. It tests each ear twice at 6 frequencies to determine the hearing thresholds as a function of frequency and volume and uses error detection algorithms to ensure accuracy of the results. It is the only Online Hearing Test that provides enough detail that it can be used to program custom hearing aids. Take the test. 

Taking the Online Hearing Test

All you need to take the Online Hearing Test is an internet connection, 15 minutes, headphones, and a quiet setting. The test is free and easy to take and will give you a detailed hearing loss profile for each ear. We use the results to program custom hearing aids. No clinical audiogram needed. After we review your test, our team will contact you to go over the results and discuss any special settings or features you may need. Take the test.

Why we require a hearing test

Just like taking an eye test to get the right prescription for glasses, an up-to-date hearing test is necessary to program each hearing aid to your unique hearing loss. If you have a clinical audiogram from within the last year, submit it to get started. If you do not have a clinical audiogram, you can either take our free and super accurate Online Hearing Test or go to a local audiology center or doctor’s office.


After you submit your hearing test or take ours online, our expert in-house audiology team programs hearing aids to your unique hearing loss results. With over 50 years of combined experience, our audiology staff has the knowledge and expertise needed for this involved process. 

Getting a hearing aid with Audicus

Getting a hearing aid should be affordable, accessible, and easy. We make it affordable by selling to you direct, for thousands less than those with middlemen markups. We make it accessible by offering the only Online Hearing Test that enables you to get custom hearing aids completely from home. We make it easy by offering unlimited access to our team of experts. Learn more about How it works.


Our hearing aids last on average about 5 years but can perform even longer with excellent care. The key to longevity is to store, clean, and care for your hearing aids properly. A little cleaning goes a very long way.


We partner with leading manufacturers to source German-designed, high-quality hearing aids. In fact, this is the same technology or better than what you would get with a local audiologist, just for thousands less in middleman markups. View products.

Common Hearing Aid Questions

I’ve just been diagnosed with hearing loss. Do I need hearing aids?

It depends on your type and degree of hearing loss. The majority of patients suffer from sensorineural hearing loss, resulting in permanent damage to the inner ear. Fortunately, hearing aids can help most of these individuals communicate more effectively.

There are so many different types of hearing aids! Which style is best?

There is no single “best” style. You’ll have many options to choose from based on your individual listening needs. Factors to take into account include your type and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, cosmetic preferences and budget. The Audicus audiology team can help you make the right choice. 

Are hearing aids covered by insurance?

While some insurance policies include hearing aid coverage, others do not. We recommend giving your insurance company a call. Ask them to verify whether you have any hearing aid benefits.

Will hearing aids restore my hearing?

Hearing aids are only meant to be an aid and cannot restore hearing once it has been lost. Hearing aids amplify sounds and speech signals for the purpose of aiding hearing, allowing you to communicate more effectively.

Do I need two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears you should use two hearing aids. People who wear 2 aids report a higher level of satisfaction than purchasers of a single hearing aid.

Are Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids recommended?

Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids are not programmed for your specific hearing needs. They come preprogrammed and do not offer the same benefits as hearing aids that are programmed to your specific hearing loss profile. They also do not offer customer care after purchase. 

Are the hearing aids waterproof?

Hearing aid manufacturers have made huge advances in water-proofing their products. However NO hearing aids currently on the market are water-proof.

To understand our hearing aids’ level of moisture resistance we refer to an IP rating.

IP ratings classify the level of protection that the casing of a hearing aid provides against solids and liquids entering and damaging the device.

Audicus hearing aids have an IP Rating of 68. The 6 represents their ability to protect against dust that may harm the equipment. The 8 represents their ability to protect against temporary immersion in a moist environment.

For context, an Apple iPhone also has an IP Rating of 68.

Despite advances in moisture protection, hearing aids are still prone to humidity and perspiration.

Supplies and Services

Power Pack - what is it for?

  • The power pack allows you to get 7 full days of charge without needing an outlet. The power pack takes the place of the outlet. So you can enjoy your rechargeable hearing aids on the go!
  • To use the power pack, attach the power pack to the charging case (the charger that came with the hearing aids) and lock it.
  • Plug the power pack + charging case into the power supply for 3 hours.
  • The fully charged charger power pack offers 7 full charging cycles for a pair of hearing aids.
  • To check the remaining battery capacity of the charger power pack, press the battery check push button.

The Power Pack is available for Omni, Spirit and Wave hearing aids.


Dessicant capsule - What is it?

The charging case has a pocket on the top where you can insert a desiccant capsule. Remove the capsule from the plastic covering. The capsule should be inserted with the pink part facing out (the paper side facing in) Lift the tab to access the pocket and insert the capsule. The capsule’s job is to suck moisture out of the hearing aid as it is charging. Each capsule will last about 3 months. You will know when it’s time to change the capsule when its color changes from pink to white.

Do I need a UV Dry Box?

UV Dry Box

The UV Dry Box is for non-rechargeable models only. The battery is removed before placing the hearing aid in the dry box.

The UV Dry Box is a great investment for your hearing aids. The UV Dry Box removes moisture from and sanitizes the hearing aid.

  • Do you live in a humid climate?
  • Are you a heavy sweater?
  • Do you produce a lot of earwax?
  • Is good maintenance important to you?

The UV Dry Box will always be a great investment for non-reachargeable devices.



How do I connect to the TV with the TV Connector?

  1. Insert the micro USB end of the USB cable into the port on the backside of the TV Connector

  2. Connect the larger end of the USB cable to the power supply

  3. Insert the other end of the audio cable into the AUDIO OUT port of your TV

  4. Once connected to power, the LED turns green to indicate that it is ready to stream

  5. When the TV Connector is plugged into a power source for the very first time, ensure the hearing aids are switched on and within a 1 meter radius to allow automatic connection. Once connected, the hearing aids will play a confirmation tone

  6. The aids should now be connected to the TV Connector

Do I need the TV Connector?

The TV Connector is great for all types of TV’s. If your TV is not smart (does not have Bluetooth) then you must have the TV Connector in order to stream the TV through your hearing aids.

If you have a smart TV you can connect your hearing aids without the TV Connector. However there are many benefits to the TV Connector with a smart TV.

  • Without the connector, only you will be able to listen to the TV audio. With the connector you can stream the TV through your hearing aids and anyone watching TV can listen to the sound come through the TV speakers.

  • Without the connector, you have to manually connect to the TV each time you want to use it. With the connector, you will automatically connect the hearing aids to your TV when you are within 30 feet of the TV!

  • With the TV connector you can make adjustments to the TV volume using your Hearing Remote app.

TV Connector Manual

What services are included with the hearing aid purchase?

All Audicus customers have unlimited access to our team of experts, here to answer any of your questions. With your hearing aid purchase you also get a 2-year manufacturer warranty that covers repairs, as well as unlimited reprogrammings, a 45-day trial, and free US shipping to your door.

What is included in Audicus Protect?

Audicus Protect includes:

  • Unlimited Repairs, Clean & Care Services, and Reprogrammings for 3 years.
  • 1-time loss per hearing aid within that 3 year period. 
  • Protect must be purchased within first 60 days from date of delivery.
  • Protect is available for all Audicus models.


What is included in the Audicus Care subscription?

With the Audicus Care subscription ($12/month) you receive all the supplies you will need for maintaining your device.  If you have the Audicus Plus Membership, you have Audicus Care. 

In an Audicus Care Package

  • 312 Batteries   (Non-rechargeable devices)
  • Domes
  • Earwax guards
  • Retention guards
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Desiccant Drying capsule   (Rechargeable devices)
  • Tubes and cleaning wires (for Dia II, tubes instead of earwax guards)

Any Audicus customers can subscribe to Audicus Care at any time, for any device. Cancel at any time.

Services included with hearing aid purchase

All Audicus customers have unlimited access to our team of experts, here to answer any question, at any time.

With your hearing aid purchase, you also get a 2-year warranty that covers any repairs not caused by user damage as well as unlimited reprogrammings, 45-day trial, and free US shipping to your door.

What supplies are included with my hearing aid purchase?

The supplies included with your hearing aid purchase will last you through the 45 day trial period.

  • Hearing aid(s)
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning brush
  • Variety pack of domes
  • Earwax guards
  • Retention guards
  • Audio Wipes
  • Size 312 batteries (for standard battery models)
  • Charging case & Desiccant drying capsule (for recharge models)
What is the warranty policy?

Many hearing aid issues can be resolved through cleaning. However, if a repair is needed, our standard 2-year Product Warranty covers all repairs. After 2 years, if you are not under warranty, the price for a repair can be $50 for a Clean & Care service or a $199 fee for a manufacturer Tier II repair. A Tier II repair will serve as a new 1-year warranty. 

If you want peace of mind beyond the warranty, our Audicus Protect subscription is available within the first 60 days of your hearing aid purchase. The subscription gives you 3 years of worry-free protection including 1-time loss forgiveness, unlimited repairs, and unlimited Clean and Care servicing. Purchase Protect within the first 60 days of your hearing aid purchase.   


How do I clean the hearing aids?

Routine cleaning and maintenance is essential to a long-lasting hearing aid.


  • Make sure your hands and ears are clean
  • Wipe your hearing aid and hearing aid dome with a soft dry cloth to remove dirt and oil. Consider using Audio Wipes.
  • Take your black brush and gently brush any openings/crevices on the hearing aids.


  • The domes should be replaced every 3 months. An old dome loses its shape and does not properly seal the aid. An old dome is more likely to fall off the aid in your ear!
  • Change your earwax guard every 3 months and anytime you are unable to hear out of the hearing aid. The earwax guard is the most important protector of your device from earwax.
Tips for loss prevention

Hearing aids are very tiny and expensive. They are easy to lose!

Make sure the hearing aids fit properly. Read more about Hearing aid fit.

Replace the domes regularly. Old domes lose their shape and function and are more likely to pop out.

Consider a hearing aid retention clip which makes it impossible to lose the device.

Consider our Protection Plan  for Outright purchases

Consider the Audicus Plus Membership for low-cost, unlimited Loss Replacement

*Unlimited within reason

How can I prevent moisture damage?

Hearing aid manufacturers have made huge advances in water-proofing their products. However, despite advances in moisture protection, hearing aids are still prone to humidity and perspiration damage.

Signs of Moisture Damage 

  • Static or crackling sounds
  • Sound distortion
  • Fluctuations in volume
  • Intermittent outage
  • Corrosion in the battery door

Preventing Moisture Damage

  • Daily cleaning with a soft cloth or Audio Wipes
  • Invest in a UV Dry Box
  • Audicus rechargeable Wave and Clara hearing aids have built-in moisture prevention in the charging case.
  • Avoid wearing your hearing aids during vigorous exercise
  • Do not wear the hearing aids in the rain



Storing your hearing aid

Our hearing aids come with a storage case and we recommend keeping your hearing aids in a case when not worn. Seriously, we can’t tell you how many pets see hearing aid and think “chew toy”. If you live in a very humid climate, or are likely to get your hearing aids wet, we recommend purchasing the UV dry box here.  

Repairs and Reprogrammings


Our warranty covers any needed reprogramming for the life of the device. Like a prescription for glasses, your hearing loss may change overtime. Or, we may need to make an adjustment once you’ve gotten used to wearing hearing aids for the first time. Learn more about the process HERE

If you think you may need a programming update, contact [email protected] or call 844-551-9920.

Cleanings vs. Repairs

Earwax is the number one reason a hearing aid breaks or stops working. Cleaning is the most effective defense against hearing aid breakage. Please clean your device thoroughly before sending it in. Audicus reserves the right to charge $50 for a cleaning if no attempt at cleaning was made.  Audicus Clean & Care is available as a service if you need our assistance with the cleaning (free for Audicus Plus customers or with Audicus Protect).

If the hearing aid cannot be fixed by thorough cleaning,  Audicus is able to repair most devices in office.

On occasion, repairs need to be shipped back to the manufacturer. Examples of this kind of damage include moisture damage, damage from pet, and damage due to long periods of time without cleaning the hearing aids. 

What is the Audicus repair process?

80% of Audicus Repairs are due to earwax/dirt/debris build up. Most repairs can be avoided by proper cleaning and maintenance.

If you have tried to clean your device and think it may need a repair, call us at 844-551-9920  or email [email protected] Audicus will assign you a repair Support Order Number (SUPO) and provide shipping instructions. 

Follow the instructions to send your hearing aid into our office for evaluation.

Our technical team will evaluate the repair and assess how to fix it. The repair will fall into one of these three categories.

  • Clean & Care: Hearing aids that have stopped functioning due to a buildup of ear wax can be cleaned and checked for defects. The cost of this service is $40 for a single device / $50 for a pair. This process will take 1-2 days when in our office.
  • Manufacturer Repair: Hearing aids with more extensive damage will need extra servicing outside our office. A Manufacturer Repair will cost $199 per hearing aid and may take 7-14 days.
  • Replacement: If your hearing aids have been damaged beyond repair then you will be offered a trade-in replacement option for a brand new hearing aid model. The trade-in value will be based on the age and current condition of your devices. Our Customer Service specialists will contact you regarding the details of your repair and the trade-in value.

Tips for New Users

How do I put a hearing aid on?

We always recommend doing this in front of a mirror until you are more accustomed to the process.

  • First, place the hearing aid body over the top of your ear
  • Pull down and back on your earlobe to ease insertion. Hold the receiver wire near the dome and gently push the dome into your ear canal. When inserted properly, the dome should not be visible in your canal.
  • To take off the hearing aid, first, remove the dome using the receiver wire. Then, gently remove the body from behind your ear.

Moisture and hearing aids

Moisture in the hearing aids can cause many issues. It is important to be vigilant against moisture damage. Earwax production is normal but if there is extra earwax production this can trap more moisture in the ear and it will take longer for the ear to dry. This will then cause issues for the hearing aid.

  • We recommend paying attention to earwax production and changing the accessories on time.
  • We also recommend a dry box that can suck moisture out of the hearing aids during the night.
  • Sweating is also an issue. We do not recommend working out while wearing the aids if it can be avoided.  Depending on the form of exercise, it may make it easier for the aids to fall out and become lost or damaged by the fall. If you do wear them and notice your ears are sweating, try to remove the aids periodically to dry out ears. A Dry Box can also help with sweat issues.
  • Ear Gear is a great company that specializes in hearing aid accessories. They have cloth covers for the hearing aids that can help with moisture.
  • Understand your Warranty. Consider a Protection plan.

Why did you fit my hearing aid with this dome?

The dome style we put on the device is determined based on your hearing loss. The three styles of dome are Open, Closed and Double dome. Each hearing aid is fitted with size Medium to start. But we include Small and Large sizes in your box.

Which dome do I choose?

The three styles of dome are Open, Closed and Double dome. Audicus suggests one of those styles based on your hearing loss. We recommend using the style of dome that is suggested. If you are interested in switching to a different dome style please contact the customer service team.

Each hearing aid is fitted with size Medium to start. But we include Small and Large sizes in your box. If you are getting squealing (feedback) or if  Medium is too loose or too big, try a smaller or larger size.


Hearing aid fit

If the hearing aid continues to fall out of your ear, find out if the hearing aid is falling out from inside the ear canal OR if the body of the hearing aid is falling off behind your ear.

IF the hearing aid is falling out of the ear canal

  • Push the dome deeper in the canal.

  • Try a larger OR smaller dome.

  • Remove the retention guard.

IF the hearing aid is falling out from behind the ear

  • You may need a shorter or longer receiver wire.
  • Send pictures of the fit to us. We will have good suggestions!
    • Text: 929-467-7096
  • Consider a hearing aid retention clip so you can’t lose them.


What is the purpose of the dome?

The purpose of the dome is to seal the ear canal to prevent feedback and trap in necessary amplification. The dome also keeps the hearing aid fit and snug.

What is the retention guard?

  • The retention guard is the plastic tailpiece on the end of the receiver (speaker box). It is used for anchoring the hearing aid in the bowl of the ear.
  • The retention guard is shapeless. It will take about of week of daily wear for the lock to form to your ear.

  • If the retention guard is too long you can cut it with scissors. The retention guard is also removable if you do not want to use it.

How do I change the dome?

To remove the dome, hold the receiver with one hand and gently pull the dome off with the other hand. To replace the dome, line up the dome hole with the spigot of the receiver. Gently push the dome on. You may hear a click as it clicks into place. Tug on the dome to make sure it is securely locked onto the receiver before inserting into your ear.

Domes: More dome info

The Audicus dome is a hypoallergenic, medical-grade, silicon piece that goes directly in the ear canal. The purpose of the dome is to: 

  • seal the ear canal to prevent feedback
  • trap in necessary amplification   
  • keep the hearing aid fit and snug

There are 3 styles of dome Open, Closed and Double/Power dome. They differ in their ventilation.

  • Open domes have 6 holes and are very ventilated.
  • Closed domes have 2 holes and are less ventilated.
  • Double domes are 2-layered and have no holes.

*Your hearing care professional will determine which style dome will work best for your degree of hearing loss. 

Domes should be changed every 2-3 months. This is to prevent the dome from detaching and becoming lodged in the ear canal during insertion/removal.

Bluetooth FAQs

How do I connect to my phone?
  • First turn both hearing aids off and back on
  • Once your hearing aids are on, they are in pairing mode for 3 minutes.
  • Head to the Bluetooth menu on your phone
  • Find and select R-Au Hearing Aid
    • If you have a pair of hearing aids, do not connect the left hearing aid. Connecting the right will work to stream to both aids.
    • If you only have a left hearing aid, select L-Au Hearing Aid from your Bluetooth menu
  • A melody is played when successfully paired 🎵🎵
  • Once it is connected, you should now be able to stream music, phone calls, and other audio to your hearing aids.
You only need to do this connection process once. After the first connection, your hearing aids will automatically reconnect to the Bluetooth when in range of your phone.
Depending on your phone, you may need to manually select the hearing aids as the audio output for phone calls, otherwise the audio will still come through the phone.
How do I answer the phone with my hearing aids?

When paired, phone calls are automatically transferred to your hearing aids. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid’s microphones.

  • To accept an incoming call, you will first hear a notification through the hearing aids.
  • The call can be accepted by a short press on the multi-function button (either UP or DOWN) or rejected with a long press (over 2 seconds).
  • Alternatively, accepting the phone call on your phone will transfer the call to your hearing aids.
  • End a call with a long press on your multifunction button (either UP or DOWN).

Rechargeable FAQs

Can you damage the rechargeable hearing aid by leaving it in the charger overnight?

No, you can leave the hearing aid in the charger overnight. However we recommend removing the devices from the charger if you will not be using them for extended periods of time. If you leave the hearing aid in the charger for days this can affect the battery life significantly.

Can you damage the rechargeable hearing aid by leaving it in the charger too long?

Just like any other electronic device, it is not recommended to leave the hearing aid charging in the charging dock for long periods of time. Even if unplugged, the battery will drain faster if left in the dock for extended periods of time. If you are not using the hearing aid for a few days, we recommend leaving it out of the charger. 

How long do rechargeable batteries last?

Day to day, a hearing aid rechargeable battery lasts about 16 hours and needs 3-5 hours to charge. Bluetooth usage will drain the battery more quickly.

Year to year, the rechargeable battery is not replaced. It stays within the hearing aid for the life of the device. The rechargeable battery is meant to last as long as the hearing aid, about 5 years.



How do I turn the hearing aid On/Off?

Manually turning On/Off

  • To turn ON, press and hold the Down toggle button for 3 seconds until the indicator light changes to green. A melody is played.
  • To turn OFF, press and hold the same Down toggle button for 3 seconds until the indicator light on the hearing aid flashes red. 2 long tones are played.

Automatic On/Off

  • The device turns ON automatically when removed from the charger.
  • The device turns OFF automatically when placed in the charger.
How do I charge the hearing aids?

Digital Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aid, Rs 62000.00 /piece | ID: 21336438262

It takes 3-5 hours for your hearing aids to fully charge. You can also charge them overnight while you’re sleeping. The battery should last about 16 hours once fully charged.

To charge the hearing aids:

  • Ensure the case is plugged into an outlet
  • Plug the hearing aids into the charging port. There is no need to turn the hearing aids off before putting them in the charger. The dock will turn them off.
  • When the lights on the aids are flashing green, they are charging.
  • When the lights turn solid green, the aids are fully charged.
  • When you remove the hearing aids from the charger, you will need to hold the button on each aid until it flashes green once. That indicates that the aid is on and ready to be worn.

Replaceable Battery FAQs

How to insert/replace a replaceable battery

To insert or replace the battery:

  • Gently swing open the battery door with your fingernail and push out the old battery.
  • Remove the plastic tab from the new battery, wait 1 minute for the battery to activate. Line up the battery’s plus “+” sign (flat side of the battery) with the “+” on the battery door.
  • Close the battery door gently. The hearing aid will play a melody as it turns on

changing 312 battery

How long do replaceable batteries last?

Hearing aid 312 batteries last between 7-10 days. Bluetooth usage will drain the battery more quickly.

Hearing aid size 10 batteries last between 5-7 days. They are smaller batteries so they don’t last as long!

How do I turn the hearing aid On/Off?

The hearing aid can be turned ON by closing the battery door with the battery inserted.

The hearing aid can be turned OFF by opening the battery door. You do not need to remove the battery completely, just make sure it’s not touching the inside of the battery door.

Omni Spirit and Wave Hearing Aid Support

What do the buttons on the hearing aid do?

The multi-functional button controls volume and program settings. Both hearing aids are adjusted simultaneously.
OFF/ON – Press and hold the lower part of the toggle button on the hearing aid for 3 seconds until the LED lights changes. This function is for Wave Rechargeable only. To turn off/on the 312 Standard Battery Wave, open/close the battery door. 
Volume Up/Increase – Short press the top toggle button
Volume Down/Decrease – Short press on the button toggle button
Program Change –  Long press on the top toggle button




How do I change the earwax guard?

Audicus Wave Earwax Guards 

If your hearing aid is not working or if the sound is very low, the first thing you should do is change your earwax guard.

  1. Remove the dome from the hearing aid. You should see the earwax guard on the end of the receiver. It is a small white circle.
  2. Find the spare earwax guards we sent – they’re in a black disk that has arrows around the perimeter.
  3. Insert the receiver of the hearing aid into the slot labeled “1.” This ejects the used earwax guard from the hearing aid.
  4. Insert the receiver of the hearing aid into the slot labeled “2.” This attached the new earwax guard to the hearing aid.
  5. Replace your dome on the receiver.

Omni how to change earwax guard image


Mini Hearing Aid Support

Mini earwax guards

Audicus Mini Earwax Guards 

The earwax guard is the small white filter located on the tip of the hearing aid.

Replace your earwax guard on average every 3 months (or more frequently or less frequently depending on your earwax production). Change the earwax guard whenever the sound is diminished or you can’t hear out of the hearing aid.


Mini domes

The dome is the small silicone tip on the end of the hearing aid that is inserted into your ear canal.

Once you find the right dome for you you can order more only in the size you prefer.



Inserting your Mini hearing aid


  • Identify right and left hearing instrument so that you
    insert it in the correct ear. Red = right; Blue = left
  • Carefully push the hearing aid into the ear canal
  • Twist it slightly until it sits well
  • Open and close your mouth to avoid accumulation of air in the
    ear canal
  • If you have problems inserting the hearing aid, use the other hand to gently pull your earlobe downwards. This opens the ear canal and eases insertion of the hearing aid.


  • Never pull on the battery compartment door to remove the hearing aid. This could damage it
  • Push lightly on the back of your ear to loosen the hearing aid
  • Remove the hearing aid by pulling the removal cord towards the back of your head
Is Audicus Protect available for the Mini?

Yes, Audicus Protect is available for the Mini.

Purchase Protect in the first 60 days from the hearing aid purchase.


Dimensions of the Mini

Length: 17.4 mm (0.7 in)

Height: 11.9 mm (0.5 in)

Width: 5.6 mm (0.2 in)

Changing the volume on the Mini
Your hearing instruments automatically adjust the volume
to the listening situation.

Audicus Plus Membership Support

Are accessories included in the Plus membership?

As part of your membership every 3 months Audicus will send you new accessories, including new domes.

Tell us which dome size and style you prefer HERE so we can send you only the domes you want.

What if I want to cancel Audicus Plus?

Audicus Plus can be canceled at any time. If the cancelation is requested before the end of the 18-month contract, there is a $499 contract break fee. To cancel Audicus Plus, contact our support center, who will give you instructions to return.  Once Audicus has received the devices, all future payments will stop. Reach out to customer support via chat, phone (855-971-0451) or email ([email protected]) for more info.

If you are within your 45-Day Trial and would like to cancel your Membership please send the hearing aids back within the 45 Day Trial Period to receive a full refund.

How am I billed for Audicus Plus?
  • Audicus Plus has a one-time setup fee between US$299 and US$499 (depending on the product) which is charged on the date of sign-up.
  • Audicus Plus dues are charged on sign-up and each month until canceled.
  • Audicus Plus dues will be charged to your credit or debit card.
    • Note: the credit card used must have 6+ months before the expiration date to sign up.
Audicus Plus loss replacement

Membership Replacement

As an Audicus Member a lost hearing device can be replaced for a one-time fee of $99/device.

These replacements are unlimited (within reason).

Changing credit card info for Audicus Plus

Payment Updater

Check out with and use your email address on file to update your credit card information for Audicus.

What are the benefits of Audicus Plus?
  • Audicus Plus allows you to access high-quality hearing devices at a low monthly fee
  • Every 3 months receive a shipment of accessories to keep your hearing devices optimal.
  • Plus includes loss protection
  • Additional info on Audicus Plus here

Previous Audicus Models

Dia II tubes and how to replace them

Dia II Tubes 

  • Tubes allow the sound to travel from the receiver in the casing of the hearing aid to the ear canal.

  • The tube comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

  • We fit your hearing aid with size Medium when we send them out. If size Medium does not work, Small and Large size tubes are available.

  • Tubes have plasticity – they are rigid at first, but then take shape over time. Through body heat and usage, they soften up and conform to your ear.

Dia II Tube Replacing 

  • Dia II Tubes should be replaced once every 3 months as they get flimsy, deteriorate, and eventually break.

  • To change the Dia II tube, take the tube from the top of the hearing aids. Make sure you pinch where the tube meets the hearing aid body and twist counterclockwise.

Changing your Clara earwax guards
Clara Earwax Guards
The earwax guard is the most important accessory. Change the earwax every 2-3 months if the hearing aid stops working or has low sound amplification. 
To change your earwax guard:
1) Remove the dome from the hearing aid. The earwax guard will be the white circle on the receiver. 
2) Find the spare earwax guards we sent (grey case with black toothpicks inside)
3) Take out one black toothpick tool with the white end – this is the new earwax guard.
4) Use the end with nothing on it (non-white end) to remove the old ear wax guard. Stick the black toothpick into the earwax guard and pull it up out of the receiver.
5) Flip the black tool around and use the white end to place on the new earwax guard by sticking the new one into the same spot on the receiver. Put the dome back on.

Shipping and Returns

Do you have expedited shipping options?

Overnight shipping is available for US customers for $60. Expedited shipping is available for Canadian customers for $75. Choose faster delivery at time of checkout or HERE.   

What countries do you ship to?

Audicus ships to all locations in the US & Canada. 

Are there any shipping costs?

Shipping is free in the US with USPS First Class Mail. Overnight shipping is available in the US for $60. Expedited shipping and shipping for new hearing aid purchases is available in Canada for $75. 


Our hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free trial. If you are not completely happy with your hearing aid within that time learn about the returns process.


Masks and hearing aids

Masks are causing a lot of issues for behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid wearers. With the hearing aids, mask, and many times glasses, there is very little real estate to work with behind your ear.

Make sure the hearing aid fit is good.

Consider a different type of mask that won’t interfere with the back of the ear.

A completely-in-canal (CiC) hearing aid like the Audicus Aura may work better. 

*If your hearing loss is too severe, you may not be a candidate for CiC

Consider Audicus Protect for loss

Consider a hearing aid retention clip, which makes it impossible to lose the hearing aid.

Personalizing your hearing aid

Hearing Aid DecorationsStickers are a great way to customize your hearing aid.

  • Stickers from JaaCreations on Etsy HERE and HERE
  • And many more Stickers on Etsy HERE
Pets and hearing aids

Cats and dogs are drawn to hearing aids for two reasons: sound and taste.

  • Hearing aids put out a sound that is very high pitched, higher than what humans can hear.  Cats and dogs, however, can hear it and go into “search and destroy” mode.  Unfortunately, what sounds like a chew toy to them is actually a very complicated miniature computer that you need to hear!
  • Hearing aids attract earwax, which tastes salty to pets, especially dogs.  They see hearing aids as a tasty treat, and can chew right through the device, causing permanent damage.

To keep your hearing aids safe from pets, make sure that if you are around a cat or dog the devices are safely worn in your ears. When not in use, place the hearing aids in a safe place.


Itchy ears - What to do?

Ways to Help Your Hearing Aids Last Longer - Big Easy Magazine

Some people experience itchy ears when wearing hearing aids.

Dome Fit

  • Fit is a big reason why someone may experience itch. One recommendation is to try a smaller dome. How old is the hearing aid dome? An old dome can cause irritation in the canal. We recommend changing the dome every 3 months.
  • When the ear is itchy, it is best to take out the hearing aids. Wait until the itch subsides before re-inserting the hearing aid.
  • All Audicus domes are medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicon pieces. However, occasionally, a person can be allergic to this material. A custom ear mold may be the best option for people allergic to hearing aid domes.

Lotions and Lubricants

  • EARGENE is a hypoallergenic lotion
  • OTO-EASE is a lubricant
  • Never use anything containing peroxides for itch.


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Product manuals

Omni Rechargeable Manual

User manual for the Omni Rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Omni 312 Battery Manual

User manual for the Omni 312 Battery receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Omni Spec Sheet

Technical Specifications

Mini Manual

User manual for the Mini completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid model

Spirit Rechargeable Manual

User manual for the Spirit Rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Spirit 312 Battery Manual

User manual for the Spirit 312 Battery receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Spirit - Specifications

Technical specification document for the Spirit Rechargeable

Wave Manual - Rechargeable

User manual for the Wave Rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Wave Manual - 312

User manual for the Wave receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model with 312 battery.

Wave - Specifications

Technical specification document for the Wave, 312 and rechargeable

Clara Manual - 312

User manual for the Clara receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model with 312 battery

Clara Manual - Rechargeable

User manual for the Clara Rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid model.

Clara Specifications

Technical specification document for the Clara, 312 and Rechargeable

Aura Manual

User manual for the Aura completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid model

Aura Specifications

Technical specification document for the Aura

Dia II Manual

User manual for the Dia II behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid model.

Dia II Specifications

Technical specification document for the Dia II

Spirit Remote Control Manual

Manual for the Spirit Remote Control

TV Connector Manual

Manual for the Wave TV Connector

TV Connector datasheet

Datasheet for the Wave TV Connector

Clara Bluetooth remote

User manual for the Clara Bluetooth remote and pairing your device.

Returns and Reprogrammings

To ensure you are completely happy with your hearing aids, Audicus gives you 45-days to try, unlimited reprogrammings, and expert repair service.


Every Audicus customer gets a 45-day risk free trial for their hearing aids. If you had an issue during your trial, please consult our troubleshooting guide or contact our team for expert assistance.
Make a return

Reprogramming and repairs

Every Audicus customer gets unlimited reprogrammings for the lifetime of their hearing aids to ensure that you are completely happy with the sound quality. If your hearing aid is not working properly, it may require a repair. Manufacturer issues, while rare, are completely covered by Audicus. Repairs due to user damage are covered with the Audicus Protect subscription or may be covered by a fee depending on the severity of the repair.
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