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Finding the Best Budget Hearing Aids that Actually Work

Paying for hearing aids when you’re on a tight budget can seem daunting. After all, they’re not the cheapest items.

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Still, purchasing hearing aids is often non-negotiable. You need to be able to hear in order to live your life to the fullest, so what can you do if you don’t have the funds? 

First, exhaust all options in terms of insurance coverage, grants, and employer assistance.

If you’ve already pursued these options and are still struggling to afford hearing aids on a budget, you may need to get a little more creative.

Top 4 Budget-friendly Hearing Aid Payment Options:

Sometimes, when you just don’t have any excess funds to spare, you need to take it a step further beyond driving down the total cost of hearing aids. The following are easy ways to buy hearing aids when you’re strapped for cash.

4. Finance Your Hearing Aids: 

If your budget doesn’t leave much wiggle room, consider opting for a financing option.

Companies like Care Credit and Allegro let you pay for your hearing aids over time with low monthly payments. Select the payment plan that makes sense for you – whether that’s 6, 12, or 18-month plans.

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Some hearing aid financing options can be especially economical for those on a budget. Care Credit, for example, charges 0 interest if paid in full across 12 months.

By avoiding interest, buyers can increase total savings.

3. Hearing Aid Rentals:

Did you know you can rent hearing aids?

For budgeters, this kind of payment structure can go a long way.

Many hearing aid companies offer special programs for people who prefer to rent their hearing aid rather than own them. If you’d rather pay a fixed amount monthly and lease your hearing aids, this option may be right for you.

Most hearing aid rental programs only charge a small monthly amount. This makes payments more affordable.

2. Subscription Models:

Some hearing aid companies now offer subscription models. Subscription models can work differently depending on the structure of the program.

Some hearing aid subscriptions come with added benefits like free supplies and insurance benefits, which are baked into overall costs.

For one low payment each month, you can get everything you need without breaking the bank.

1. Lease-to-Own:

Lease-to-Own hearing aid models work similarly to hearing aid rentals, but with one key difference. For a small fee, you can choose to buy out your hearing aid and own your device.

If you’re not sure whether you prefer to rent or own your hearing aids and want both options, a lease-to-own payment structure may be right for you.

The flat fee that comes with leases can be great for those on a budget as it offers predictability. You can work the cost into your monthly expenses and plan for it.


Popular Economical Methods for Buying Hearing Aids:

So, how exactly can you save money on hearing aids?

The answer is both simple and complex. Do your research! 

Read reviews, speak with your audiologist, and do some digging. There may be a better device at a cheaper price tag that could work for you.

Importantly, make sure you’re looking for hearing aids that are both budget-friendly and high-quality.

There are many cheap hearing aid options out there that don’t work, which is why doing your homework is essential. 

Buy Your Hearing Aids Online:

Buying hearing aids online can save you money. When you buy online, you may not always work with an audiologist and the online store may not have a brick-and-mortar service location. 

The caveat to purchasing online is that you need to be able to trust the brand you’re purchasing from.

Do your research on the brand beforehand to ensure that when the hearing aids eventually reach your hands, they will be a fit for you. 

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This requires close reading to ensure you have the right idea about sizing, specs, and technologies.

Will the pair come pre-programmed to your audiogram, or will you have to complete a complex setup?

This information will all be covered on a website, so be sure to read all the fine print.

Choose a Retailer That Sells Directly to Consumer:

Another new trend in purchasing budget-friendly hearing aids is to choose a retailer that sells directly to you, the consumer.

There is no store acting as a middleman that is able to hike up prices to make a profit. 

Companies like Audicus have one job, and that is to sell hearing aids to you. Since they do not have to pay the overhead for a physical store, these savings can be passed along to you.

Look for a Cheap, but High-value Option:  

Searching for low-cost, high-value hearing aids is challenging.

How can you really tell if the hearing aids will be high quality?

The answer?

Read reviews of the company and its products.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid amplifiers as they are not true hearing aids, which is why their price is much lower than higher-tech hearing aid solutions. 

You can also ask other people you know with hearing aids where they purchased their pair or see if your doctor has a recommendation.

There are options out there that will give you the support you need without having to overpay.

Written by: Kimberly Smith in 2022