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Many people who could greatly benefit from hearing aids are reluctant to try them because of the stigma of these devices. Hearing aids are traditionally considered to be intrusive, ugly, and a sign of aging or physical impairment. But what about glasses? Glasses have gone from being pure medical necessities to fashion accessories. Let’s take a look at different medical devices that can be fashionable and functional!

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small and technologically-advanced enough now that it’s possible to wear hearing aids without anyone noticing. Many people, however, have chosen to embrace their hearing aids and make fashion statements with their devices. In 2015, Audicus created a limited-edition line of patterned devices for the fashion-minded hearing aid wearer. Rather than hiding them, people can be proud of their hearing aids and show them off to the world. Who said hearing aids can’t be cool?

There are also tons of accessories for decorating your hearing aids. There are a number of different companies that create hearing aid jewelry, charms, and stickers for making hearing aids fun and funky. These accessories are aimed mostly at the younger hearing aid set—children and young adults who want to make their hearing aid accessorizing part of their daily routine.


Eyeglasses are the most common medical device in the world—in the developed world, about 60% of people wear glasses or contact lenses. Glasses have become a fashion accessory, as people with perfect vision still wear fake glasses to change up their everyday look. And hey, Clark Kent did it, so it must be a good idea!

For many reasons, glasses have transcended the stigmas that hearing aids and other medical devices still encounter. Glasses are ubiquitous and while glasses were once perceived as nerdy or uncool, being a nerd/geek is now “in.” Additionally, glasses are being built into technology like VR goggles and Google Glass. Many people who wear glasses have multiple pairs so they can match their frames to their outfits, just like jewelry.


Canes are a common mobility aid and many older Americans could benefit from using a walking cane. Just like hearing aids, there are stigmas to using canes. Recently, however, canes have started to become cool fashion accessories in addition to necessary medical devices.

One of the biggest contributors to cool canes is the steampunk culture—a fashion subculture that is inspired by science fiction novels and movies. Steampunk designs often feature Victorian-era canes as accessories. There are also many albums on Pinterest devoted to collections of fashionable and fun canes.

By: Elena McPhillips