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It’s been an exciting week here at Audicus. On Monday, we launched our first line of fashionable hearing aids as part of a collaboration with the blog Advanced Style. The leopard, polka dot, hologram and pink glitter patterns have been a big hit!

Audicus has always wanted more people to have access to hearing aids, which is why we offer the best prices for the best technology. But we realized that maybe some people want more. Why couldn’t hearing aids be a stylish, coveted accessory, rather than a stigmatized medical device?


That’s why we approached Advanced Style. We’ve been a fan of Advanced Style over the past few years. Creator Ari Seth Cohen has combed the streets of big cities, snapping photos of the most fashionable seniors around. His blog, along with his book and documentary, capture the style of those who have had decades to refine their looks, and celebrates the beauty and wisdom of aging.

The Advanced Style x Audicus collection aims to reduce the stigma associated with hearing aids and aging. We’ve transformed traditional hearing aids into beautiful and fun accessories. We even filmed one of the elegant stars of the Advanced Style documentary, Joyce Carpati, as she placed on her Audicus hearing aid, along with her pearls and sunglasses.

The fashionable hearing aid collection has been well received by the press. Fashion site Refinery29 called the hearing aids “small but bold gamechangers.” The AARP wrote that the hearing aids in the video look like “little jewels in a box.” And the New York Times in its Style section’s “Scouting Report,” mentioned the collaboration alongside announcements of New York’s biggest shopping events of the week.

This collaboration is our first foray into the fashion world, but there’s more to come. Let us know what other colors and patterns you’d like to see. Email us with any innovative ideas you have too! You can contact us at [email protected].

Happy hearing!