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Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Shockingly, only around 25 percent of those people have hearing aids.

Many Americans avoid getting hearing aids, not only because of cost or accessibility but also due to fear of being perceived as older, uncool, or socially awkward. Audicus helps remove this hearing aid stigma.

Reducing Hearing Aid Stigma: Not your grandma’s hearing aids

The hearing aids of today are more advanced than the hearing aids your grandma used to wear. They are incredibly complex, high-tech masterpieces. They provide an advanced listening experience.

For this reason, the hearing aid stigma surrounding being perceived as uncool is misguided. If anything, the wearer should feel confident.

Hearing aids have come a long way since the blowing trumpet and other historic hearing solutions. Audicus dedicates an entire blog post to fun hearing aid designs, which serve as great conversation starters.

Diminishing Hearing Aid Stigma: Age is just a number

Vanity is an issue among people who need hearing aids since they fear looking older. It helps to remember that today’s technological advances have paved the way for incredibly discreet hearing devices.

Although the aging population is more likely to deal with hearing loss, hearing loss can occur at any age. Three out of 1000 American children are born deaf or hard of hearing, so when it comes to hearing loss, age is just a number!

Mitigating Hearing Aid Stigma: Keeping the brain sane

Also, hearing aids do more than just allow the wearers to hear. They allow the brain to function healthily. This is also proven by the fact that dementia and depression are linked to untreated hearing loss. Additionally, according to a MarkeTrak VIII survey done in 2011, 75 percent of hearing aid users reported overall improved quality of life, including factors such as personal and work relationships, physical health, and self-confidence.

It’s easy to understand the origin of stigmas, but important to remember there is little need to worry when it comes to wearing a hearing device.

If you or a loved one suspects hearing loss, schedule a hearing test with an audiologist who can recommend a course of action. And, as always, the helpful staff at Audicus is willing to assist.

by Esther Shasho