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Tips to Avoid Losing Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are normally very small, and losing them can be a common occurrence if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Find out the best ways to keep your hearing aids safe in this latest Audicus blog.

Losing or misplacing hearing aids can be a common problem due to their small size. Here are a few tips to prevent your hearing aid from disappearing:

Adding Labels To Hearing Aid Containers

People store hearing aids in a number of different ways, and it’s not uncommon to confuse your hearing aid case with an item you use to store jewelry or your glasses.

Be sure to label your hearing aid case. Feel free to get creative; Glow in the dark labels are an interesting and effective way to find your hearing aids when looking in the dark!

Using A Hearing Aid Case

Sometimes hearing aids fall off, are knocked into the trash, or get lost when the owner is doing house chores. You should put your hearing device in the hearing aid case that comes with almost all hearing aids.

Audicus offers a variety of durable hearing aid containers that are perfect for keeping your devices safe and hidden.

Keeping Hearing Aids At Eye Level

Keeping hearing aids at eye level is a convenient way to notice if they ever go missing. Simply keeping your hearing aid case and hearing aid batteries above ground level will also drastically decrease the chances that your pet will swallow them.


The last thing you want is your dog to get ahold of them. Though this occurrence isn’t all too common it still poses a risk.

Keeping your hearing device at eye level is also convenient because it prevents you from accidentally stepping on it and lowers the risk of the device sustaining water damage from a flood or leak.

Moving And Removing Your Hearing Aid Sparingly

You should try not to remove your hearing aids when you are in public. Taking them out in public, especially during social events like music concerts and social gatherings at bars, can put you at risk of losing them.

Be sure that you have your hearing aid case with you at all times so that if you do need to take them out, you can easily store them.

Be sure not to sleep with your hearing aid on. Even if you do not share your bed with a pet, hearing aids and their batteries can dislodge and roll onto the floor, where your pet might find them.

If you are going to sleep and want to remove your hearing aids, be sure to clean them and then put them in your hearing aid case.

Being Mindful Of Other Hearing Aid Users

If you live with other people that also wear hearing aids, there is an added risk that they may take yours by accident.

This is especially true if you have the same type of hearing aid or hearing aid case. Keep hearing aids in separate rooms and try not to share hearing aids with other people.

Hearing devices may be expensive, but luckily Audicus offers inexpensive hearing aids and hearing aid accessories!

Sources: Columbia Hearing Center
By: Aaron Rodriques, Updated in 2022