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Giving and receiving  gifts during the holidays is part of the joy of the season. Still, years and years of this (especially with a big family!) make it even harder to find something unique for your loved ones. You may begin to run into the too-hard-to-shop-for cousin, or the dad-who-has-everything. This year, Audicus has an unconventional gift idea that could help skirt the annual boring gift dilemma – how about giving the gift of hearing? Here are three ideas to get started:


1. Gift Hearing Aids to… Yourself!

During the holiday season, it may feel as though you are thinking of everyone but yourself. Of course, this happy time is one to celebrate the love you have for your friends and family, but remember, they want to enjoy you and your company as much as you enjoy them! If you’re struggling with hearing loss, take the time this season to get your hearing tested. You may not realize how much you’ve been missing until you try out a pair of hearing aids. Still nervous? Don’t worry – most hearing aids include a risk-free trial period.

2. Encourage a Loved One to Embrace the Gift of Hearing

Buying hearing aids for someone other than yourself can be difficult and a bit controversial – will the recipient be grateful or offended? If you have a loved one – an uncle, a spouse, a best friend – who is struggling with hearing well, help them take the plunge. Be their biggest supporter, and let them know just how scary hearing aids are not! Assist them in getting an audiogram, exploring their options, and receiving their hearing aids just in time for that big family get-together. Their improved hearing will allow for optimal family time– and they’ll never stop thanking you!

3. Give the Gift of Hearing to Someone in Need

The holiday season is a time for giving as much as for receiving. If you have an old pair of hearing aids lying around or are ready to upgrade to a new set, take this opportunity to give charitably and donate them! This year, Audicus partnered with Hearing Charities of America. We now accept hearing aid donations that will be refurbished and given to low income individuals in the United States.  This is a great way to properly recycle old products, and of course, to spread holiday cheer!

Whichever way you decide to give the gift of hearing, the improved hearing and social ease brought on by new hearing aids will allow you, your loved one, or someone in need to cultivate new memories with friends and family, and is truly priceless.

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by Andrea Zielinski