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BOO! In honor of Halloween, we decided to to write about what NOT to be scared of when it come to hearing aids and hearing loss.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid:


10. You’re not alone!

Forty-eight million Americans have hearing loss. What’s scary is that only a quarter have hearing aids. This means that there are more than thirty million Americans who need a hearing aid who do not have one.

9. You don’t have to suffer

Thankfully, hearing aids will drastically improve your quality of life. By getting hearing aids from Audicus, you’ll resume some of the things you once enjoyed: going to restaurants, listening to the TV at a normal volume, hearing your grandchildren, and not having to say “what!” Plus, getting hearing aids has health benefits, such as preventing the onset of depression and dementia, according to the medical community.

8. Hearing aids are TINY

Did you know hearing aids today are totally different than the large hearing aids of the past? Our hearing aids are smaller than a quarter, and one is even smaller than a dime. This means they’ll be invisible to others when worn! There are even specific kinds of hearing aids, called CIC, that are known as invisible hearing aids due to their discreet size.

7. These celebrities have hearing loss:

Bill Clinton, Rob Lowe, Phil Collins, Brian Wilson, and Eric Clapton, among many more, all have hearing loss! You’re in good company.

6. Hearing loss is a normal part of aging

By age 65, a third of people have disabling hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It typically takes people seven years to admit they need hearing aids, but it may be comforting to know that your peers are going through the same thing.

5. There are plenty of hearing loss friendly venues

Now there are more public places than ever that accommodate people with hearing loss. At Broadway shows, you can get special earpieces. Many churches and movie theaters have hearing loops that stream sound into your hearing aids. Even polling stations provide assistance for voters with hearing loss!

4. Hearing aids won’t interfere with other medical devices, such as a pacemaker or glasses

It’s a common misconception that you can’t wear hearing aids with eyeglasses or a pacemaker. People with glasses can get an in-the-canal hearing aid or longer tubes on their behind-the-ear devices. Hearing aids won’t interfere with a pacemaker.

3. Hearing aid technology is improving

From better sound quality to cool features like Bluetooth compatibility, hearing aid technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Some new hearing aids can even be controlled with a smartphone app!

2. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a hearing aid

Audicus hearing aids range from $599 to $699. Way below the industry average of $2,500. Check out our hearing aids here!

1. You have a trial period

Audicus provides customers with a 45-day trial period and a 100 percent money back guarantee, so purchasing a hearing aid is risk-free. Audicus has a return rate that is half the industry average, so you should feel at ease. In addition, most hearing aid dispensers provide at least a 30-day trial, so you will have time to evaluate your options.

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by Alice Stejskal