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It’s almost Father’s Day, and what Dad really may need is hearing aids. Men are twice as likely as women to need hearing aids, especially in the 20 to 69-year-old age range. Unfortunately, men are also twice as likely not to wear hearing aids. A greater number of women wear their hearing aids more frequently and for longer periods of time, so you may want to discuss hearing aids with your father before taking the plunge on his behalf.

Why Men Experience Hearing Loss

Why exactly do men experience hearing loss more than women? In part, it is because of traditionally male-dominated workplaces with loud environments. Think about the volumes at a noisy factory or construction site versus a quiet cubicle. The sustained loud volumes take a toll on hearing. Employers are obligated to disclose when their workplace decibel limits are reached, but if you are worried, you can take your hearing into your own hands. Earplugs, earmuffs, and other ear coverings can do wonders to block blaring sounds. Men are also more likely to take part in risky sound behaviors like going to rock concerts without hearing protection, practicing at firearm ranges, and completing outdoor housework without earmuffs.

How Men Experience Hearing Loss

Men can have trouble comprehending and explaining their hearing loss to their loved ones and doctors. They are less likely to notice a change in their hearing, and when they do, they are often more embarrassed than women. Men tend to lose their high-frequency hearing first – think shrill sounds like birds chirping or soprano voices. Conversely, women have more trouble with low frequencies like low thunder rumblings or bass voices. Another difference between men and women is that men have more neural connections within the two hemispheres of their brain versus between hemispheres. The two sexes should be treated differently regarding their hearing loss.

Hearing Aids’ Stigma

While hearing aids have come a long way from the clunky, over-the-ear amplifiers of years past, some still see hearing aids as a sign of aging. Men tend to ignore signs of aging to deny their inevitable life changes, so they may not want to purchase hearing aids. In fact, what makes Dad sound old may be his constant repetition of “What?” or “Can you say that again?” Hearing aids do not reverse hearing loss but do serve as a way to regain hearing of your surroundings. Today’s devices are smaller, more powerful, and able to be customized to the individual, so Dad should have no fear of buying them!

Purchasing Hearing Aids for Dad

Gifting a pair of hearing aids is a wonderful idea for children looking to improve their father’s day-to-day living. If your dad has an audiogram, simply upload it to the Audicus website. No audiogram? No problem. He can take the Audicus Online Hearing Test and get a full hearing loss profile in 10 minutes. Our team will use the test to program custom hearing aids, shipped right to his doorstep. Most need the support of a loved one to take action towards a hearing solution. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to give Dad the gift of hearing.


By: Diana Michel