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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and happiness, and express these feelings to those closest to our hearts. Celebrations of love– Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, romantic getaways– are not typically considered to be the time to reevaluate one’s hearing ability, but Audicus customer Buddy Currens has provided some evidence to the contrary.

Buddy bought himself hearing aids in preparation for his 50th wedding anniversary. He purchased hearing aids as a romantic gesture– and the purchase proved to be just that.

We interviewed Buddy and found out why this experience was so special to him.

Buddy and his wife Carolyn met when they were 14 and 13 years old, respectively, while attending junior high school in Panama, Oklahoma

Buddy says his favorite thing about his wife is her unending loyalty– but is quick to clarify that her looks aren’t half bad either! They love spending time cruising on their motorcycle and like to ride with their local Motorcycle Association.

When did you realize you had hearing loss?

I realized it when I kept asking my wife what was said on TV programs. My wife would get irritated when I continually asked “What did they say?”

Were you resistant to getting hearing aids for a long time? If so, why?

At first, I was resistant because of the perceived stigma of a huge thing sticking out of my ear, but then I bought a couple of in-the-ear type hearing aids from Audicus.  A year later, I ordered the Bluetooth version.

You ordered the hearing aids before your 50th wedding anniversary– was this a surprise?

My wife and I always discuss major purchases, so that was not a surprise. The surprise was that I asked Audicus to deliver them before our actual anniversary day. And they delivered.

How has your relationship with your wife changed since you started wearing Audicus hearing aids?

Our relationship has improved considerably since I now understand what is being said on TV and my wife and I can discuss it.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this coming February 14th?

Since February 14th is my birthday, we will plan to have a birthday/Valentine’s dinner and  discuss days gone by without any “What did you says.”

Not only did Buddy find out that the hearing aid stigma is practically obsolete, but he also improved his marriage by taking proper care of his hearing.

So, a happy birthday to Buddy, and a happy (belated) anniversary and Valentine’s Day to him and Carolyn!

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by Andrea Zielinski