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Voices of Audicus: Ken’s Story

Ken Ricketts, a retired educator from Southern California now living in Arizona, began experiencing hearing loss about 25 years ago. Conversations became challenging, especially in noisy environments like school cafeterias. He tried various hearing aids but they often broke down and didn’t provide lasting relief.

Four months ago, Ken switched to Audicus hearing aids and noticed a significant improvement. People remarked that he could hear better, and what stood out was that he no longer had to think about his hearing aids constantly. His main criteria for choosing Audicus were compatibility with his iPhone and reliability, prioritizing quality over price. Ultimately, what Ken was looking for, in his own words, was “a good quality hearing aid that I didn’t have to worry about.” 

The Omni 2s were recommended to Ken for their compatibility with his iPhone and superior performance. Despite not being in noisy environments often, Ken found them beneficial, especially outdoors where sound tends to dissipate. Their ease of use, comfortable fit over his ears without pressure in the canal, and long battery life were highlights for him. He particularly appreciated the drying unit that charged the aids simultaneously. 

The most significant change for Ken has been in conversations. Previously, he struggled to catch every word, leading to feelings of depression and isolation. Now, he can engage in group discussions without difficulty, significantly improving his overall well-being. Ken shared “I think the real difference with Audicus is that I don’t think about my hearing aids anymore. They must be pretty good if you don’t need to think about them anymore!” 

Ken enthusiastically recommends Audicus to others considering hearing aids, having even convinced his sister to try them too. He’s not shy about sharing his positive experience and even offers referral codes to those interested. Ken shared about his sister “She did some research, waited for me to see if I liked them, and got them too! We ended up getting a good deal with the referral code. She’s very happy with them.” Through his journey, Ken has discovered the transformative power of hearing aids in enhancing his quality of life and fostering meaningful connections.