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Using Your Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bluetooth hearing aids! If this is your first pair, you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t already – be sure to pair your hearing aids to Bluetooth. For instruction on how to do this, see the below video.

If you’ve upgraded your old Bluetooth hearing aids to Audicus’ cutting-edge product, the Wave, get ready to experience everything Bluetooth has to offer in hearing technology.

We’ve put together a list of different ways you can use your Bluetooth hearing aids so you can maximize your hearing experience. Check it out below!

Listen to phone calls

You can use your Bluetooth hearing aids to send phone calls from your cell phone directly to your hearing aids. You can easily control the volume via your smartphone app or the toggle buttons on your hearing aid.

Additionally, when you link your hearing aids to your smartphone, you’ll be able to hear your phone ring via your hearing aids. No more missed calls!

Watch TV

Watching your favorite TV shows just got easier with Bluetooth hearing aids. If you have a smart TV that’s Bluetooth-enabled, you can link your hearing aids directly to the TV. Talk about tuned in!

You’ll be able to hear your shows crystal clear. Don’t have a Bluetooth TV? No problem: Audicus has the TV connector for you, which allows a direct connection between any audio source (laptop, TV, stereo, etc) and your Wave hearing aids.

Jam out!

Bluetooth hearing aids can bring musical experiences back into your life. Hearing loss can lead to a diminished music-listening experience, but with Bluetooth technology, you can connect your hearing aids directly to a speaker or your smartphone and send music directly into your ears. Find your favorite live concert recording and get ready for a truly immersive listening experience.

Browse the Web

Another cool thing you can do with your Bluetooth hearing aids is link them to your laptop. Enjoy clearer audio from tv shows, YouTube videos, and more when you pair your hearing aids with your computer.

No more struggling to hear the audio or fumbling with headphones—your hearing aids now act as functional wireless earbuds!

What’s your favorite way to utilize your Bluetooth hearing aids? Sound off in the comments below!

By: Elena McPhillips, Updated in 2021