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Social distancing is the most impactful way we can all personally play a part to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Government organizations, such as NYC Health, have reinforced the importance of Social Distancing describing it as the best way to help curb the spread of this infection and imploring that it be practiced whenever practical and feasible. The call to observe social distancing is being communicated in two words all over the world, stay home. 

We spoke to Dr. Christine Choi, of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, about the advice she has for seniors who are currently practicing social distancing. “I recommend seniors to stay home” she begins, echoing the advice of other prominent healthcare professionals and government officials. She continues that social distancing is extra important for seniors who have chronic conditions. Dr. Choi points out that conditions such as COPD, Diabetes, or Chronic Kidney Disease weaken your immune system making it extra important to stay vigilant and stay home. 

While staying at home, it is also important seniors manage those they are coming in contact with. Limiting visitors to your home is an important boundary that should be put in place while practicing social distancing, “I personally do not plan on meeting my parents for the next couple of months, just to keep them safe” says Dr. Choi. Ultimately, it is imperative seniors not only avoid exposing themselves to any risk by leaving their home, but also ensure they do not let any risk of infection into their home through visitors. 

Some of the toughest environments to practice social distancing in are grocery stores or pharmacies. If possible, it is recommended that everyone, but especially seniors, avoids these locations completely and utilize delivery services (see Helpful Online Tools When You’re Housebound Due To Covid-19 for more on this). If you are unable to access a delivery tool for your essentials, see if a family member, friend, or neighbor can head to the shops for you and drop off what you need at the front door (be mindful not to come into contact with them though). If you do have to leave the house for essentials, practice social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet away from others, shopping at off-peak times (such as early morning or late at night), and wearing protective clothing like a mask and gloves. 

Here at Audicus, we are practicing social distancing (read more about our new procedures here) to ensure the safety of our team as well as all our customers. There is no need to delay addressing your hearing health, we provide safe, affordable, and effective Hearing Aids direct to your home. Call our team now at (844) 383-2702 to learn more or click here.