Extended Hearing Device Warranty

Extended Hearing Device Warranty

Extend your complimentary warranty an additional year for $99 for one hearing device or $198 for a pair. The Extended Warranty will apply after the one year complimentary warranty expires, giving you even more peace of mind.

By enrolling in the Extended Warranty, Audicus guarantees that the hearing device will be fully covered from any defect and faulty workmanship.

Warranty is not granted in cases of water damage, leaking batteries, inappropriate handling of the instrument, or if the hearing device is lost or stolen.

*Note: You will be prompted to enter a shipping address upon checkout. While we will not be shipping any new items to the warranty recipient, we do ask for this information to keep the most up-to-date address for each customer profile. This is helpful in the event that the customer ships his or her device(s) to us, so that we can return them to the proper address.

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