We are always looking out for new hearing aid technology. With tech becoming more innovative each year, the possibilities for hearing aids are endless. There are over 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss, so it makes sense that tech companies are looking to help this massive population.

Rechargeable hearing aids

While rechargeable hearing aids aren’t a brand new idea, companies are working hard to improve rechargeable technology. This year, hearing aid manufacturer Signia launched an updated version of their rechargeable hearing aid line. These hearing aids use lithium-ion power cells which can last over a year.

New hearing aids, new look

Another innovation to come this year is from Eargo, a company that sells completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids. These hearing aids are made of a soft, flexible fiber and can’t be seen. These hearing aids are certainly innovative with a modern look but have their limitations and are best used by people with mild hearing loss.

Advancements in testing technology

Hearing aids are not the only thing getting an update in 2018. Hearing tests have become easier and more accessible than ever. Many people don’t realize they have some measure of hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss is shown to negatively impact health don’t visit a doctor until it’s too late.
Online hearing tests like Audicus’ can alert you to any gaps in your hearing ability. The test is quick, free, and can be taken at home with only a pair of headphones and an internet connection.

Using AI in new hearing aid technology

One of the most innovative game-changers in new hearing aid technology is the use of AI and machine learning. Audicus took a deep look into AI and hearing aids. Hearing aid manufacturers and tech companies are starting to use artificial intelligence to make hearing aids smarter and more adaptable.
Incorporating AI into hearing technology has many potential applications. Using AI can make hearing aids much better at filtering out background noise. In the future, hearing aids may actually learn what sounds to focus on, making listening to a conversation in a noisy environment much easier.

Make the connection with your hearing aids

According to Dr. Marc Vietor of Hear.com, one of the top hearing aid innovations of this year are ear-to-ear connections between hearing aids. For people who use hearing aids in both ears, this new technology is paramount to understanding speech in loud environments. Starkey’s Binaural Spatial Mapping system is a good example of this technology. When a change is applied to one hearing aid, the other hearing aid adjusts automatically.
Every year brings more innovations and exciting new hearing aid technology. Hearing aid users can look forward to smaller, smarter hearing aids, new features, and advances in how we test our hearing.

By: Elena McPhillips

Sources: World Health Organization, Forbes, Hear.com, New Sound

3 responses to “Latest hearing aid technology

  1. how much hearing aid CIC i need one is very good technology with medium price because insurance not cover it ……..thanks

    1. Audicus offers a receiver-in-canal model which covers the widest range of hearing loss, from mild to severe. Unlike a CIC, it has adaptive microphones and programming to reduce feedback and clarify speech. Our hearing aids start at $699 or $39 per month per ear. Thank you for your questions and if you have any questions at all, reach out to our friendly team of hearing experts at (855) 971-0451. We’re all ears!

  2. Thank you Elena.I have a son who has hearing problem. He use special head ear, but we have to cahnge them. The hearind aids are old tech and big. I follow your blogs, i hope we will change with the newest ones.

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