There are a variety of hearing aid apps and hearing test apps that can be used from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod-touch device. Learn more about the latest hearing aid technology in this week’s Audicus blog!

Hearing Aid Apps

Starkey Hearing Technologies has recently released a hearing aid app named TruLink. This hearing aid app allows for fine-tuning of the Multiflex tinnitus modulation rate and volume, features that help alleviate episodes in individuals who have tinnitus.

The hearing aid app TruLink also has a feature called SoundSpace, which gives users the option of modifying different sound preferences depending on their surroundings. Like many other apps, TruLink is also able to receive calls.

In addition to creating hearing aid apps Starkey has also created a hearing aid recycling program, called Hear Now. Hear Now gives repaired hearing aids to children and adults in the U.S. who have hearing loss but are not able to afford a new set of hearing aids. Hear Now accepts any type of hearing aid donation and all donations are tax-deductible.

Hearing Test Apps   

Hearing test apps are convenient and easily accessible programs available on the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. They can be used to assess hearing without having to schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

The Audicus Online Hearing Test is one of the newest, most advanced solutions. Audicus spent more than two years developing its test, conducting clinical trials, and refining the user experience along the way.

Test Your Hearing For Free

The current version, its Online Hearing Test, is an easy 10-20 minute test that can be taken on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. All you need is a quiet room, headphones, and a bit of time. Audicus can even use your results to customize hearing aids just for you.

The Hearing Test & Ear Test is a hearing test app made by software developer Yuichi Sakasnita. The app can be used through an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The Hearing Test & Ear Test can test frequencies ranging from 125 hertz to 8,000 hertz.

Users can save the data they collect during a test and compare it to other tests they conduct during the day. With the option of saving multiple hearing tests, users can assess how their hearing changes throughout a 24 hour period, and as a result, they can determine whether they should wear different types of hearing devices according to the time of day.

The Hearing Test & Ear Test is a relatively short test, lasting only 5 minutes, and is similar to an audiogram in the way it plots data to a graph. The results of an audiogram can’t be emailed, but it is possible to take a screen save of the information and transfer the information to your email address. This free app produces results similar to those that can be found in a $200 professional audiogram!

Another excellent new hearing test app is the AudCal HD by software developer Jorge Alberto Rey Martinez. The app is available for the iPad and costs only $2.99.

AudCal HD has a pure tone synthesizer and the results are meant to be transferred to other devices such as computers and printers. This free app also produces results similar to those that can be found in a $200 professional audiogram.

In this new era of sophisticated hearing technology, it can be a challenge to learn how certain devices function. For apps that are difficult to understand, feel free to discuss them with an audiologist.

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By: Aaron Rodriques