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Old hearing aids are all you need to make a difference in someone else’s life. No super skills. No vast knowledge about the world. Just used hearing aids. How?

Audicus Hearing Aids takes a look at several hearing aid donation and recycling programs. Audicus receives your hearing aids and assists you in upgrading or renewing your used hearing aids.

And yes, you might be able to change the world as well.

One pair of refurbished hearing aids at a time.

Audicus Accepts Used Hearing Aids for Donation

Audicus now accepts used hearing aids for donation!

Audicus has partnered with Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) a nonprofit committed to helping the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Together we will collect hearing aids from the public, which will be upgraded. These refurbished hearing aids will be customized for low-income individuals.

This partnership is part of HCOA’s Hearing Aid Project, which aims to bring together different organizations to provide hearing devices to people in need.

The Hearing Aid Project currently offers hearing aid donations in New Jersey and will expand to other states soon.

Used Hearing Aids: Your Hearing Aid Donation Allows Others to Hear

Hear Now is a hearing aids recycling program established in the United States by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

This program provides refurbished hearing aids to people with hearing loss, adults, or children residing in the U.S., who are unable to afford brand-new devices.

Hear Now accepts any make or model, either used or unwanted, and your donation is tax-deductible (they will send you a letter of acknowledgment upon receipt). In addition to hearing aids, Hear Now recipients also receive hearing treatments thanks to the program’s partnership with hearing healthcare providers across the country.

Lions Clubs International runs HARP (Hearing Aids Recycling Program) by receiving hearing aid donations in several recycling centers (some of them located in opticians’ offices, libraries, and banks); donations are later upgraded and the refurbished hearing aids are given to people with hearing loss across the country.

In addition to the United States, HARP recycling centers can also be found in Canada and Denmark.

Other service organizations such as the Knights of Columbus and Sertoma via SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aids Recycling Program) collect hearing aids donations.

These are refurbished before being distributed to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

How About Young Ears and Used Hearing Aids?

In terms of children’s services, the Center for Hearing and Speech devotes its resources and hearing aid donations to assisting infants and children who suffer from hearing impairments.

They do accept all makes and models, and the devices children can’t wear (i.e., in-the-ear type) are used for credit towards the purchase of loaner aids.

Help the Children Hear is a project funded by the Rotary International Foundation, which focuses on providing refurbished hearing aids to recipients who live in Argentina, Honduras, and the Philippines.

Similarly, The Flying Doctors of Mercy provide used hearing aids to children in Mexico. These projects aim to address children’s hearing impairment problems at their earliest developmental stages and provide them with new opportunities (schooling, counseling) to improve their lives.

In case you need more information about these or other recycling options, do not hesitate to contact Audicus Hearing Aids. If you are already the proud owner of Audicus hearing aids, we are more than happy to help you find a program that accepts donations of used hearing aids.


Audicus, Center for Hearing and Speech, Knights of Columbus, Lions Clubs International, Rotary International Foundation, Sertoma, Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Flying Doctors of Mercy

by Patrick Freuler