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If you’re having even a little trouble hearing the way you used to, hearing aids can help. A good hearing aid can adapt to different environments, allowing you to listen no matter where you are or the noises around you. Here are some of our favorite places to use our hearing aids during the holidays!

Holiday hearing

For many people, the holidays mean a full social calendar of gatherings with family and friends. This can be anxiety-inducing for people who have hearing loss, since loud parties with lots of chitchat can be difficult to navigate. Hi-tech hearing aids, like the Audicus Dia II, are able to filter out background noise and chatter and help you focus on the conversation in front of you.

Worried about being able to hear during your family’s big Christmas dinner? Hearing aids can help there, too. Even while all your grandkids are shouting about their new toys and your kids are having their yearly political debate, you’ll be able to hear everything if you wear hearing aids.

Popcorn, candy, and hearing aids: Ready for the movies

One of the best parts of the holidays is all the timeless classic movies showing on TV. Without hearing aids, you might miss some important dialogue or plot points from your favorite holiday movie. There are many types of hearing aids that can help you tune in directly to your television so you can hear everything!

If you’re stuck on what to watch tonight, check out our list of favorite holiday movies here.

Do you hear what I hear?

If you’re wearing your hearing aids, you can! Holiday songs and carols are many people’s favorite parts of this time of year. Hearing aids can help you tune into the joyful songs of the season on the radio and in person. Whether it be a classic like “Jingle Bells” or something more fun like “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” hearing aids will make listening to your favorite holiday tune a lot easier and more pleasant.

Of course, hearing aids are also versatile in that they can help you tune things out: If you’re at your grandchild’s holiday concert and the cacophony of little voices is just too much to bear, feel free to turn your hearing aid volume down a bit and just watch the show in silence. No one will know!

Hearing aids are extremely versatile tools that can adapt to your environment, no matter where you are. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of hearing with your hearing aids!

By: Elena McPhillips