Uno Hearing Aid Reviews


Completely-in-Canal Hearing Aid

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The Uno completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is comfortable and discreet. Read below what customers with mild to moderate hearing loss think of the Uno.

Please note, Audicus is not currently offering the Uno, as of 2/1/2018. Continue to check back with our team as we update our product portfolio! 

Like them!

Christopher M. on 01/29/2018

My experience was a great one, great customer service.

They won me over!

Ray P. on 01/24/2018

Knew nothing about Audicus coming in, I am naturally skeptical [like many] and was completely won over by their professionalism and caring.

Like them. Still learning

William B. on 01/19/2018

1st time wearer, adjusting to volume control and varying conditions.

Good product.

Greg Y. on 01/18/2018

Superb customer service. Good product.

Still getting used to them.

Teresa E. on 01/15/2018

Have only worn them a few days. Still experimenting with the various size domes.

So happy!

Monika R. on 01/12/2018

I am very happy to have found a company online that has a great product and charges so much less. Thank you

Professional staff!

Don R. on 01/9/2018

Very easy with professional staff to talk you through the evaluation and decision to purchase a fine hearing instrument. The support has been exceptional for the first week of use.


Gail M. on 01/8/2018

It was easy

Excellent quality!

James C. on 12/28/2017

Very easy to order and works great - excellent quality for much less than Beltone

Happy wife, happy life!

Ron K. on 12/22/2017

My wife likes them, t.v. doesn't need to be as loud. voice tones have a higher pitch, taking some time to get used to.

They are great!

Pamela R. on 12/21/2017

First time hearing aid user with a lot of questions and concerns - Audicus representatives very understanding and have been working and contacting me many times to help me through the transition period. They are great.

Good team.

Edward W. on 12/14/2017

Very professional.

No complaints.

Leon B. on 12/12/2017


Great service.

Doug M. on 12/11/2017

It has been positive experience. I am very satisfied with customer service. I feel if there is a problem in the future, I feel it will be addressed.

So far so good.

Wayne K. on 12/8/2017

Seems to be good quality, the terms were easy, and was shipped fast.

Helps me hear the tv again!

William F. on 10/26/2017

Good. Before my Uno's I had trouble watching movies on T.V. and in theaters.

I'm a believer!

Laurel B. on 10/24/2017

I purchased hearing units online. Doubted deal until units arrived. I followed instructions to the letter. Once I tried them, I have nothing but praises. Best units EVER! I hear things I haven't heard in decades! I'm a BELIEVER in Audicus.

Works beautifully

Gale T. on 10/19/2017

They were very professional. I submitted a hearing test from an outside source and their online hearing test. They responded very quickly and gave me a recommendation of which hearing aid is a good fit for me. Within a few days, they built the hearing aids to my needs and received them. So far they have been working better than other brands I tried in the past.

Happy Customer!

Rex R. on 10/17/2017

I had damaged my hearing aids and got a very pleasant response from their team. My hearing aids are fixed and back working as new.

Thanks Audicus.

Bill N. on 10/13/2017

The Audicus staff is very courteous, kind and helpful regarding any concerns I have had with my hearing aids.

They have a great team.

William W. on 10/12/2017

The hearing aids work great and Audicus has a great team.


Alan H. on 10/10/2017

Good customer service and aids are a good value.

Everything is great!

John R. on 10/5/2017

Very knowledgeable and helpful representatives. Quick delivery and reasonable return time when I wanted to make adjustments to my hearing aids.

Good product!

Victoria on 10/2/2017

Good product, great service. Would definitely recommend to all. Thank you!

Works great!

Dave H. on 09/29/2017

A no-fuss alternative that has worked for me.

Best Hearing Aids

Bob C. on 09/28/2017

Thank you for such a wonderful product. With the internal electronics made in Germany, I was convinced they would beat the American Brands and I was sure correct in my buying the Uno's. I brought a pair! Thank you!

Free of feedback!

M. Piter on 09/26/2017

I have rather small ear canals and therefore have not been able to wear C-I-C instruments in the past. Now, however, I am quite comfortable and happy with the Audicus Uno in both ears. They are far more comfortable than my previous Over-the-Ear devices, sound quality is very good, and I am virtually free of feedback, at last!

Awesome Service

Monika R. on 09/25/2017

The hearing aids fit perfect! I hear better with the Unos than with the ones I got from my Audiologist. I will order another pair.

Small and affordable

Michael S. on 09/22/2017

Great sound quality, especially for the price!

It was easy!

Glen H. on 09/21/2017

I couldn't believe how quick this process was and everyone was polite.

Best hearing aid I have ever owned

Robert C. on 09/20/2017

The best hearing aids I have ever owned. I tried $7000 hearing aids before, and they did not come close to the Uno's I have now.

Everything was great!

Steve A. on 09/18/2017

Everyone was thoughtful and informative.

Best Aids I've Owned

Clint J. on 08/29/2017

This is the best hearing aid I've owned (I've owned 3 others in the past). I'm about 3 weeks in and I'm hearing everything clearly. Thank You!

Received in Timely Manner

Donald R. on 08/28/2017

I am very happy to have received my product in a timely manner! So far, things are going well!


Sam G. on 08/23/2017

I only wear them occasionally, but when I need them, they're working pretty well.

Happy Camper

Steven F. on 08/22/2017

I love how discrete and comfortable these hearing aids are. Initially I only purchased one, but ended up buying a second one for my other ear.


William on 08/17/2017

Positive quick service and knowledgeable

Overall Experience: Good

Joe S. on 08/16/2017

Audicus descriptors based on my experience: reasonable prices, explicit directions, ease of use, friendliness and expertise of staff!

Seamless Process

William S. on 08/15/2017

Quick easy and always. They always provide solid information on calls.

Very Comfortable

Stephen P. on 08/11/2017

So far I'm very happy. I love being able to hear again, plus, these are very comfortable!

Comfortable Devices

Jennifer M. on 08/9/2017

The hearing aides are comfortable. They're very easy to insert and to remove.

Always Available for Me!

Lou V. on 08/8/2017

My experience with Audicus has always been great. The customer service reps are always helpful when I have question and always available when I need them (even on a Sunday).


David D. on 08/7/2017

I'm very satisfied with my Unos!

Always Excellent

George A. on 08/4/2017

Always excellent with Audicus!

Pleasant Service

Stephen S. on 08/3/2017

Great response-time and customer service-- always supportive.

Natural Sound Quality

John M. on 08/2/2017

I'm a first-time hearing aid user. I've previously tried amplifiers previously. However, the sound quality with Uno's is much more natural.

No Complaints

John N. on 08/1/2017

So far, it's been a very good experience.

Happy with the Uno

Jennifer Mo. on 07/31/2017

I have been using these aides for a few months now and am very happy with them.

Great Service & Follow Up

Betty O. on 07/28/2017

I'm very pleased with my hearing aids after you fixed them. They are better than when I first got them.

Thank You!

Mary M. on 07/27/2017

Once again Audicus has served me well. It was simple to place my order and I received it quickly. Thank you!

Working Well

Jeffrey B. on 07/24/2017

Dealing with Audicus has been great. I'm having some difficulty dealing with the domes-- none of the sizes seem to be the ideal match just yet.

Quality Service

Nancy D. on 07/21/2017

Audicus has been great to work with. After I received my hearing aids, they contacted me by telephone & e-mail numerous times to assist me and to make sure my hearing aids were working correctly.

First Rate Service

Glenn H. on 07/17/2017

Everyone at Audicus is very professional and very polite. The call backs and advice are first rate.


William N. on 07/14/2017

I was very apprehensive about buying hearing aids online. Audicus assured me of there 45 day back guarantee and product support so I decided to give them a try. I am glad that I did. I spent 1/3 the cost on these hearing aids and they have provided me with the hearing experience I haven't had in 15 years. thank you Audicus!

Product Works Great

Charles M. on 07/13/2017

Carlo was just wonderful. I've called him several times since purchase with questions and he is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Product is working out great!

Great Hearing Aid

Tom H. on 07/12/2017

Very pleasant people. Very professional, Very good hearing aid.

Great All Around

Bill M. on 07/10/2017

Great company, great product, and really great service.

Positive Outlook

Camille B. on 07/7/2017

Very positive. I need to have slight adjustment so I plan on sending them soon.

Exactly as Described

Kevin S. on 07/5/2017

Amazing how little the devices are and how well they work right out of the box. I was unsure about ordering online but they are exactly as described.

Great Service

George S. on 06/30/2017

Audicus' customer service has always been good-- they respond quickly and always follow up.

Clear Sound

Chuck D. on 06/29/2017

They work great and the sound is very clear!

Worth It!

Rex R. on 06/28/2017

I am still getting used to the device. However, from what I can determine, I will be ordering another for the right ear.

Easy Process

Roger L. on 06/27/2017

Very easy process, prompt service, and pleasant customer service.

Pleasantly Surprised

Cynthia S. on 06/22/2017

I was a bit hesitant purchasing this style (since I know I have tiny ear canals), but they're working great. I hardly notice that they're in!

Great Staff & Devices

Derek M. on 06/21/2017

Pleasant staff (Bianca and Carlo) who were constantly in touch with regarding my progress with my hearing aid. Great Devices as well!

Units Work Well

Joan G. on 06/20/2017

The units work well. I was surprised by the number of follow-up calls I have received to be sure things were going well. When the package arrived, it was easy to get set up, but I was sent an odd number of batteries (13). One plus a batteriy pack for one unit and just a battery pack for the other. The first attempt to find out if there should have been one more battery resulted in a VERY frustrating exchange with a customer service person. Later follow-ups have been great.

Great Product and Price

Alex M. on 06/19/2017

Your products are priced right and service is great. Thank you.

Simple Process

David O. on 06/14/2017

Ordering was simple. Customer service is very responsive.

Better than Ever

Lee B. on 06/13/2017

I have been using hearing aids from Audicus for several years and the service has been good. This last service ,a repair, was great. My UNO was repaired quickly and returned in only a few days. It seems to work better than than when I first bought it. Thank you Audicus!

Great Service

Billy S. on 06/12/2017

Great customer service. Thanks

Quality Product

Douglas B. on 06/9/2017

Excellent Quality. Great Price. Solid Devices.


Stephen F. on 06/8/2017

Excellent Product!


Stephen F. on 06/7/2017

Excellent Product!

Pleasant Experience

Susan Q. on 06/5/2017

The representatives were helpful. The hearing aids are user friendly. They're small enough and help me when I need them.


David W. on 06/1/2017

I'm very pleased with my Audicus experience so far!

Easy Process

Steve P. on 05/30/2017

From the web site to ordering, the whole process has been great. I appreciate the no-pressure approach and the great follow up!


Cindy P. on 05/26/2017

They are very effective for where I need them most.


John L. on 05/24/2017

I was slightly worried buying hearing aids online, but once they came and I was able to try them out-- they're quite helpful. I'm really enjoying them.


Tina F. on 05/23/2017

Excellent. Timely. Efficient.

Great Product

Stephanie S. on 05/22/2017

Hearing aid works great! I love my aids.

Good Value

Dennis M. on 05/19/2017

Quality Products. Affordable Cost.

Overall Good

Arthur P. on 05/17/2017

There has been some trial and error, but overall it's good.

Great Staff

Ramona A. on 05/16/2017

My mother and I had a great representative work with us. He made the process of choosing Audicus very easy!

Quality Product

Bill M. on 05/15/2017

Easy process. Quick delivery. Good product. Cost = 25% cheaper than my earlier hearing aids!

Just the Right Fit

Carla M. on 05/12/2017

I really like them. They are comfortable to wear, and I was hearing better immediately. For my mild/moderate hearing loss, they seem just right. I had worn hearing aids prior to this pair (over the ear), and although they amplified sound, they may have been slightly strong for me.


Brian V. on 05/11/2017

Flawlessly simple and straightforward!

Highly Effective

Cindy C. on 05/9/2017

They are very effective for where I need them most. I need to be able to hear my sales associates on the floor as well as my customers.

Low Maintenance

John T. on 05/8/2017

Easy to maintain. They work great!

Good Value

Jane G. on 05/4/2017

Good value for the technology!

Great Quality

Parry M. on 05/1/2017

These are just as good as the expensive aids.

Actually Invisible

William M. on 04/28/2017

This hearing aid is well-designed, small, and less conspicuous than others I have had of this type -- Starting on a good foot so far!

Awesome Service & Product

Monika R. on 04/27/2017

Awesome service. The hearing aids fit perfectly and I hear much better than with the ones from my Audiologist. I will order another pair soon!

Better than Ever

Steve M. on 04/26/2017

The new set is better than ever! I'm hearing birds again!

Running Smoothly

Toni W. on 04/25/2017

So far,so good! Just got them so looking forward to hearing much better now!


David D. on 04/20/2017

Wonderful! Couldn't be happier!

Everything & More

Anthony V. on 04/14/2017

Everything I have asked for has been done, I am extremely pleased with these aids.


Charles W. on 04/12/2017

The people and service are outstanding. They have helped my hearing experience tremendously. I highly recommended Audicus to others!

So Far, So Good

Denise M. on 04/11/2017

It actually works. Directions were easy enough to follow and so far, so good.


Kerry C. on 04/10/2017

All the reps are helpful and helped answer all my questions. I've just received my hearing aids this week and things are good so far.

Amazing Service

Marvin C. on 04/7/2017

All CSR's were courteous & not pushy trying to sell items. They instead concentrated on answering my questions and giving me the info on their product I needed for decision making in the near future. The unexpected $50 bonus I received after giving the buy order, was icing on the cake, and much appreciated for us retiree's.

Good Experience

Wade P. on 04/6/2017

The entire process of the purchasing my Audicus hearing aids has been a good experience.

Smooth Process

Curt H. on 04/5/2017

Ordering went very well. The process was simple and I was treated very well.

Good Product

Joan P. on 04/3/2017

Saved myself a lot of money. Good product so far.

Easy Process

Roberet A. on 03/31/2017

Your organization has been wonderful and very easy to work with and it has been a most pleasant experience for me throughout the entire process.

What a World of a Difference!

Susan P. on 03/29/2017

I can hear so many sounds I had forgotten about. These are wondrous devices!

First Time Purchase

James T. on 03/27/2017

I just purchased an Uno hearing aid. The product specialists were very helpful!

Finally Here!

Brian L. on 03/24/2017

These aids are finally here and I love it!

Easy Process

Tami J. on 03/22/2017

Simple to order. Shipped quickly. Easy to use.

First Pair of Aids

Jim G. on 03/21/2017

This is my first experience with a hearing aid and the Uno unit is working well.

Good Device

Jeffrey B. on 03/17/2017

Simple to use, easy to forget I'm wearing, great sound clarity.

So Happy!

Tracey K. on 03/16/2017

Great experience. So happy with the hearing aids.

My Life is Better

Sharon T. on 03/15/2017

I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received. The quality of the instrument is very good; and I am using previous hearing devices as the compatible. I am a previous owner of Seimen's and Costco instruments. Audio II are superior in my judgement. Thank you Audicus for making my life better!

Pleased Thus Far

Terry C. on 03/10/2017

Good Company. I am pleased so far with the hearing aids.

Good Turn Around Time

John P. on 03/8/2017

Very good customer service and turn around time --- only took me a week and a half to get them!

Easy & Convenient

Ellen T. on 03/6/2017

It's easy and convenient and Iove my hearing aid.

Great Device

James C. on 03/1/2017

All I had to do was put a battery in and start using it. It's been an easy process so far.

Great Hearing Aids

Thomas B. on 02/22/2017

Great products at great prices! After 30 years of progressive hearing loss, I now have great hearing!

Pleasant Experience

Jackson M. on 02/19/2017

All around, a pleasant experience.


Thomas C. on 02/14/2017

Better than any other hearing aid I've tried in the past.

Working Great

Nancy N. on 02/13/2017

Ordered for my mom who had Phonaks that lasted for 8 years. She is not compelled to spend 5k again as she is 95! These are working out great. Thanks!

It's the Little Things

David K. on 02/10/2017

it is nice hearing the little things

Worth The Investment

Alan M. on 02/8/2017

After a year using these devices, I can say that it has been as good of an experience as the more expensive devices I've purchased.

Great Support

Robert F. on 02/7/2017

Always great support from the staff and relatively easy to order accessories.


Joan R. on 02/3/2017

Wonderful and friendly customer service reps!


Michael R. on 02/1/2017

The Representative at audicus were very kind and helpful in helping me find the right hearing aids for me!

Easy Process

David O. on 01/26/2017

Easy online ordering. Fast responses to all my email questions. Phone calls were answered quickly.

Very Happy

Tom C. on 01/24/2017

I'm very happy with everything from the sales and service to the information provided and especially the cost of these devices.

Easy Company

Dana B. on 01/23/2017

All the sales people were very informative and not pushy. Easy company to deal with!


Jay W. on 01/20/2017

Thee experience has been very good and I am learning more about these devices everyday. These hearing aids are much better than the six pair, or so, of hearing aids I've had in the past.

Extremely Happy

David B. on 01/19/2017

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was concerned that an online firm could not give me service like a retail store but have been very happy with the service that Audicus has provided.

Good Service

Karin K. on 01/18/2017

Polite and informative representatives.

Easy Process

Xian W. on 01/16/2017

It is easy to order and the hearing aids are helpful.


Gary C. on 01/13/2017

Helpful specialists. Product is as advertised.

Remarkable Devices

Kathryn W. on 01/11/2017

I ordered these hearing aids for my Dad and they have been remarkable. The ordering process couldn't have been easier and within five minutes of wearing them we all noticed a huge improvement in his speech and hearing. Thank you!

Good Product

Dan F. on 01/9/2017

Good product at a reasonable price. Attention from Audicus staff is exemplary.

I Can Hear Again!

Greg H. on 01/6/2017

I can hear it all from the words of songs to the tune of my stringed instruments. I can even hear millennials as they mumble.

Superb Service

Laurence B. on 01/5/2017

I've been an Audicus customer for several years and very much like your products and service (I can actually speak to someone on the phone!). Love my devices!

Simple and Easy

Colin J. on 01/3/2017

Simple and easy. Customer focused. Great product at a great price!

Slowly Adjusting

Diana R. on 12/29/2016

So far I'm adjusting very slowly but they seem to be working. I am glad I bought a pair.

Confidence in my Purchase

Susan A. on 12/28/2016

I couldn't ask for better customer service people very helpful- their assurances and their manner enabled me to overcome my reluctance to purchasing online. The instructional videos explained everything one needs to know to use and it has immensely helped me in maintaining the unit.


Joseph K. on 12/27/2016

1. Superb technology as advertised. 2. Terrific follow-up by the sales and technical staff. 3. Ease of testing and subsequent purchasing. 4. Extremely attractive pricing. Particularly for German technology.

Easy Process

Sandra J. on 12/22/2016

The process of ordering and following the directions for the initial set up has been easy. I am pleased with my hearing aid so far.

The Best

Gomer M. on 12/21/2016

This is the best hearing aid that I ever owned!

Working Wonderfully

Paul W. on 12/20/2016

I was doubtful until I received the aid and tried it. It works better than a previous one I tried from local hearing company costing 4x as much as this one. very happy and telling all my friends.

Virtually Invisible

Warren S. on 12/13/2016

I am not personally concerned with the aesthetics of this, but they are virtually invisible.

Good Support

Gopal P. on 12/12/2016

Good help and support!

Pleased So Far

Hal R. on 12/9/2016

The support people are very help and professional. I had a simple billing issue and it was taken care of immediately. So far I'm very pleased with the people I have spoken with and the product.

Hearing Better

Thale W. on 12/8/2016

I hear so much better with these aids!

Painless Process

Wayne C. on 12/1/2016

Simple and painless! I got my hearing aids within a week of ordering them and I've been wearing them ever-since.

Hardly Noticeable

Robert M. on 11/29/2016

I LOVE the fact that they are hardly noticeable

Pleasantly Surprised

John P. on 11/28/2016

I am pleased with the hearing aids and your price and service!

Great Service

Michael A. on 11/25/2016

I have always had good service and fast responses. I had a few issues but they have been resolved in a good manner. The costs for these hearing aids is so much better than other estimates I got.

Hearing Better

Jackie G. on 11/22/2016

I can generally hear better in most environments.

Top Notch Service

Donna R. on 11/18/2016

Your customer service is top notch. From the first contact right through was outstanding.

Voila, I can Hear Again

Mary B. on 11/16/2016

I just put them in, and voila! I can now hear the rustling of the trees! No problems at all!

Painless Process

Ronald C. on 11/15/2016

Quick and painless so far! Loving my hearing aids.

Great Service

Charles K. on 11/14/2016

I've had many questions and have always had prompt responses from Audicus (both by phone and email).

Easy Process

Herman L. on 11/11/2016

I like that everything is done over the internet, it is a much easier process than going locally.


Monica S. on 11/9/2016

While they aren't as discrete as I thought they'd be, they do the trick and are helpful in noisy environments.


Harold S. on 11/6/2016

It was a pleasant experience all around.

Great Model

Herman L. on 11/4/2016

Except for getting the hearing test, I thoroughly enjoy that everything is done over the internet.

Pleasant Experience

Walter R. on 11/3/2016

It was a pleasant experience all around.

Very Pleased

Mary K. on 11/2/2016

Very pleased with the service so far! I'm eagerly awaiting my new ears now.

Smooth Purchasing Process

James K. on 11/1/2016

Affordable and wonderful devices. The shopping experience was straightforward, unlike my experience with the audiologist that tried to pressure me into grossly overpriced units.


Mary E. on 10/29/2016

I am very pleased with the service and my hearing aid!

Exceptionally Pleased

Gerald K. on 10/28/2016

I traveled recently throughout Europe, on planes, trains, buses, cars, and boats and in freezing to hot climates; they performed beyond my expectations as durable and reliable. I am very happy with them.


Jason M. on 10/27/2016

I am very pleased with the UNO. Thank you!

Great Experience

Kristin K. on 10/26/2016

Experience was great. Very simple and easy.

What a Difference!

George V. on 10/25/2016

I have seen a great difference in my ability to be part of conversations around me.


Roy S. on 10/21/2016

Helpful representatives and pretty good devices.

Perfect Match

Faye W. on 10/20/2016

The product is just what I needed!

Easy Process

John J. on 10/19/2016

It was easy to order my devices!

Smooth Sailing

Wilson B. on 10/17/2016

I was looking for some hearing aids that would work well and that I could actually afford. I did a lot of research and finally settled on Audicus. So far, things are working well.

No Complaints

Arlyn T. on 10/14/2016

I don't see how any one could complain, these are great devices.

Working Well

James B. on 10/13/2016

Took a little bit of trial and error, but they're working well now!

Great Devices

David M. on 10/12/2016

Great Devices-- small, yet effective.

Easy Process

Hal L. on 10/11/2016

I found this to be easy and worked with your support guy Matt, great help.

Absolutely No Hassle

John W. on 10/10/2016

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to start using my hearing aids. There was absolutely no hassle and I'm very pleased with the devices. I recommend Audicus to anyone looking to buy hearing aids.

I can Hear again!

Bernie on 10/5/2016

Listening to the TV is great and I've drastically brought down the volume with these aids.

Great Service

Joel S. on 10/3/2016

Fast and efficient service along with knowledgeable staff.

Good Fit

Carol M. on 09/30/2016

The hearing aids have a comfortable fit. I've finally found the best dome for me.

Great Value

Alex B. on 09/27/2016

Easy and fast checkout process at a great price. I'm happy with my device.

Functional Unit

Matt K. on 09/26/2016

The unit is functional. I am definitely better with it than without it.

Thank You

Nancy H. on 09/23/2016

I am very pleased with the Uno. Thank you for making it work for me.

Good Prices

Steve on 09/22/2016

Great service and even better prices!

Wonderful Staff

Paula G. on 09/21/2016

Wonderful Aids, Calm & Knowledgeable staff, Great Service and Follow Up.


Ted G. on 09/20/2016

Very pleased with the devices!

Love It!

Lindsey S. on 09/19/2016

I can highly recommend Audicus as they respond promptly to questions.

Better Process

Victoria C. on 09/14/2016

I purchased hearing aids for my father after a hearing test showed his hearing was really poor. It was faster and easier than having an audiologist "recommend" one of the preferred vendors.

Worth Recommending

Carolene C. on 09/12/2016

Love my hearing aids. I've already recommended them to a friend!

Working Well

David K. on 09/9/2016

Hearing aid work as they should.

High Quality Aids

Andrea H. on 09/8/2016

Customer service is great. Hearing aids are high quality, easy to use, and packaging is nice.

Happy with my Purchase

Nancy H. on 09/2/2016

I still have some questions but I am happy with the Uno.

Very Comfortable

Sharon W. on 09/2/2016

My hearing aids are very comfortable and so light that I almost forget they are in my ear!

Great Customer Service

Gary S. on 08/30/2016

Love your customer service representatives. They're always professional and polite!

Just as Good as the Expensive Ones

Dora E. on 08/24/2016

I didn't realize how much I was missing, it is really great to be able to have the TV at a level that we both are happy with. The fit was great, I have been wearing them 16hrs a day since getting them. I was given a $5000 pair from the audiologist to try for a week and these are just as good.

Excellent All Around

Mike J. on 08/23/2016

I am astounded at the quality of my hearing aids and the excellent customer service.

Love the Support

Donna K. on 08/22/2016

I've had my aids for several years and only experienced a problem recently. I was able to problem solve with the help of Allison and the step by step video resources. My neighbor has purchased your product on my recommendation and is very pleased as well.

Grateful for Audicus!

Ivan H. on 08/18/2016

I am very glad I received a recommendation to purchase my hearing aids at Audicus. I would like to thank Bianca for all her help. She provide excellent customer service.

Amazing Experience

Tom C. on 08/17/2016

Very positive experience; Alison was especially helpful, guiding me through the process.

Great Customer Service!

Celina E. on 08/17/2016

Customer Service has been great! I hope the hearing aids are just as good. Thanks, Audicus.

Easy to Understand

Theresa D. on 08/16/2016

Easy to follow, quickly done, great.

Great Hearing Aid

Robert O. on 08/16/2016

So far, so good. I'm happy with it.

Love the Fit for my Small Ears

Mr. Piter on 08/11/2016

I have rather small ear canals and therefore have not been able to wear C-I-C instruments in the past. Now, however, I am quite comfortable and happy with the Audicus Uno in both ears. They are far more comfortable than my previous Over-the-Ear devices, sound quality is very good, and I am virtually free of feedback, at last!

Love It

Monica R. on 08/10/2016

Awesome service . The Uno hearing aids fit perfect and I hear better than with the ones from my Audiologist. I will order another pair.

Works for Me!

Nancy H. on 08/10/2016

I am pleased with the UNO and appreciate programming to work for me

Great Product

Mike K. on 08/9/2016

Great product at a great price!


Tony F. on 08/9/2016

The web site was very informative, however, the associates were even better!

Friendly Service

David T. on 08/5/2016

Friendly staff and I had no problem getting the devices programmed for myself.


Ian J. on 08/5/2016

Audicus overcomes the lack of personal interface with clients extremely well with good customer service; friendly and knowledgeable staff. Product itself is wonderful.

Helps Immediately

David S. on 08/3/2016

My Audicus hearing aids help me considerably. In some environments the loudness or clarity are not what I would like them to be.

Best Results

Daryl I. on 08/2/2016

I have owned several hearing aids brands over the years. This is the best results and price over all of the manufacturers.

Working Well

Frank C. on 08/2/2016

They are great! Love both of my devices.

Loving the Features

Stephen K. on 07/28/2016

The Uno is great! I had two aSambas until I lost one of them recently. Manual volume adjustment of the aSamba was it's weakest feature, so I'm enjoying the Uno's automatic volume adjustment feature.

Great Support

Rosa C. on 07/25/2016

I love that there are hearing aide specialists available on Sunday's.

Best Aid I've Owned

Tina B. on 07/22/2016

This is the best hearing aid I have owned at a wonderful price.

I can hear the Birds Again

Alan H. on 07/22/2016

They're great so far. I can hear things I have not heard in years. Able to finally hear birds on my walks!

Saved a Fortune

Andrew A. on 07/20/2016

The Audicus hearing aid works great. I have friends who have spent thousands locally on hearing aids and are amazed at my experience for a fraction of their investment. Follow up service and ordering supplies has been excellent as well.

Easy Process

Marsha R. on 07/18/2016

Easy to use, easy to forget I'm wearing them.

Always Helpful

Tim J. on 07/15/2016

Overall very good - I used the online chat sessions and the rep. was very helpful and knowledgeable. My order was delayed (due to back order I believe), but overall you delivered on everything you said.

Top Notch Quality

Laurry B. on 07/14/2016

I have used my aids for several years. Audicus is affordable and the service provided is excellent.

Love It All

Terry B. on 07/13/2016

Love the service, Love my Aids even more!

Easy to Use

Carolyn U. on 07/12/2016

They are working well and easy to use. I forget I'm wearing them.


Faye W. on 07/11/2016

Excellent! I love my audicus hearing aids

Great Product

Michael B. on 07/7/2016

Excellent product! It really helps me out in noisy environments.

Quick Turnaround for Everything

Colleen W. on 07/6/2016

It is easy to obtain your hearing aids and accessories from Audicus. Great customer service, quick replies to questions and prompt shipping.


Hayley A. on 07/5/2016

These are just perfect for me, and price was reasonable!

Perfect for Me

Barbara B. on 06/28/2016

These are just perfect for me, and price was reasonable!

Will Order Again

Monika R. on 06/27/2016

Awesome service! The hearing aids fit perfect and I hear better than with the ones from my Audiologist. I will order another pair soon!

Great Help!

Robert H. on 06/24/2016

Everyone was very helpful both on the phone and chat. They were all patient and knowledgeable regarding the questions I had when I was about to purchase the hearing aids were answered well.


James P. on 06/23/2016

They were very comfortable and fit well when I tried them on. I'm still adjusting and finding the best dome-- but so far so good.

Wonderful People

Tom O. on 06/20/2016

You have great people helping out on the other line.

Love my Aids

Ray C. on 06/17/2016

I have both Canto and Uno hearing aids. Love them both and use them both as well.

Working Well

Bonnie R. on 06/17/2016

They seem to be working well and I have no complaints.

Working Well!

Dave H. on 06/15/2016

A no fuss alternative that actually works. The Uno takes a week or two to get used to -- but only if this is your first hearing aid. Eventually, you forget you have it in. The batteries last 5 or 6 days - so it is a good idea t o carry spares. The hearing aids beep when the battery is running low and it is time to change them..

Easy Process, Wonderful Service

Hugo D. on 06/13/2016

I gave Audicus my hearing test results and they spoke to me about what I needed to get. They were friendly and helpful and not at all pushy. When I have had problems they have been very, very helpful. I was always spoken to in friendly tones and delivery was prompt.

Recommending them to Everyone

Bobby M. on 06/8/2016

I have my hearing aids for a little more than a year and I have recommended them to others.

Everything was as Described

Allen S. on 06/7/2016

Everything was as Audicus described. Good service and shipping.

Barely Noticeable

Devin D. on 06/3/2016

I love my hearing aids so far. They are so small that people barely notice them. At times the domes get uncomfortably itchy in my ear canal but that is really the only complaint I have thus far.

Can't beat This Price

Ying S. on 05/30/2016

I have been shopping for hearing aids for the past 2 months. I tried 2 different Audiologists locally and 3 different brands of hearing aids (local and online). I am very happy with Audicus's great customer service, great quality hearing aids, and their price is the best anywhere in the U.S.

Hearing Well!

Bonnie R. on 05/27/2016

It works fine-- I can hear better.

Worth It!

Dave H. on 05/25/2016

I purchased an Uno for my left ear. At first I had difficulty locating my ear canal and inserting the little gizmo, but after a week or so it became easier. My first impression was "this won't work - I hear a hiss". Turned out It was the air filter - never noticed that before. Then my wife called for me to come down stairs. Her comment: "What's going on, you usually ignore me when I call you". (Maybe I wasn't hearing her.) Then out to walk the dog - "wow, the birds are really chirping - haven't heard that in a while". I came right home and ordered another Uno for my right ear!

Easy Process

Joe S. on 05/23/2016

Easy to shop for, easy to wear.

Courteous Service

Andrew L. on 05/20/2016

Everyone is always very friendly and helpful when I need assistance with something!

Easy Process

John H. on 05/19/2016

After submitting my hearing test I was contacted promptly with a recommendation. Since i am a first time hearing aid user, I had a number of questions, which were all answered very quickly. I would definitely recommend.

Pleased with its' Performance

John M. on 05/18/2016

Purchased Kirkland hearing aids over a year ago and not pleased with performance. The modest price of the UNO justified trying one for the left ear. It was good enough that I ordered one for the right ear also.

Audicus has my Future Business

John F. on 05/9/2016

Much better for the price than the expensive Miracle Ear hearing aids I had previously. Audicus will get my future business!

Just as Good as the Expensive Aids

Dennis D. on 05/3/2016

They're Great! I hear as well as having 5000.00 hearing aids.


Joan P. on 05/1/2016

They're Good!

Well Pleased!

Dave H. on 04/29/2016

I've had my Uno hearing aids for a little over a month now. I found the Uno to be neither invisible nor entirely in the ear canal like some ads claim. However when I ask friends if they can see them the response it always "not really". At the end of the day the question is "do they work to improve hearing". All I need to do is take one out for a minute and everything sounds muffled. I am well pleased.

"Best price on the market for a high quality open fit hearing aid!

5/16/2014 from Steven O. on 01/1/1970

"Best price on the market for a high quality open fit hearing aid! I wish there was a smaller ITE hearing aid model to choose from. The only issue so far with the aSamba model is the soft tap technology to change from channels. Sometimes the volume changes from one program to another automatically with out my interaction. For example, the channels change every time I put my shirt on and so on; but other than that they are excellent hearing aids. "

A Great Big Thank You!

9/7/2015 from Laura M. on 01/1/1970

This was so easy and non-complicated. I've been wearing hearing aids for thirty years now so I know how they work. I just wanted an easy way to purchase them along with an affordable price. I have been reading about why there is such a huge mark-up price for hearing aids and I always had to wait a long time to purchase new ones because of the expense. I am so happy with every single part of this purchase with Audicus. To all of you a great big Thank You!!

All in all, They're Great

10/6/2015 from Judith P. on 01/1/1970

Easy to order. Prompt. So far I really like the hearing aids


8/10/2015 from Alan B. on 01/1/1970

Great so far!

Best Experience

4/22/2016 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

Smooth from the beginning to end of the process. Service has been hands done one of the best I've had online.

Best Investment

11/10/2015 from Larry J. on 01/1/1970

Best investment I've ever made. Sounds better than the $4ooo.oo hearing aid Belltone wanted to sell me. A great buy for $500.oo! I highly recommend your product to anyone with a hearing saved me 3500.00 hundred bucks. Thank you

Best One I've Ever Had

5/9/2013 from Jim H. on 01/1/1970

This is the best hearing aid I've ever had. I previously purchased cheap sound amplifiers from the grocery. These are just really great.

Better Alternative

4/25/2016 from David H. on 01/1/1970

A no-fuss alternative that has worked for me.

Better Experience

3/17/2016 from Evelyn H. on 01/1/1970

I can see quite an improvement with the hearing aids. i was at the lunch table and I could hear people better, heck, I can hear the TV better.

Better than I expected

11/23/2015 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

Great hearing aids. Far surpass what I thought it would be like.

Better than I expected

6/25/2015 from Gloria S. on 01/1/1970

From the very first day I used them, I was amazed how background noise was there was so I could hear clearer. They are also much easier to handle and clean than I imagined.

Better than others

5/9/2013 from Ted G. on 01/1/1970

So far they are better than any I have used.

Better than the expensive ones

8/7/2015 from Vicki P. on 01/1/1970

Delighted in my purchase and savings. I would never go back to expensive aids- Audicus aids are actually high quality and made in Germany! I spent 6500 on prior aids and lost one of them a month after warranty expired so my cost for one aid was 3200.00. The high pressure was to upgrade which would have cost me 13K. I can hear better with Audicus aids!

Better than the expensive pair

9/1/2015 from Richard J. on 01/1/1970

I hear better with one Audicus than I did with two Oticons.

Better than the others

1/3/2016 from Paul D. on 01/1/1970

Great value! I had tried 3 other hearing aids but gave them back after 30 days. Audicus is the first company I have stuck with.

Can't beat this value!

9/11/2015 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

Easy to use, Reliable and Durable at a fair price.

Covers my Loss

2/3/2016 from Dan Y. on 01/1/1970

It covers my my hearing loss and it is very clear.

Definitely Recommend to all!

11/24/2015 from Victoria A. on 01/1/1970

Good product, great service. Would definitely recommend to all. Thank you!


6/15/2015 from William W. on 01/1/1970

I am delighted with my hearing aids. When I have simple problems, Audicus has solved them in a minute.

Discreet and Comfortable too

8/22/2013 from Gina C. on 01/1/1970

Excellent service, and prompt delivery of the HA to Toronto, Canada. I love using them, they are discreet and comfortable too.


5/14/2014 from Snyder R. on 01/1/1970

It was easy to deal with them

Easy to Order

10/28/2015 from John C. on 01/1/1970

Easy to order and very helpful staff. The chat tool helped me immensely to get quick and accurate information.

Easy to Use

March 13th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Simple to order. Shipped quickly. Easy to use.

Easy to Work

1/7/2016 from Ray C. on 01/1/1970

I have both uno and canto hearing aids. I absolutely love both, but especially the uno. So easy to use and it works so well. Customer service was excellent.


12/13/2015 from Donald O. on 01/1/1970

Very efficient and easy to buy!

Enjoying my hearing aids

7/30/2015 from Brenda K. on 01/1/1970

Simple and straight forward. I'm enjoying my hearing aids.

Excellent Customer Service!!

6/9/2015 from William P. on 01/1/1970

Excellent Customer Service!! I originally ordered hearing aids that sat inside the ears. They did not feel comfortable, so Audicus quickly repalced them! Also, when ordering accessories, they ship very quickly

Excellent Performance

10/2/2015 from Joseph M. on 01/1/1970

Aids arrived without a problem. They were explained in full detail and installed very easily with excellent results, Didn't realize how much I was missing until I started wearing them.

Extremely Happy

9/30/2015 from Dolores P. on 01/1/1970

Thank you Audicus for my hearing aids which arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with them and especially their small size which is unnoticeable . That was a serious concern of mine. I am extremely happy that I chose Audicus as mine hearing aids after hesitating for so many months.


4/9/2014 from Virginia M. on 01/1/1970

Fast and efficient.


11/1/2013 from Rick W. on 01/1/1970


Good Product

10/16/2014 from James K. on 01/1/1970

Good customer service. Product good so far.

Good Service

9/23/2015 from Robert B. on 01/1/1970

Good service and they answered all my questions when I called.

Good! Good! Good!

5/4/2015 from Jacinto Z. on 01/1/1970

As always, only good things with AUDICUS!!!!


10/20/2015 from Kurt on 01/1/1970

Recommended to all family members and friends!


8/13/2015 from James H. on 01/1/1970

Everything was great!

Great Experience

Susan T. March 3rd, 2017 on 01/1/1970

I'm still trying out the hearing aids, but no complaints so far. Still going strong with my Unos!

Great Fit

11/11/2015 from Ed E. on 01/1/1970

Most Comfortable!

Great Product

9/28/2015 from Jeff W. on 01/1/1970

Great Product and Customer Service. Quick Responses!

Great Represenattives

10/29/2015 from Barbara S. on 01/1/1970

The reprasentatives are very courteous and helpful.

Great Service + Product

10/22/2015 from John H. on 01/1/1970

Fast professional service, and the hearing aids work great!

Great Service + Product

9/17/2015 from Steve on 01/1/1970

Great service, answered any questions and I had a prompt deliveries on a great product.

Great So Far

10/8/2015 from Celina E. on 01/1/1970

Customer Service has been great! I hope the hearing aids are just as good. Thanks, Audicus.

Great customer service

6/9/2015 from John F. on 01/1/1970

staff were very helpful. It took several exchanges, but in the end I am very happy with Audicus taking the time to make sure I had exactly what I needed.

Great experience enjoying sounds and speech

8/20/2013 from Jules S. on 01/1/1970

Allison did an outstanding job, expediting my hearing devices in time for my vacation and family visit. Instead of dreading get togethers where I often could not hear conversations to participate effectively, I was able to be totally involved and confident. Thank you for a great experience enjoying sounds and speech clearly with total ease of use.

Great product

8/18/2015 from John H. on 01/1/1970

Great product with good people working hard to provide good customer service.

Great solution!

7/16/2015 from Ron H. on 01/1/1970

Great product! Great solution to hearing loss at an affordable cost

Great turn-around

6/9/2015 from Stephen R. on 01/1/1970

Great turn-around on replacement device


1/29/2016 from Lou W. on 01/1/1970

Overall, it is working great!


12/1/2015 from Ray C. on 01/1/1970

Everything was great!


6/9/2015 from James K. on 01/1/1970

the product and the service is great

Happy as can be

1/5/2016 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

Couldn't be happier!

Happy with the product and service

9/4/2015 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

Audicus made me feel like they cared! All my questions were answered promptly. I'm pleased with hearing aids and happy with the people.

Hearing Aids 5 Stars, Service 6 Stars

7/31/2015 from Robin S. on 01/1/1970

I am new to the hearing aid world. Like the hearing aids but love your customer service. Drew has been mentoring me through the process and has been, supportive encouraging and most important understanding. Every concern and question had been answered not only professionally but with a genuine " we care and are here to help" attitude. You will not find this kind of service from folks selling hearing aids for twice the cost. If you are looking for great hearing aids and great customer service then Audicus is for you.

Helpful Service

8/3/2015 from William H. on 01/1/1970

I received a great hearing aid at a reasonable cost with no problems

Helpful and Easy

5/4/2015 from Muthus M. on 01/1/1970

Super easy so far. Thanks Audicus!

Highly Recommended

4/11/2016 from Carol F. on 01/1/1970

I have had a wonderful experience with Audicus. The service is extremely helpful and friendly, and the staff at Audicus give knowledgeable advice. I would recommend Audicus to anyone, though I am fairly young and don't know other people with hearing issues.

I can Hear Again!

4/19/2016 from Charles G. on 01/1/1970

It's great to hear all the sounds I've been missing for years!

I can hear my wife again!

9/18/2015 from Paul G. on 01/1/1970

I can now hear my wife at a busy restaurant across the table.

I hit the jackpot

9/6/2013 from Drew G. on 01/1/1970

I will admit that I was reserved about how I would get along with "mail order" hearing aids, but I thought I might as well try it. After being unhappy with a set of six thousand dollar Nu-Ear aides for six years I was beginning to think I was never going to hear comfortably again. How wrong I was! I ordered a set of aSambas and in a few short days, they were delivered to my door. (Talk about convenience!) From the moment I put them in my ears, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. Your product made it possible for me to hear as I haven't heard in years. And for more than 5 times less cost, too! Thank you, thank you. I am already recommending Audicus whenever I can.

I thank you and my wife thanks you

12/9/2013 from Steve S. on 01/1/1970

I had a little trouble with my delivery address and as soon as you could you sent them overnite so I could have them for Thanksgiving and the moment I put them in I could not believe what I was hearing. I am hearing things I have'nt heard in years. I thank and my wife thanks you

I'm so happy

5/9/2013 from Eduardo A. on 01/1/1970

The service was good, they responded well and they were really friendly. Music now sounds prettier. There are channels for every occasion. It's comfortable. I love talking on the phone without feedback. It fits well and securely. I just ordered my second hearing aid and plan to order an additional pair.

It's been a pleasure

11/16/2015 from Regina C. on 01/1/1970

I purchased my hearing aids from you a year ago and have been very satisfied with them. Your customer service representatives were, and are very helpful...It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Just the Right Fit

2/15/2016 from Dan S. on 01/1/1970

The Uno's I purchased were just what I needed. They improved my hearing a great deal. The price was also very good when compared to local hearing aide stores. I would recommend Audicus to anyone.


4/9/2014 from Jamil M. on 01/1/1970

It's been a life-changing experience! It makes me so happy to hear the most detailed elements of the environment as I interact with my loved ones, including my 18-month-old granddaughter.

Love my new "ears"

7/30/2015 from Chris C. on 01/1/1970

Great folks, great products, great service! I love my new "ears."

Love them

6/18/2015 from Michelle A on 01/1/1970

Great quality device coupled with great customer experience.

Loving my aids

8/27/2015 from Dorothy P. on 01/1/1970

The Audicus hearing aids work great. I love them

Most impressive

12/8/2014 from Joe P. on 01/1/1970

i suffered a knock-out concussion and perforated eardrum playing football in college thirty years ago. Tympanoplasty fixed it, but my ears were never the same. My hearing has degenerated ever since. In the past ten years, it has gotten progressively worse, to the point where I was monaural, couldn't locate sound, can't hear in a restaurant or on the opposite side of my good ear if noise was in the room, and missed the first two syllables of every conversation. Worse, I had begun to process sound differently; I stopped hearing passively and instead had to listen with intent, focusing and paying attention, then post-processing the words, effectively translating sound into language. This has made me a grouch, sometimes insufferable to those around me. I am still learning to process differently, it has only been ten days since the unit arrived. The world is changing. Best, your people called me prior to filling the order to let me know my audiogram was really unbalanced and I should be aware that the results of the test were remarkable, not standard fare. I acknowledged my hearing loss on one side is way off and for a reason, but the idea that it stood out made me comfortable before the unit arrived. Most impressive.

My Family Feels the Difference

12/17/2015 from Thomas B. on 01/1/1970

I have only a slight need of hearing aids. My family says that when I wear them they can tell the improvement. I notice only a slight improvement versus not wearing them. They notice this more than I do. When I am by myself during the day - not interacting with other people - I really don't need them. So, I am learning to use them only when I am interacting with other people.

My Hearing is Greatly Improved

9/6/2013 from Robert B. on 01/1/1970

Ordering was a pleasure. Delivery was prompt. My hearing is greatly improved. I am happy with Audicus.

No Complaints

10/26/2015 from Mike T. on 01/1/1970

Overall, Fairly Satisfied.

No Complaints

11/4/2015 from Edward J. on 01/1/1970

I've had no problems with them so far.

No Complaints

4/21/2016 from John H. on 01/1/1970

Everyone and every thing went well.

No complaints

8/27/2015 from James C. on 01/1/1970

Great. Most wonderful company I have ever dealt with. Lovely people. No complaints

Noticeable Difference

1/28/2016 from Mary P. on 01/1/1970

I am able to hear so much better. I definitely notice the difference.

Over the Moon

4/12/2016 from Ralph G. on 01/1/1970

Over the moon with my aids-- thank you very much!

Overly Satisfied

4/26/2016 from Cory S. on 01/1/1970

I love Audicus! I saved almost two grand by doing my research and finding them. Their customer service is amazing as well, I'm overly satisfied.


6/24/2015 from Gary P. on 01/1/1970

Clear website, excellent customer service, terrific price, and well-functioning product. Audicus is literally and figuratively music to my ears!

Pretty good

7/20/2015 from Tom P. on 01/1/1970

Good cost structure and product performs as advertised

Pretty great overall

8/19/2015 from Jane H. on 01/1/1970

Helpful, prompt, responsive.

Prices are reasonable

6/6/2014 from Dick B. on 01/1/1970

My audiologist's hearing aids were priced outrageously high. My insurance company would only allow me buy what appeared to be junk. We shopped the web for hearing aids and found Audicus. Size, appearance, price, guarantee etc. all seemed reasonable. Received 2 days ago & am amazed. I hear birds, TV, people like I haven't in years. Even had a conversation with my wife.

Quick Turnaround

1/12/2016 from Les R. on 01/1/1970

Sent aids in for minor repairs and received them back quickly. They were repaired, cleaned them and brought back to new.

Quick and Easy

11/3/2015 from James P. on 01/1/1970

The website explained the product clearly and the ordering process was well managed. The product arrived quickly.

Quick and Easy

5/9/2013 from Graham Hodgetts on 01/1/1970

It's very easy and quick to install and nobody has noticed I have it in my ear. I've started to hear sounds that I haven't heard in years like birds and waterfalls.

Quick and Easy!

9/17/2015 from Konradine S. on 01/1/1970

Quick and easy ordering, and courteous customer service!

Quite remarkable

11/15/2013 from Paul M. on 01/1/1970

Pleasantly surprised by how well this works at a fraction of what I thought I might have to pay; there are adjustments to be made and get used to, but it is quite remarkable what can be done.

Reasonable Cost

6/8/2015 from Don S. on 01/1/1970

My expectations from the unit were; met, reasonable cost and on time.

Reliable and Durable

11/27/2015 from Guy A. on 01/1/1970

Easy to use, reliable, durable and all of that at a fair price.


12/11/2015 from Gary C. on 01/1/1970

To my upmost satisfaction!

Service Is Excellent

10/14/2015 from Richard G. on 01/1/1970

Drew and Sara are top notch customer advocates. Thanks for the help!

Should Have Bought Them Sooner

2/29/2016 from Michael S. on 01/1/1970

Audicus minimized the risk of buying a hearing aid enough to make it worth trying. I likely would have put this off much longer otherwise. Love my aids.

Should've Purchased One Sooner

3/31/2016 from Mary P. on 01/1/1970

I have never heard so well as when I am wearing my hearing aid. I should have purchased one much sooner.

So great!

8/7/2015 from Jamie B. on 01/1/1970

It's always easy to get what I need from Audicus. Always receive prompt answers. Will definitely get another hearing aid from Audicus. A great first time hearing aid user experience!

Still getting used to them

12/3/2015 from Carolyn S. on 01/1/1970

I'm still getting used to them, but I like them.

Swift Responses

11/19/2015 from Victor S. on 01/1/1970

Your company/product is the best.

Telling the World

10/23/2015 from Sydney H. on 01/1/1970

I have already told several people about my hearing aids and have forwarded your emails. Thank you!


12/4/2013 from Michael W. on 01/1/1970

the whole experience was terrific. It was only 2 days and I had my new hearing aids. They were great and I have peace of mind knowing that there are the warranty and I can send back for a free I just meant if necessary.

Testing and I like it

6/9/2014 from Frank B. on 01/1/1970

I liked the quickness, although the deceive came faulty at first, but audicus sent a replacement swiftly. I am currently testing the aid and I like it.

Thank You Audicus

5/9/2013 from Edward P. on 01/1/1970

I knew I had some hearing loss but it was not enough for me to spend the $5000 the audiologist wanted for first class hearing aids. When I found Audicus, I thought since they have a satisfaction guarantee, why not try them? I was delighted, Now when we go to the opera or watch a movie on HBO I don't have to keep turning to my wife to ask "what did he say?. No one knows I am wearing them/ The price was a fraction of competitors and the results are great. Thank you Audicus for providing an affordable option.

They Performed Perfectly!

10/14/2013 from Steven Benoche on 01/1/1970

I'm really pleased with these devices..I thought that I would probably have to send them back for programming adjustments, but they worked perfectly. I'm impressed with the fact that you can adjust the volume setting by tapping the side of your ear. They work great in noisy environments and there is no noticeable distortion while listening to music. I am very pleased with the entire experience and the 45 day free trial is the selling point for me. Thanks Audicus.

They do exactly what they're supposed to do!

7/15/2015 from Mike M. on 01/1/1970

The hearing aids simply make me hear better. Period. Light and small and easy to use. They do exactly what they are supposed to do, with the least possible difficulty. I can't ask for more than that.

Totally Satisfied

9/18/2015 from Ben T. on 01/1/1970

I am totally satisfied with my hearing aids. These digitized gadgets allow me to enjoy being around people again for a remarkably reasonable cost.

Truly Dependable

11/13/2015 from Sara A. on 01/1/1970

The Uno has worked very good, I am depending on it more all the time.

Two Thumbs Up

10/5/2015 from Tracey K. on 01/1/1970

Excellent quality and customer service

Very Content

10/27/2015 from Marilyn A. on 01/1/1970

I'm very pleased with the quick and accurate service I've received.

Very Good

12/7/2015 from Mark H. on 01/1/1970

Your web site and associates have been very helpful.

Very Good!

12/21/2015 from Benjamin W. on 01/1/1970

Very good Everyone was very helpful

Very Happy

10/21/2015 from Arlyn F. on 01/1/1970

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Very Pleased

1/19/2016 from John C. on 01/1/1970

I have been very pleased with both the quality of the hearing aid, the price of the hearing aid and the quality of the service.

Very Pleased

12/29/2015 from Marilyn F. on 01/1/1970

Overall pleased with price, quality of sound and comfort.

Very Pleased With Uno

10/8/2015 from Ivan H. on 01/1/1970

I am very glad I received a recommendation to purchase my hearing aids at Audicus. I would like to thank Bianca for all her help. She provided excellent customer service.

Very good

6/9/2015 from Stephen L. on 01/1/1970

Very good and simple to use.

Very happy with everything

6/9/2015 from Dennis D. on 01/1/1970

Was in the market for economically priced hearing aids. Searched a few sites. Found Audicus to have more positive reviews than negative ones. Very happy with the product and process.

Very helpful

10/16/2013 from Vincent A. on 01/1/1970

I decided to try Audicus after my otolaryngologist recommend that I use aids. He quoted me $6,000 for a pair. I found Audicus on the web and bought a pair of Samba aids. Alyson was very helpful in both explaining the aids as well scheduling a follow up adjustment. The Sambas have corrected my deficiencies and have enabled me to lower TV volume and better hear soft voices. Audicus is truly a game changer in the hearing aid business and I hope they thrive.

Very pleasant experience so far

9/3/2015 from Wesley S. on 01/1/1970

Very pleasant and informative.

Very pleased

8/27/2015 from Ed R. on 01/1/1970

I found Audicus on the web and decided to give them a try. I am very happy with the quality of the hearing aids and can understand what is being said to me.Everyone at Audicus has been very helpful and I recommend Auducus for hearing aids.

What a Difference!

3/25/2016 from Dana L. on 01/1/1970

It is the difference between night and day. Love the unos!

Working Well

10/13/2015 from Mary M. on 01/1/1970

I am able to hear so much better. I definitely notice the difference.

Works Well

10/19/2015 from Fred S. on 01/1/1970

Comfortable and seems to work well.

Works as Advertised

3/24/2016 from William M. on 01/1/1970

Customer service is very good. The product works as advertised

Works beautifully

11/1/2013 from Margaret A. on 01/1/1970

Needing to replace my hearing aid, I checked online to see if there was an alternative to the high cost charged by the local suppliers. I felt there was nothing to lose by trying Audicus. We received the hearing aid a few days ago. After a couple of days of adjusting that is common with all hearing aids, I found that the aSamba model worked beautifully. It is everything that it was advertised to be.

Works perfectly

10/16/2013 from Jon B. on 01/1/1970

Knowing nothing about hearing aids, I was lost, but Allison greatly helped me determine which hearing aid is best for me and did so very quickly as I was against a deadline to get the hearing aid. They were also willing to overnight the hearing aid to me at no additional charge in order to get it here in time. The hearing aid works perfectly and is extremely discreet

Works well!

11/25/2015 from Joseph A. on 01/1/1970

It works well

audicus experience

7/17/2014 from Ruth W. on 01/1/1970

My experience was great! They are very nice and professional.

extremely helpful

10/6/2014 from Warren G. on 01/1/1970

Customer service were extremely helpful with assistance on an international purchase.

great product!

9/17/2014 from Brenda L. on 01/1/1970

My experience was fantastic, easy ordering, fast delivery, and great product

the Uno

7/3/2015 from Sue J on 01/1/1970

This Uno is my 4th aid and the best one that I have ever had. Two were expensive name brands and 1 was an internet purchase. The Uno is comfortable. It is barely visible. I have not encountered any feedback and no background noise. Customer service was very helpful in my decision. I recommend the Uno

this is how the hearing aid industry SHOULD BE

5/9/2013 from Julia on 01/1/1970

I have had hearing problems since I was little - I am now 29 years old. About 18 months ago, my husband and I started 'hearing aid shopping'. I must have visited 4 audiologists... The pricing is outrageous. We were so mad. Organizations/businesses have a 200-300% mark-up. It's a horrible oligopoly. It is really so expensive to have hearing aids... and we have pretty good income. My husband kept searching, and he found Audicus. That same day we found the company, my husband and I chatted with one of the representatives online. A couple of days later, I called and asked some questions. You guys answered every email that I sent very promptly and in depth. I received my hearing aids super fast after I ordered them. Customer service has walked me through every single step of the process. I had to return my hearing aids to be re-programmed (it is common to have to do this) and they were sent back to my super fast, again. The money that I had to pay to send them back was credited into my account in less than 48 hours. I HIGHLY recommend Audicus. In my opinion, this is how the hearing aid industry SHOULD BE. Affordable, accessible. I am 100% satisfied with the service that I have received so far. Very happy to have found Audicus, seriously. They have provided a great service and are very professional, qualified, legitimate. Without this company I wouldn't have hearing aids - that's for sure!

very pleased

9/3/2014 from Jim J. on 01/1/1970

I have been very pleased with the customer service and the willingness to assist with any questions. I have a unique hearing loss pattern and they were able to improve my situation.