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audicus solo hearing amplifier reviews
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The Solo is a smart listening device that provides sound clarity and reduces background noise in occasional settings. Read what our customers have to say about the Solo below.

Very Happy

Ambrose S. on 12/7/2017

Very professional easy to follow no hitches from halfway around the world.

No complaints

Roy K. on 10/4/2017

Lived up to my high expectations.


John L. on 10/3/2017

Great product- great customer service.

Quality product & great price

Ron D. on 09/28/2017

I used the Audicus online hearing test to determine the extent of my hearing loss. As was suggested I situated myself in a noise free room and used my Bose noise canceling headset to take the hearing test. The test was run twice and the results sent on to Audicus. In a little over a week the new hearing devices arrived. I put in the batteries, attached each hearing aid into an ear, and I was amazed as to sounds that I haven't heard in years! I can now hear higher frequency sounds and actually participate in conversations in noisy environments like restaurants. As an electronics engineer I new that hearing aids are not all that complicated of an electronics device. The hearing aid business has held onto a non-compete controlled market charging thousands of dollars for hearing devices that have a build cost of a few hundred dollars. My new Audicus hearing aids appear to work as well of those of friends who spent thousands of dollars on their hearing sets. At the time I ordered my hearing aids my wife's response was you did what? After wearing them the the first day she was amazed on my new found hearing. My thanks to Audicus for taking on the hearing aid monopoly by offering a quality lower cost solution.


Stephen on 09/27/2017

Great sound quality; especially for the price.

Everything is great!

John L. on 09/26/2017

Very Positive


Joe B. on 09/25/2017

I just got them today. So far, it is wonderful. Everything you advertised is true!

Audicus Fan

T. Garnett on 09/22/2017

I purchased a pair of hearing aids 6 years ago from a company that charged me 4 times more than what I paid at Audicus. I was sold the moment I put them in, unlike my the hearing aids I had from the other company.

Very Pleased

Don B. on 09/21/2017

Very pleased. The people at Audicus are very informative.

Sound is more realistic and normal

Jesse P. on 09/20/2017

The Audicus device is just wonderful and can use it all day and night and I forget I have them on. I can hear the person in front of me talking, in a noisy room, instead of picking up background voices or noise behind me. The sound is more realistic and normal, compared to my $3000 hearing aid.

Happy I gave them a try!

Irby D. on 09/18/2017

They took their time to understand my hearing needs which was really important to me. Thanks Audicus!

Worth Trying

George L. on 10/1/2016

I received my Solos a couple of weeks ago and it was easy to set up and use-- I just had to put a battery in and find the right dome size. I had to try out all the domes, but at the end the one that was on there was the best fit. I use them only in occasions that I'm having difficulty hearing and it appears that I'm saying 'what' a little less. So far, things are running smoothly.


Jan V. on 09/15/2016

I only wear them in noisy environments and they are helpful then.

Communication is Better

Anne H. on 08/23/2016

It works well. Communication is better because I hear all of what people say now. Others do not really notice I am wearing it.


Peter T. on 08/19/2016

It helps me in most situations. Thank you.

My Dad Loves Them!

Jimmy B. on 08/18/2016

My dad uses his solo every time he goes to dinner with my mom and it works well for him. He's still adjusting but he seems to like it.

Good Support

Ted N. on 08/11/2016

I like the fact that you have called to see how things were going and if I had any questions or concerns.

I'm Satisfied

Richard S. on 08/10/2016

I'm satisfied with the Solo so far.

Works Well for TV

Gene M. on 08/10/2016

I can lower TV volume when I have guests now with the Solo. It's helpful when I need it.

Awesome Devices

Monika R. on 08/9/2016

Awesome service. The devices fit perfect and I hear better than with the ones from my Audiologist. I will order another pair!

Very Convenient Process

Tina B. on 08/4/2016

It was a very convenient checkout process. The customer service representative and audiologist are both very helpful.

Off to a Good Start

Terry J. on 07/25/2016

Website is laid out for easy shopping & purchasing. We're off to a good start!


Jacob E. on 07/18/2016

Comfortable to wear, easy to use.

Efficient Devices

Kyle J. on 07/12/2016

They're efficient in all the environments I need them in.


James S. on 07/1/2016

Very pleased with the units, Fast delivery. Have already recommended to a friend.

No Complaints

Ralph S. on 06/13/2016

I am very happy with my devices and the service so far!

Better Than Expected

Mark E. on 06/7/2016

The product was better than I had expected.

Delighted to Have Found These

Amber A. on 05/20/2016

I've really appreciated how attentive they were to making them work the best for me. Including adjusting the volume so that it's not overwhelming.

Helpful Devices

Terry J. on 05/1/2016

I don't wear them all the time , but when I do need them in certain environments -- they do help out immensely.

Helpful and Comfortable!

Cheryl D on 04/1/2016

after three days use...I forget I have in my ears

Great Experience

Janna R. on 03/31/2016

So far, it's been a good experience: Easy to use and Easy to adjust. I am still getting used to adjusting the sound for different conditions.

Matches my hair color

Charlie M. on 02/15/2016

I wanted something that match the color of my hair and I did find something similar. The device works well and matches my hair.

Comfortable Fit

Emilia G. on 01/20/2016

It's actually pretty small and it fits really comfortably.

Good Fit for Me

Sally B. on 01/19/2016

I'm just in the beginning stages of loosing some of my hearing and this listening device gives me a great boost in the situations I need. I'm not ready for a hearing aid yet, so this is a good first step.

Great for Noisy Environments

Joanne P. on 01/19/2016

I mostly use this device for when I'm outside and it does help!