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Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid

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The Oro is our strongest device with receiver-in-the-canal technology that delivers a clear and crisp sound. But don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say below.

So far it's good.

John L. on 09/9/2018

So far it's good. Having a little trouble with the right ear. I get static.

Everything was true

Thomas R. on 09/6/2018

Everything I came to expect from the information provided on the website was true. My hearing aids came to my home quickly, the instructional videos on the website got me ready for use before they even arrived. I was able to wear them immediately and most importantly i could hear better than I ever imagined I would.

Better than the $6000 ones I had

Burney W. on 09/5/2018

Audicus online hearing test worked very well, all the people i talked with were very courteous and very knowledgeable ,i received my hearing aids fast ,put them on they worked better than the 6000 dollar ones i had. thanks to all at Audicus


William B. on 08/23/2018

Audicus has been very helpful, and their ORO hearing aid has been wonderful.

Love the programs!

Barbara F. on 08/16/2018

I feel more normal now, and have improved to tinnitus! I am glad I bought the remote, and believe it's really essential for adjustments! Love the programs and they really help! Thanks, Audicus!

Very satisfied

Phil H on 08/16/2018

Very Satisfied, company people very pleasant and helpful, best I ever had.

Perfect from day one!

Bernie F. on 08/6/2018

Now is day eight. Perfect from day one. Extremely happy.

Fantastic Device!

Donald G. on 08/1/2018

Fantastic device. I am experiencing renewed hearing!

Still in the testing phase but good so far.

John A. on 07/26/2018

I'm still in testing phase so all I can describe is my experience so far. The folks have been helpful and accommodating. Price seems reasonable. The hearing aids are working well so far.

It great to hear again!

James S. on 07/25/2018

It's great to be able to hear well, sometimes a little too well.

Pleasant Experience.

Diana H. on 07/25/2018

Pleasant. Customer support respectful and patient.


Alexis S. on 07/9/2018

I have been on hearing aids for 40 years, This is the best. The ability to filter speech over noise makes it so.

Great quality & price for a Senior

Carol G. on 07/9/2018

Much better than my first set of aids. And less expensive which is good for a senior living on social security. And I can hear much better.

I am new to this.

Sam M. on 07/9/2018

They fit fine, though I reduced the left ear dome to a smaller size. It took several days for the retention appendages to stay coiled in the ear. I appreciate the ease of the monitor to change Programs. So far the experience is all positive. I am new at this.

Easy process.

Elizabeth M. on 06/28/2018

quick respond to questions.

Wow-they really work!

Tom W. on 06/27/2018

I had them on both ears in 5 min.WOW. and was very happy with them (then and now) 1 month later.

Nothing but good things to say about Audicus!

Davy R. on 06/22/2018

Knowledgeable staff, they take the initiative in contacting customer, the hearing aids work very well. The whole experience was very positive and helpful

Everything was great!

Steve G. on 06/18/2018

So far so good

Great aids

Lee B. on 06/14/2018

These are better than I hoped! Great

Superb Service

Kent S. on 06/14/2018

quality hearing device with superb service

Great equipment!

James M. on 06/13/2018

The experience associated with your company has been great! Your product is a great piece of equipment and works very well.

Good vibes

Ted M. on 06/6/2018

Good vibes straight up. Concise answers to my questions when first I contacted A. - Thanks Mo. Aud. understood my hesitance - I live in East coast Australia. Good dealings w- staff re organising h.aids across to Oz. Good price. Good quality (previously had a set of aids locally for two weeks - the Oro set is comparable to the ones trialled and said to be the best sold in Oz. Of course I'm finding the aids to be annoying at times, but are useful when I am in situations that previously I missed out on a lot (e.g. listening to a poor lecturer/public speaker - I now get more of what is being said.


David K. on 06/4/2018


Fabulous service!

Jocelyn W. on 05/31/2018

Very professional and helpful! Price, quality and delivery was great.

Great service!

Howard K. on 05/25/2018

Customer service verry good.

Better than the expensive hearing aids!

John B. on 05/24/2018

The Alto hearing aids are great they work a lot better than the $6800.00 aids I purchased 3 years ago. I will recommend these to all my family and friends. I have had these for only 2 weeks GREAT! so far.

Everything is great!

Jay P. on 05/23/2018

Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt.

Happy Camper!

David S. on 05/21/2018

Everyone was outstanding.

Must give them a try!

Sam A. on 05/14/2018

They have proven to be thoughtful and patient.

No pressure!

Richard C. on 05/10/2018

The representative did not pressure me to buy, he provided information on the products, told me how Audicus services their hearing aids and answered my questions. Their team has been very helpful once I received my hearing aids, checking in on how I am doing, and helping me with any issue I have.

Audicus makes sure you are not alone.

Denise A. on 05/9/2018

The hearing aids and the team from Audicus are wonderful! When you buy a product from Audicus you are not left on your own. They help you every step of the way.

So far no problems

P. Denby on 05/4/2018

So far these hearing aids are working very well!

Happy I chose Audicus

Robert A. on 05/3/2018

Good customer service.

I am overjoyed!

Gloria L. on 05/2/2018

I am so happy that I have new hearing aids at affordable prices.

Great in noisy rooms!

Daniel D. on 04/26/2018

Great around a crowd or at meetings

Much better than I expected.

n/a on 04/23/2018

From the very beginning' they have worked beautifully. Much better than I expected. My family and friends are happy about my hearing them.

I love them!

Alana O. on 04/19/2018

I love it! I didn't know I was missing so much. It is such a pleasure sitting outside and hearing all the birds sing.

Thankful to hear again!

Kenneth M. on 04/18/2018

Knowledgeable staff. Quality product. Thankful to be hearing again.

Effective product, great service.

David Y. on 04/16/2018

Effective product, great service.

Top notch!

Clifford H. on 04/13/2018

Very pleased with my Audicus hearing aids. Fantastic price. Fit and quality are top notch.

Good product.

Leif M. on 04/12/2018

Timely, professional and a good product.

Happy I found Audicus

K Ted on 04/11/2018

Suggested by my physician based on his personal experience and all his positive impressions have proved true. My doctor actually contacted Audicus, by phone, with me in his office to review my hearing test and evaluate my needs. Your staff has been exceptionally thorough and product performance is as expected. I am still getting acquainted with the settings, dome sizes, etc but, am confident the minor issues will be resolved.

I love their hands on approach!

David WF on 04/4/2018

I am a first time user and worried about not having hands-on help. Your customer service walked me through each of my problems.

It's refreshing to hear again!

Karla D. on 04/2/2018

I have started hearing things I have not been able to hear for a long time.

Top notch!

Karen P. on 03/30/2018

Everything has been great. Customer service is top notch. HAs are good quality, they could be smaller (for comfort) but overall, very good and the price can't be beat. Even WITH the lousy exchange rate, USD/CAD.

Love my hearing aids

David R. on 03/29/2018

Love hearing all the things I used to miss and these hearing aids cost less than a third of what I was quoted for a similar pair locally. The buying process is easy and the staff is very helpful. I had a professional hearing test but they would not give me a hard copy of the results. I took the online test and it duplicated the professional test. The Bluetooth remote is not what I expected and needs to be very close to the hearing aids to work. I doubt I will use it much. This does not impact my rating as the hearing aids are everything I was hoping for.

Easy to use!

Dale P. on 03/21/2018

Easy to wear, to adjust volume and great reception.

Good team.

Catherine L. on 03/19/2018

The employees are very helpful and nice.

Excellent Customer Service

John G. on 03/16/2018

Although I have only had them a very short time I am very satisfied at this point in time. I was recently contacted by a representative following up on my opinion of the product. Very helpful and made excellent suggestions. Will be sending them back for some addition that I was not aware were available. Excellent customer service.

You can't beat their prices!

Elaine W. on 03/15/2018

I have had 2 sets of $6000 hearing aids. I did no longer care to spend that much. I went online to see what I could find. The Oro sounded good to me. Compared to my expensive hearing aids I think the Oros are quite good. The reps has been very nice to me and informative.

No problems.

Leo-Paul L on 03/12/2018

So far so good.

Still testing them out.

Teddy K. on 03/8/2018

Adjusting to the aid, ordered the right ear and sent back my left ear to be reprogrammed. I will know if they work better together that just one. Haven't gotten back yet.


Robert L. on 03/8/2018

Superb sound quality. I'm thrilled with my purchase.

No problems on my end!

Richard K. on 03/1/2018

Very courteous, responsive, and extremely efficient.

Aids work very well.

Beverly M. on 02/26/2018

Aids work very well. Your office people were very helpful,

I can hear a lot better

Dick W. on 02/23/2018

I am able to hear a lot better. Price is right, it’s comfortable, good volume control, and no feedback when I hug my wife or on the phone. I tried out another brand that was equal in quality but cost over $4000. Trying Audicus and the other brand at the same time I was able to make a good comparison.

No compliants.

John I. on 02/22/2018

Great and responsive customer service.

Work well at church

George S. on 02/19/2018

Can hear even the lowest voices.

Great product

Richard H. on 02/14/2018

Having used other hearing aids over the years, I find the Oro to work very well for me. One ear has a severe hearing loss due to past infections and a tympanoplasty. The price is very competitive and the service is excellent with rapid and free adjustment when it was requested.

Great team.

Kathleen T. on 01/25/2018

Great customer service.

Great device.

Carlos M. on 01/22/2018

They are great, easy to use. A little bit incomfortably at the beginning, but I find the right dome.

Everything was great!

Mark W. on 01/15/2018

Friendly and accommodating. Knowledgeable on their products.

I am very pleased.

Pam F. on 01/10/2018

I am very pleased, thus far, with my Oro hearing aids. Locally, I had been quoted at high as $6,000. plus $2,400. per year service contract. We discovered Audicus online and decided we had nothing to lose to try them as they will allow returns for up to 45 days. Their team was very helpful walking me through everything, and was very knowledgable about the product. I also liked that they shared ALL information with me, unlike the other companies that I had talked to, face to face. I easily popped them in my ears when the package came and have not been without wearing them, except showering and bed time, ever since! They also offer support via the phone and online. To date, I am impressed. Love them!

Big difference.

Leonard K. on 01/9/2018

A big improvement over others I’ve had.


Delos B. on 01/8/2018


Sounds great!

Don R. on 01/5/2018

Sounds great immediately after inserting the battery and installing the speaker in my ear.

Easy to get started

Les R. on 01/4/2018

Friendly, efficient, thorough

Great support team.

Valerie R. on 01/3/2018

So far it has taken me some time getting used to the fit of the hearing aids. However, I've had a person in constant communication with me trying to help me sort it out, which has made me trust that in the end the aid will be a perfect fit. If/when that happens, you guys definitely get a 5 rating.

Easy process and good team.

Ron J. on 12/27/2017

It was easy and informative.

Fast delivery.

Roger P. on 12/26/2017

The service, delivery, and results to date are great.

I got my life back!

Tom G. on 12/26/2017

I’m hearing things I’ve not heard for 20 years. They are so much better than the $3300 Starkeys that I had. They are very comfortable. I’ve been wearing them 14 hours a day. It is like getting my life back.

Superb team!

Walter A. on 12/21/2017

I was able to get immediate help from your internet site for the hearing test which determined that I needed the Oro aids for severe hearing loss. So far, I am learning how to maximize my use of them.

So far I am pleased

John C. on 12/19/2017

So far, I am pleased with the product, but I am only a few days into the experience. Customer service is outsounding.


Sidney M. on 12/18/2017


Easy and fast.

Thomas S. on 12/15/2017

Easy and fast.

Hearing aids work fine.

Darrell R. on 12/12/2017

Prompt replies to questions, good follow up, and good product.


Roger P. on 12/11/2017

Positive. Very helpful and efficient staff dealt with my queries and the order.

The value is exceptional

David O. on 12/8/2017

I have purchased and used expensive hearing aids as well as the cheaper aids...I am also a musician...Audicus ORO are the best hearing aids I have ever used...I can hear my instrument...suffice to say, I am a very happy that I made the decision to buy your aids. Your on-line hearing tests were a big help. Your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.... The value you offer is exceptional..

First time user.

Mary S. on 12/7/2017

New to this but so far quite adequate.

Must try!

Joel M. on 12/6/2017

I have trialed another company, which the parent company makes hearing aids, and I feel they are the same except for the difference in price.

Love the sound quality

Ron R. on 12/4/2017

Sound quality is starting to sound normal. Picks up sounds that I haven't heard in a long time.

I am hearing better than before

Joseph H. on 12/1/2017

Not only was the price cheaper than most, the value of being able to hear better is priceless!


Thomas W. on 11/28/2017

Good website tutorial. A little adjustment but hearing things much better.

More affordable than my previous aids!

Gary N. on 11/21/2017

Good customer service. Good quality aids. Better tech than what I had previously and 1/3 the price.

So far, So good

David D. on 11/14/2017

As of today, I am very satisfied with the aids.

Keep it up.

Marshall D. on 11/13/2017

I would rate the hearing aids as EXCELLENT.


Larry B. on 11/7/2017

I am hearing better than I have for years.

Great service!

Marsha N. on 11/2/2017

I have worked with their team for many months before ordering my hearing aids. They are very informative and answered all of my questions. I am very pleased.

Everything was great! Quick delivery!

Dolores on 11/1/2017

Their team is very pleasant and helpful.

Everything is great!

Gary G. on 10/31/2017

Well pleased.

Love them!

Beverly S. on 10/30/2017


No complaints

David P. on 10/25/2017

Good overall

Perfect Experience

George W. on 10/24/2017

Excellent service and a great product.

Satisfied Customer

Holly H. on 10/23/2017

Customer Service was top notch. My representative was available every time I had a question.

Everything is great!

Bonnie R. on 10/20/2017

Works good.

Great, professional help.

Robert F. on 10/18/2017

I've always been able to find what I need and Customer Support has been exceptional.

Good service

Patricia K. on 10/17/2017

Customer service team was very helpful and I love the quality of the hearing aids!


David P. on 10/13/2017

Great so far. I am hearing things I have not heard in years.

Happy Customer!

Edna F. on 10/12/2017

The on-line representative was informative, helpful, and thorough. The ordering process was smooth and delivery was fast, especially since it was an international order. Setup was easy. The unit worked as expected from the very beginning. Followup was appreciated.

You must give Audicus a try!

Andrew S. on 10/10/2017

I live in Australia had a hearing test done at a clinic and forwarded it to Audicus in the US. They recommended the ORO and it has changed my life. I then purchased the Bluetooth accessories to watch TV and now I can hear every word without straining. The total purchase price was incredibly competitive and the service is excellent. I would recommend Audicus to anyone living anywhere in the world. There is a little delay in international delivery but the savings make it well worthwhile.

So far, So Good

Kathleen F. on 10/9/2017

I've been happy with my hearing aids and their staff has been very responsive and helpful.


Ray Davis on 10/5/2017

Great support team.

First hearing aid purchase

M. Jones on 10/4/2017

I am a first time user of hearing aids and I am still getting used to them but I am surprised that I actually enjoy using them!

It was an easy process

Joseph S. on 10/2/2017

A very good value for the money and they are discreet and easy to install.

Great service and product

Tom G on 09/29/2017

Everyone that I have spoken with at Audicus has been very helpful and friendly.


JoAnn W. on 09/28/2017

Huge improvement in my hearing, which is greatly appreciated by those around and near me.

Works well so far

Mervyn A. on 09/27/2017

The first try it seems to work well. Start instructions clear and simple.

Life is better!

Benson on 09/26/2017

They make life much richer and better.

Great Product!

Robert S. on 09/25/2017

I had to send the Oros back to be fitted with longer wires. Your crew was extremely helpful in the process. After experimenting to find the right dome, the Oros are working perfectly. Also, I am glad that I purchased the standard remote which provides great flexibility regarding the programs and sound levels. Thank you for a great product.

Thank you!

Linda G. on 09/22/2017

I would definitely recommend Audicus to others for hearing aids. Audicus has a great support team which I find to be extremely important! Thanks!

I am a happy customer!

Andrew A. on 09/21/2017

It's only been two days into wearing the hearing aid but it is amazing! Never knew there were so many beeps and chirps going off in the house. I don't remember the wind or running water sounding so crisp and the clarity of voices have improved greatly. I'm a happy customer.


Steven M. on 09/20/2017

I can't think of any way my experience with Audicus could have been any better, from the quality of the product to the service, and order experience. All have been flawless. I truely thank you for the work and help you are doing for folks. Every day you have added to the quality of my life.

Best investment I made in years!

Val G. on 09/18/2017

My aides were ordered prior to my vacation and I was able to enjoy hearing my tour guides and family. It is wonderful to hear sounds I have not heard for years

Nothing but a Positive Experience

Michael M. on 09/15/2017

This is my second hearing aid purchase from Audicus. The first one I had for approximately three years and lost it at the beach so I replaced it with this one. I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with the company: Great customer service, Great product and good value.

Happy as Can Be!

Leo B. on 09/11/2017

They work great and I can't believe I got them at a fraction of the cost of the other devices I was looking into.

Superb Staff

Eric L. on 09/7/2017

From the first email and phone call, it felt as if the staff were truly interested in ensuring that my questions were answered. No high pressured sales, only a desire to help me with my decision.

Great Service

Tom S. on 09/6/2017

I've had nothing but great service so far!

So Happy to Hear Again

Valerie G. on 09/5/2017

I received my Oros before my European vacation. I can hear things I haven't heard in years. So happy to hear again!!

6 Days In: Going Strong

Bill N. on 08/28/2017

I have been using my new hearing aids for 6 days now. I am very pleased and greatly excited that I can hear normally. These hearing aids would normally cost about $4500.00 from a certified audiologist. I paid $1400.00 thru Audicus. I am hearing all conversations without saying "what". It is amazing that I have not heard sounds such as crickets for so many years.

Extremely Impressed

Robert C. on 08/23/2017

I was thinking that I probably would not be able to hear any thing in my left ear but I was fooled. I am so very impressed with these hearing aides. Thank You for such a wonderful product.

Cost Effective

Edward H. on 08/22/2017

Audicus is easy to work with and price is right!

Positive Experience

Barbara Z. on 08/18/2017

So far it has been a positive experience. Hoping this will continue 🙂

Keep it Up

Joseph K. on 08/17/2017

I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I am more than delighted with the pricing structure. Keep up the good work.

Hearing Better than my Old Aids

Daniel C. on 08/16/2017

Service was very personable and fast. The Aids work as advertised. I'm still getting use to the sounds but I already hear more than every before with my old aids.

Seamless Process

Dick O. on 08/15/2017

The entire process (ordering, submitting audiogram, etc.) was quick! I was helped through the entire process with easy access to your guy (in this case Carlo) and received quite a lot of helpful feedback. I very much appreciated that you provided a full package, i.e. batteries, brushes, spare domes, instructions, etc.


Bernard R. on 08/11/2017

As I have a profound hearing loss, getting the Oro hearing aids have helped very much.

Fantastic Hearing Improvement

Jo K. on 08/9/2017

I ordered a pair of ORO's with bluetooth. I have severe hearing loss and these work extremely well. Easy to use. I can now hear on the line telephone and my cell phone. Bluetooth feeds sound into my aids. Easy to order from Audicus. I knew nothing about hearing aids and they directed me to the right one and explained everything. I went to an ENT and audiologist prior to ordering. Submitted my audiogram online.

Improved Hearing

Fredrick C. on 08/7/2017

These things have been working great since the first day. With a little experimenting with the controls, I felt comfortable. I can definitely see that my hearing has improved a lot.

Quick and Easy Process

Margaret R. on 08/6/2017

The process of ordering my hearing aids was so quick and easy. After submitting my hearing exam, I was contacted by Emma right away, and she suggested the Oro aids. I had worn the " in the ear" type for 10 years, and they were just worn out...I had been skeptical about ordering on line, but Audicus surpassed my expectations, with the price and quality. I had not really "heard" birds chirping, my auto "beeps", etc, in years. I had actually been reading lips in making conversations, before my Oros, and a whole new hearing world has now opened up!

Better Hearing

Jane E. on 08/5/2017

Got the Oro hearing aids for my Mom. She is hearing so much better. The Bluetooth is great.

Very Satisfied

Lawrence G. on 08/3/2017

I'm very satisfied with everything!

Helpful Staff

Robert F. on 08/2/2017

Staff has always been helpful and their advice has been spot on.

Served Me Well

Mary M. on 08/1/2017

Once again Audicus has served me well. It was simple to place my order and I received it quickly. Thank you!

Excellent Service

Jennifer N. on 07/28/2017

Mo was an absolute great support to my shopping experience. Great manner and helped in every step of the way which, every company should learn from.

Better than the Local Aids

Ray K. on 07/27/2017

I'm very happy with the hearing aids and service. These Oro aids are my second set at half the cost as another name brand, and are better performing.


Warner S. on 07/26/2017

These have considerably helped me!

Truly a Blessing

Kathryn M. on 07/24/2017

Everything was great! I no longer have to ask residents where I serve as Chaplain to repeat themselves! That is truly a blessing!

Best Purchase This Year

Grant H. on 07/21/2017

Everyone at Audicus was really great, helpful and didn't put any pressure on me.

Excellent All Around

Dave G. on 07/20/2017

Excellent product, people, service, and value. I have already talked friends into buying this product!

So Far, So Good

Margaret M. on 07/17/2017

Amazed how well my hubby can hear now. He's learning how to get the best hearing in every situation he's in. So far so good.

So Far, So Good

Tony G. on 07/14/2017

I have only used these for a few weeks but so far have had Great Customer Service!

Love them!

Susan R. on 07/13/2017

I love them from the moment I put them in. I can't believe what I been missing out on and only wish I had them years ago.

Bluetooth is Quite Useful

Tom L. on 07/11/2017

I love my hearing aids. So far, listening to music from my iPhone is what I like best about the Oro's.

What a Delight to Hear Again

Christina B. on 07/10/2017

They work perfectly. I can even lie down for a rest and I don't have to take them out. There is no feedback. I can adjust the volume easily. I clean them every one or two days. I really love them. I can hear birds, my grandson's voice, and other things I was missing.

Received in South Africa

Peter D. on 07/9/2017

After having a hearing test, I was horrified at the price that was required in South Africa. I did an on the net search and found Audicus. I emailaerd them and also they phoned me. To be honest, at the price offered was this a scam? I looked at reviews etc and decided to pay the money requested. I was told that the hearing aid would be dispatched within ten day, and within ten days I got a message from DHL giving shipment details. That proved this was not a scam but a genuine offer. The hearing aids arrived in South Africa a few days later. There was no follow up from Audicus, it was up to me to make contact with them, which I did. I did not know what to expect from a hearing aid, but the person in the conversation tried to help. Spares also were a worry to me, to spend courier fees to import a dome seemed excessive. Audicus gave me directions on how to find a local audiologist who should stock parts. I think I will go to the audiologist to see that I am wearing them correctly. In the USA I believe I could get a free consultation, where as here it will cost me. The time difference between the USA and South Africa is a little problem as there is only about three hours where we can communicate directly. If we were further east, we could only give messages not conversations

Superb Service

Robert M. on 07/7/2017

Emma was just super in helping me. These are everything I expected and more. Sounds, voices, etc. are much clearer. Having a remote is very handy. These are basically the same as some I priced at 5k.

Best Purchase

Terri G. on 07/6/2017

I recently purchased the Oro hearing aids and so far they have been great! Before I purchased these I had purchased another very expensive pair from a local audiologist and didn't like them as I had to make an appt to get them adjusted 3 times for the volume and they still weren't right. I paid $6,940.00 for them! The Oro's were much, much cheaper and I like them much better! I have control of the volume and can hear so much better! Thank you Audicus for your great product and for helping me every step of the way to purchase these!!!

We've Finally Lowered the TV Volume!

Tim K. on 07/5/2017

So far so good. My mom said she could hear and finally turned down the TV volume. Now I can hear too!

Quality Products

Warner S. on 06/30/2017

It seems to improve my hearing considerably and it's barely visible (surprisingly with this style). My only complaint is that the wax guards cog up rather quickly. Otherwise, great hearing aids at an affordable cost.

I'm Back

Yang Y. on 06/29/2017

For a long time I've dreaded the conference room meeting due to my hearing. Being able to engage with others at work has been great and I even heard everything at a musical I recently attended.

Great for Music

Joanne S. on 06/27/2017

I received my first pair of hearing aids last September. One thing I've really enjoyed is listening to music on YouTube through Bluetooth. It's nice to hear music again!

Still Loving Them

Ken L. on 06/26/2017

The Oro is the type of hearing aids that I have from Audicus. I've had them for almost a year now and love them. I especially love the ability from them to connect to the TV or my phone through Bluetooth.

Great Cost, Great Value

Bob J. on 06/23/2017

According to my wife, I finally watch the TV at a reasonable volume. They're working really well for what I paid for and haven't run into any issues yet.


Judie G. on 06/21/2017

This is my 3rd pair with Audicus. My first was the aSwing which I lost and then I bought the Dia, which I have and still wear, and I recently bought the Oro as a backup. Both systems are just the BEST and I would never look to another source for new aids if I need to upgrade again in the future. Plus, customer service is fabulous.

Worth it!

John T. on 06/16/2017

Definitely recommend to others: I purchased a set of Oro a few months ago and it has exceeded my expectation of their performance and price wise. Cant do without them.

Smooth Sailing

Thomas B. on 06/14/2017

Everything went smoothly! Happy to hear again.

I Can Hear Again!

Betty H. on 06/13/2017

I'm very pleased with my experience. Since I am a first time hearing aid user, I have nothing for comparison, but I do know the staff has been very accommodating and helpful and I can hear again!

Pretty Good

Lois S. on 06/12/2017

Everyone was helpful and friendly. Hearing Aid is pretty good!

Excellent Fit

Henry S. on 06/9/2017

I'm very pleased with my experience. Since I am a first time hearing aid user, I have nothing for comparison, but I do know the staff has been very accommodating and helpful and I can hear again!

Hearing Birds after several Years

Robert D. on 06/8/2017

I love my hearing aids. For the first time in years, I heard everything from the sound of birds chirping to the sound of the wind.

Great Fit & Sound

Henry S. on 06/7/2017

They fit right out of the box and worked just as well as the ones costing 4 times more.

Loving Them!

Beatrice V. on 06/6/2017

So far so good. I'm loving having my hearing aids and being able to hear again. I am hearing birds chirping for the first time in years.

Painless Process

Robert C. on 06/5/2017

Ordering was quick and easy. It didn't take long to adjust to my new devices. I am very happy with my hearing aids!

Superb Clarity

Carol W. on 06/2/2017

Lack of clarity was the big issue for me, and my Audicus hearing aids have solved that problem, especially while watching t.v.. Now I don't need "closed captioning" and group conversations are soooo much more fun because I'm not constantly asking them to repeat.


Anne W. on 06/1/2017

Once I received my Oro hearing aids, I couldn't believe what I was missing in life. These were better than the old pair I had that even cost three times as much. I really like how small they are and fit well over my ears. You can't even see them from the back. My husband is very happy when now I can hear the TV on a much lower setting. I'm still in the trial period with them, but feel comfortable that I will get much use out of them in the future. The entire process of customizing my hearing aids was very timely and Mo and his staff were very helpful.

Working Well

John E. on 05/30/2017

They work well-- even with Bluetooth.

Superior Performance

Jose G. on 05/26/2017

I've had Widex, Phonak, Rresound Linx2-- and from all of them, Audicus has the most superior auto-adapt performance.

Absolutely AMAZING!

David S. on 05/24/2017

I received my pair or Oto hearing aids and all I can say is AMAZING. I am thrilled with the aids, they have made a huge difference. I have referred a number of friends with hearing loss to you.


John M. on 05/23/2017

It's easy to order online. When I've had questions, the reps on the phone are quick and efficient.

Better than the $8000 Pair

Ronald B. on 05/22/2017

I am very careful for buying on Internet but after reading almost all the reviews, I was convinced to take the risk. I will not repeat what every one has said about service, politeness, price and efficiency, except the following: Thanks to Jeremy I was advised to buy the Oros enhanced clarity for better music listening. I am an audiophile and believe it or not I am actually enjoying music with my worn out 73 year old ears. I live in Costa Rica and actually tried a pair of $8,000 Widex aids, which really did not impress me, then they offered me a $3,080 Widex which I never tried, but saw a lot of negative reviews on Internet. Then I found Audicus Oros with "advanced clarity" for a fifth and half the price respectively. I received them at a friends house and quickly put them on. They work so transparently that at first I thought that the volume was too low, but then found that they were just doing what they should do: make speech more easily understood. I said to my friends: "I am understanding , I am understanding almost every word." My wife is very happy also. They really seam to filter the noise: With my 7 year old Specsavers bought in England when driving long distances I would turn them off because they would amplify all the engine noises. Now I do not need to turn them off. To sum up: They are completely transparent. You forget they are working, but they are doing their job.

Simply Amazong

Deb S. on 05/19/2017

I was amazed at how well I could hear as soon as I put them in.

Better than Ever

Clark M. on 05/17/2017

The new set is better than ever! Steve is hearing birds again!

Better than a $8,000 Aid I tried

Ronald B. on 05/16/2017

I am very carefull for buying on internet but after reading almost all the reviews, I was convinced to take the risk. I will not repeat what every one has said except the following:

Love my Aids

Frank B. on 05/15/2017

My Oros are the best aids I've ever had. Love your prices and business model!

Simply INcredible

Joe W. on 05/13/2017

They are simply incredible!! They are much more than I ever expected. I had two sets of hearing aids over the last 15 years from Miracle Ear, and they aren't even in the ball park in comparison to my new Audicus set. My friends are probably getting tired of hearing me brag about them.


Calvin P. on 05/12/2017

From the online conversations to delivery, everything was great!

Simple & Stress Free

Stephanie M. on 05/11/2017

Ordering from Audicus was a simple and stress-free process. Emma was extremely helpful and answered every question I had. They've already called for a follow up within a week of me receiving my Oro hearing aids. I have already recommended Audicus to one of my coworkers and will continue to recommend them!

Great Service

Margaret C. on 05/10/2017

Audicus has very friendly and responsive service.

Top-Notch Service

Ramona S. on 05/9/2017

My mother and I had a great representative work with us. He made the process of choosing Audicus very easy.

Exceeds Expectations Thus Far

Fred M. on 05/1/2017

I've only had them several days but they seem to be a big step improved over my current aids, which were 4X as expensive 5 years ago, and better than a recent trial set of new models selling for 5.5X as much. The product has exceeded expectations thus far.

Mind Blowing Devices

Jessica P. on 04/28/2017

I had tried out two other hearing aid companies before I ordered my Oros--the first pair was $5600 and the second pair was $3500. These hearing aids blow the other ones out of the water! I can hear great with them, they're affordable, and I can listen to the TV, music, and even audiobooks without having to take them out. I love them, and the level of customer service at Audicus is second to none. I definitely recommend them to anyone with hearing issues.

Magical Devices

Stephanie M. on 04/27/2017

So happy I decided to buy hearing aids instead of having a surgery that might have not fixed my hearing loss. I've been able to hear this that I haven't heard in many years.

Highly Recommended

Cindy C. on 04/26/2017

I have been using my Audicus hearing aids for over a month. Have not had any trouble. They are great. They were programmed perfectly for my needs. I would highly recommend them.

Marvelous Devices

Leonard L. on 04/25/2017

I had tried a friend's MD hearing aids & was very disappointed in their low cost hearing aids -- they were very tinny and terrible in a group/restaurant atmospheres. I needed better hearing aids and soon after found Audicus hearing aids. I have severe to profound hearing loss and was recommended to try the Oro Ric hearing aids. While it's only been a week, I can hear things I haven't heard in 20 years!

Best Decision

Terry P. on 04/21/2017

First I wasn't sure this was a "legit" offer. How could this be after paying a fee of $7000.00 from a local company that I visited?! Well, it`s all true. The staff, and audiologists, and agents are all top notch. I had questions before purchasing and after I ordered my hearing aids. I received them quickly and installed them with ease. Anyone on the "doubter’s fence" should go for it! I did and I can hear what I have been missing.

Outperforming Local Devices

Glenn P. on 04/21/2017

They've been working well from the start. They outperform my locally purchased hearing aids when it comes to a noisy environment.

Simple Process

Brian V. on 04/20/2017

Flawlessly simple and straight forward process!

Great Product

Jim Z. on 04/14/2017

Great product! Jeffery was very helpful in getting me the devices that would work best for my hearing impairment.

Great from Start to Finish

John Y. on 04/12/2017

It's been a very good experience from initial contact through delivery of aids. Product is very small and almost invisible.

Great for TV

David U. on 04/11/2017

The Bluetooth option it is really helpful for me while watching my TV. I am very pleased with the overall performance of the Oros.

Thoroughly Enjoying Them

Don L. on 04/10/2017

I have enjoyed hearing things that I have not heard in years. I really like hearing all the sounds and words in my new world of hearing. It's been a new experience, but so great that I didn't want to take the hearing aids out when I first received them. The hearing aids are great and the price is right where it should be. Thank you for making this all possible.

Top Notch

Bob F. on 04/7/2017

Top Notch Service: A+++!

Everything & More

Adrian V. on 04/6/2017

It's everything they said it would be and more. I'm impressed by the sound and how natural it is. The cost is way lower than most local suppliers.

Triple Win

Susan J. on 04/5/2017

Quality product. Excellent support. Reasonably priced.

Great Job Audicus

William B. on 04/4/2017

My Audicus Oros worked perfectly right out of the box. They sounded as good, or better than the ones that the audiologist tried to sell me at 4 times the price. Jeremy, my contact at Audicus was very helpful in helping me select my Oros. My aids were programmed perfectly, as I had previously sent in the results of my hearing test. Great job Audicus!


Tony B. on 03/31/2017

Helpful in noisy environments.

Friendly Reps

Jason T. on 03/28/2017

Quick and friendly service!

Always Top Notch

David N. on 03/27/2017

I'm a long time customer now on my third pair. I've been very happy with the products and customer service.

Extremely Satisfied

Helen H. on 03/24/2017

I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received. The quality of the instrument is very good; and I am using previous hearing devices as the compatible. I am a previous owner of Seimen's and Costco instruments. Audio II are superior in my judgement. Thank you Audicus for making my life better!

Love my Device

Danny S. on 03/22/2017

It's easy and convenient. I quite enjoy my hearing aid!

World Class Service

Diane R. on 03/21/2017

Jeremy really helped me purchase what I needed. The booklet that came with the aids had all the information needed to adjust to hearing things again.

110% Satisfied

Thuan R. on 03/19/2017

Cant says enough how much I'm please with a set of Oro I got 2 weeks ago, the clarity of sound, the comfort of wearing it and most of all you cant beat the price of it, this is a keeper for me and will tell anyone about Audicus Hearing Aids. Thank you team Audicus!

Truly a Pleasure

Robert A. on 03/17/2017

Your organization has been wonderful and very easy to work with and it has been a most pleasant experience for me throughout the entire process.

Working Well

Grant B. on 03/16/2017

Good product, easy process, don't care for the retention sticks as they were put on upside down, had to remove them. They're working much better now and I can hardly tell I'm wearing them.

So Comfortable

Joan P. on 03/15/2017

I'm surprised at how comfortable it feels-- I don't even know i'm wearing them!

Great Hearing Devices

James C. on 03/13/2017

Great products at great prices! After 30 years of progressive hearing loss, I now have great hearing!

Going for 6 Stars Hear (pun intended)

Liz C. on 03/10/2017

Ok, so I just received my ORO Bluetooth hearing aids this week. UNBELIVEABLE clarity. For the last 5 years I've been wearing Starkey aids, which cost me an arm and a leg, only to find out I need stronger ones. After I picked myself up off the floor from sticker shock, $9000, I decided to do some checking around. Came across Audicus in AARP magazine. Thank you AARP!. I'm totally loving my new ORO's, and telling everyone who will listen to check Audicus first. Your Customer Service just Rocks. Hubby cannot believe the things I'm hearing now, that I couldn't just a week ago. I'm in love.....thank you Audicus!


Christoper R. on 03/10/2017

So far, I've only had them a couple days but they're helping me in noisy environments (where I needed them the most).

Great Experience So Far

Diane E. on 03/8/2017

Jeremy really helped me purchase what I needed. The booklet that came with the aids had all the information needed to adjust to hearing things again.

Knowledgeable Staff

Jacob T. on 03/6/2017

On phone persons were knowledgeable, respectful and well spoken.

I Can Hear Again

Larry T. on 03/1/2017

Don't wait. A whole new world awaits you when you can hear again!

Great Product

Sarah F. on 02/28/2017

This is the first time I have ever worn hearing aids and I have been pleased with the quality of hearing I get with the aids they are easy to use and I get very good service from Customer Service.

Great Device, Great Service

Susan C. on 02/27/2017

I received very quick responses from Audicus. Jeremy was my contact, and he answered all of my questions. He did not appear to think it was silly for me to call within 10 minutes of putting my hearing aids on for the first time. I am sure I had some pretty silly questions at that time. I love my hearing aids...I am hearing things I have not heard in years!

Love Them

Steve J. on 02/21/2017

These OROS hearing aids are the best that I can find for me. I'm so amazed how well I can hear now. These hearing aids are great ! I LOVE THEM!

Great Service

Lynn F. on 02/16/2017

Great Service-- Sure glad this old gal has a computer to be able to get things settled.


John T. on 02/15/2017

So far, so good. I'm happy!

Smooth Sailing

Walter Y. on 02/14/2017

So far the new hearing aids are working much better than my old ones. The Customer Service folks are very helpful and very nice to deal with. They are knowledgeable in their jobs. A pleasure to work with Audicus!

Over the Moon

John J. on 02/11/2017

I have only had my aid for less than 2 weeks, but it has surpassed my expectations. It's very comfortable to wear and my hearing has improved so much. I have owned aids in the past, but this aid is the closes to natural sound recolonization. Customer service is excellent and their website help is great.

Better than the $7000 Aids

Stuart L. on 02/8/2017

Audicus kept its' promise and delivered my hearing aids in a reasonable time-frame. The sound quality matches that of a pair of $7,000 hearing aids i had tried earlier!

Working Well

Mike P. on 02/7/2017

The people were very helpful in placing the order. They emailed or called back very promptly. I have aphasia and it's hard to talk but they were very patient with me. Thanks for that. The only problem was the retention guard. It stuck straight out from my ear so I trimmed it off and now its working well!

Third and Last Pair of Hearing Aids

Jessica P. on 02/6/2017

My third (and hopefully last) pair of hearing aids were delivered yesterday. I decided to forego the hearing aid specialist visits completely and sent my audiogram in to an online company, and with the Bluetooth remote, the cost ended up being $1700 total. And they work just as well as, if not better than the $5500 and the $3500 pairs. I'm saving a ton of money here, and RIGHT NOW I AM LISTENING TO ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA THROUGH MY HEARING AIDS AND IT IS BLOWING MY MIND. Thanks, Audicus!

Top Notch Quality

Ali M. on 02/3/2017

After using it for several months, I can confidently say that it is as about as good as the expensive devices I've used.


Karen R. on 02/2/2017

Have been using Audicus aids for well over a year. When one of the Canto aids malfunctioned, I was sent a new Oro set for the service call (warranty) price of $99. Yes, I was without the aids for a couple of weeks. However, the price for the quality is excellent. No need to reprogram after original. Recommended.


Mark K. on 02/1/2017

Wonderful device and customer service!


Cheryl T. on 01/30/2017

It was during a scary period of my time that I didn't want to hear that I needed hearing aids, but Audicus made it easy by providing clear information with great customer service -- making the entire process a lot less scary. Also the convenience of not having to go into a doctor's office was wonderful.

Awesome Service

Natalie H. on 01/26/2017

Customer Service was Awesome!!! Ordering was easy and financing was simple, since Audicus takes Pay Pal.


Ted D. on 01/24/2017

I'm still not sure how far it should go into the ear but so far I'm liking the sound.

Fairly Pleased

George A. on 01/23/2017

I'm still getting used to my devices but, so far, I'm very pleased with the results. It's only been 2 weeks but I've already told everybody how much I love them them.

Phenomenal Value

Rick H. on 01/20/2017

1. Customer service was consistently polite, friendly, accurate and timely. 2. Compared to a set of much higher priced devices I tested, the Oro hearing aids are a phenomenal value for price. 3. So far (3 days), the sound is wonderful. The configuration implemented by Audicus's techs seems to match my audiogram requirements very closely. 4. The music coming out of my car's multiple stereo speakers is soooo much better now that the high notes are back.

Major Upgrade

Marc M. on 01/19/2017

What a major hearing experience upgrade-- I can hear much better!

Effortless Procss

David U. on 01/18/2017

I have tried 2 other brands and the Oros are an exact fit for me! As an added bonus, the Bluetooth connectivity with both iPhone and TV creates a seamless and effortless process to hear again.

Great Clarity

Susan G. on 01/17/2017

Seems better than more expensive aids I have tried and its even clearer when talking to people.

Easy Process

Frank H. on 01/16/2017

It was a very easy to use website. Most difficult thing was deciding whether I wanted Bluetooth.

Great Value

Charles M. on 01/15/2017

I've had my hearing aids for about two weeks'couldn't be more pleased ,the ordering process was great all things went well. In the world of hearing aids value very seldom meets price, not so with Audicus hear value far exceeds price.Great job to the folks at Audicus. Thanks Charles M.

Absolutely Wonderful

Douglas H. on 01/14/2017

The process with Audicus has been seamless. The fact that you are able to provide me with a quality hearing aid at a price I can afford is wonderful. I have been wearing Aids for over 40 years-- so I've seen & worn many different aids with varying success. The ability to adjust automatically to varying conditions with these hearing aids appear to be well optimized for my 90+ db hearing loss. This also mitigates my concern about have to return the aids to tweak programming.

So Far, So Good

Dion C. on 01/13/2017

I've only had my devices for a couple days, but so far it's all good.

Doesn't get better than this!

Stephen K. on 01/11/2017

1) Knowledgeable Staff 2) Great equipment 3) Excellent service Doesn't get any better than this. THANKS!

Working Well

Nick K. on 01/9/2017

It was good! All my questions were answered and the hearing aid works great.


Jerry S. on 01/6/2017

Couldn't ask for better customer service: The people were very helpful from their assurances to their manners which enabled me to overcome my reluctance to purchasing online. Also, the Instructional videos explained everything I needed to know on how to use and maintain my unit.

I Can Hear Again!

Stephanie M. on 01/5/2017

I can hear things that I never thought I would ever hear again. I can hear the slightest things to even the wind blowing!

Outstanding Service

Raymond M. on 01/3/2017

Outstanding customer service from ordering to delivery. All my questions, technical or otherwise, were answered in a professional manner by completely qualified personnel.

Better Alternative

Henry R. on 12/29/2016

Excellent product and service to a usually much more expensive traditional channels.


Manny K. on 12/28/2016

Impressed with customer support and the devices!

Extremely Pleased

Robert M. on 12/27/2016

I'm very pleased with the Oros. Whoever does the programming did a great job on the first shot, may not have them adjusted at all.

Always Excellent

Charles M. on 12/22/2016

Always excellent service!


Warner S. on 12/22/2016

I have worn the Oro for about three weeks. It has performed to my satisfaction. There are times when I do not feel that I am wearing a hearing aid at all!

Good Fit

JoAnn W. on 12/21/2016

Overall, I am very well pleased with my Audicus experience. My evaluation is based on having worn hearings aids for years and having dealt with various dispensers of hearing aids. Audicus gave prompt attention to my order, and the two Oro hearing aids now seem adequate for my hearing needs.

Oros are the Best Yet

James O. on 12/19/2016

Bought the Oros after having the aNotes for a few years. These are even more sensitive than the originals, and those were as good as the $7000 pair I had before from a local retailer. I especially like using the Bluetooth controller to stream my music from my phone when I go do my 3 miles in the morning. No one can tell I'm listening to music while I'm exercising.

Superior Aids

Bruce M. on 12/15/2016

Very positive experience so far. These are not the first hearing aids I have tried and I suppose my expectations are too great, but theses are as good if not a tad better than obtained locally.

Great Quality

Danny S. on 12/13/2016

The sound quality is good-- I can hear almost any sound now!

Superb Devices

Cindy S. on 12/12/2016

I love my oros! Buying these hearing aids were so much easier than my other 3 pairs--- which I wasted my money.

Tons of Research

Steve A. on 12/10/2016

Great product! great service and support! i shopped extensively and these are the best for the money anywhere, especially compared to the $7000 pair that the walk in place tried to sell me, half the cost of the ones that my audiologist tried to sell me. These are top of the line German Engineered hearing Machines! Just Awesome!

The Better Alternative

Doug B. on 12/9/2016

I was involved in a trial of very expensive pair of hearing aids being offered by a local "help-u hear" facility. I had 2 more weeks to decide whether to buy them or return them. I could not afford them so I began an internet search for a cheaper alternative and I found Audicus and was able to get the same type hearing aids for 70% less!

Simple and Easy Process

Paul G. on 12/7/2016

It was a really simple and easy process. After I submitted my hearing test, a representative called me and asked me some questions. He then recommended that I try the Oro model. Once they arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. My previous hearing aids (which I paid twice as much for 12 years ago) never worked this well even after I had taken them back 3 times for adjustments.

Great Experience

Anil P. on 12/6/2016

It's been a great experience from start to finish!

Adjusting Well

Michael K. on 12/5/2016

Everything is going well, I've adapted to wearing my hearing aids well. The ability to hear clearly is a wonderful gift.

Great Company, Great Service

James S. on 12/1/2016

My entire experience has been awesome! This is my second hearing aid company to deal with and Audicus is by far the best. Great company with exceptional online service.

Easy Transition

Howard S. on 11/29/2016

Very happy with service and the people in company made it very easy to transition with my new hearing aids.

So Easy to Use

Carol U. on 11/28/2016

They're so easy to use! I can't even tell I'm wearing them half the time


Colin C. on 11/27/2016

This is my second purchase after I went swimming in my first set from Audicus - my bad. Both sets perform(ed) brilliantly. The whole process was easy and enjoyable. Customer care is outstanding, delivery is fast, the product really delivers and the price is amazing. I have recommended Audicus to my friends.

Pleasant All Around

Alan C. on 11/25/2016

Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Hearing Aids are working well.

Competitive Prices, Quality Product

Beatrice M. on 11/23/2016

All the information was easy to understand and extremely thorough. It helped that Audicus has competitive prices at the same quality the local audiologists was offering me.

Confident in my Purchase

Michael B. on 11/22/2016

I like the confident demeanor of the site, and the ease of shopping. Customer service has also been impressive.

Just As Good as my First Device

Burton F. on 11/21/2016

So far everything is fine. I got my second one today. Boy you sure do not notice how much you miss when you start going deaf. Over time you just get so you do not notice what you do not hear. Thank you for been there to help people with hearing loss.

Still Learning

Claudia L. on 11/18/2016

I'm still learning how to use the hearing aids and they're getting better with each passing day.

Just Got Them

Brenda M. on 11/17/2016

I just got my hearing aids a recently. Audicus was easy to place an order and do business with.

Better Than Costco

Carol S. on 11/16/2016

So far, it's been very good service. Hearing aids work better than the ones I got from Costco. My hearing will never be perfect again, but these have been most helpful.

Half the Cost of my Previous Aids

Paul G. on 11/15/2016

I really like the Oro hearing aids I purchased last month. They are very easy to use and work extremely well in all conditions. The best part? They cost half what my previous hearing aids cost and work much better.

Easy Process

Brenda G. on 11/14/2016

It was very easy to order aids and they came within 3 days.

So Far, So Good

Eva G. on 11/11/2016

Following my audiologist visit, my daughter researched various hearing aide providers looking for a cost effective option. She found Audicus and so far, so good. A$3000 savings over what the audiologist at my ear/nose/throat doctor was going to charge for two hearing aides! Definitely helpful for those on a fixed income. Have already recommended Audicus to a couple of friends.

Easy Process

Brenda M. on 11/9/2016

It was very easy to order the hearing aids and arrived several days after!


Franklin H. on 11/8/2016

These hearing aids seem to be working much better than my $3,000 hearing aid.


Douglas B. on 11/5/2016

The quality of the product is excellent and the sound is very natural. The cost is far less and the sound quality far better than a competitor's hearing aids that I trial tested.

Just in time for game 7 of the World Series!

Frank F. on 11/4/2016

First, my Oro's with enhanced clarity are amazing. I had no idea what I was NOT hearing until I put them in the other day. I am so glad that I purchased the bluetooth package with them. It adds such an amazing set of capabilities to the units that I cannot imagine using them without it. I listened to the World Series game 7 in splendid isolation and did not miss a thing! The Oros adjust to whatever place I am in. The first night I had them we went to a tavern that we frequent to see if I could hear both wife and waitress..... I HEARD EVERYTHING! My advice is to get the Oro and to spend the extra money on Bluetooth and enhanced clarity so that you can make use of ALL of the capabilities of these amazing units!

The Best

Donald D. on 11/3/2016

These hearing aids are the best I've ever had!


Leo B. on 11/2/2016

I'm impressed with the quality of the sound. The sound is very natural and easy to adjust to. They also do a great job of filtering out back round noise in places like restaurants.

Happy with my Choice

Joseph K. on 11/1/2016

After multiple telephone and chat conversations, all of my questions were answered! Your website is easy to use and has plenty of information and I'm happy with my choice.

Superior Aids

John L. on 10/31/2016

The Oro hearing aids are far superior to any I've owned in the past. They work great in any environment. Easy to adjust volume. Everything else is automatic. The only chore involved is deciding what size dome works best for you-- I've finally settled on Medium Power Dome.


Leo B. on 10/28/2016

I am impressed with the quality of the sound! Initially, I didn't know what to expect. The sound is very natural and they do a great job of filtering out back round noise in places like restaurants.

Perfect for Me

Barbara B. on 10/27/2016

These are just perfect for me, and price was reasonable.

Cost Effective

Ray B. on 10/26/2016

My hearing aid was so cost effective and it was exactly what I needed!

Wish I Got Them Sooner

Nancy S. on 10/25/2016

It took me over a year to order cause I didn't want to admit to myself I needed these. I could kick myself every day when I put them on for waiting so long!


Monroe G. on 10/21/2016

Pretty Good. No Complaints so far.

Best Investment

Jim B. on 10/20/2016

I didn't think my hearing was that bad until I tried my Oro hearing aids. I am hearing things that I haven't heard in a long time, which includes my grandsons' conversations, footsteps, etc. and things I don't want to hear, such as joint pops. The only problem was trying to find the dome that best fits my ears. That is a small thing when I consider I purchased the aids are $3,000 LESS than what I was quoted at a national hearing center. The support and response times have been exceptional. Only wish I wouldn't have waited so long. The best part: My wife said she could hardly see them.

Wonderful Service

Jan L. on 10/19/2016

I like that you stay in touch with me after my purchase. Very fast delivery and great product!

Few Issues

Stephen F. on 10/17/2016

I've had very few issues and the sounds and clarity are very good. I plan to add a couple more in the future as backups!

Takes Time to Adjust

Tom C. on 10/14/2016

It takes some getting used to wearing them. For me the remote controller is essential, and helpful in getting used to them.

Great Product + Service

John M. on 10/13/2016

Great service and product for people purchasing hearing devices for first time or replacements. As I tell my friends, I can hear crickets at night now where I have not been able to for many years.

Improved my Quality of Life

Faye W. on 10/12/2016

I took to my hearing aids like a fish takes to water. I loved them from the minute I put them in my ears. I couldn't live without them. Thank you for making the quality of my life better.

Highly Recommended

Shirley S. on 10/11/2016

I can highly recommend Audicus as they respond promptly to questions.

Quite Happy

Steve K. on 10/10/2016

On the whole, I am quite happy with the Oros.

Love my Oro's

Dee S. on 10/4/2016

I love my hearing aids from Audicus. Everyone is more than happy to answer my questions. I practically destroyed one of my hearing aids, but they assured me they could fix it. I sent them in along with the remote control. They repaired it, and sent it back within a few days!! I love everything about them. A lot of money was saved by purchasing them online. Actually, I had to make an appointment to see the audiologist about the ones I had several years ago-just a couple miles from my house. I waited longer with them than with Audicus. They don't fool around. They're professional, warm, understanding, and caring. I will recommend them to anyone. You do have to have a written audio logical that you send to them.


Serena K. on 10/3/2016

I have severe hearing loss, but being a self conscious person, I never wanted to do anything about it. People used to have to yell to be heard, and I had to face them, making a job difficult. Being 20, this was a scary time. I saw an audiologist and was not happy with my experience. The $6500 price tag was not attractive either, but being a young hip person, I was sure the internet would have exactly what I was looking for, name brand, custom programmed hearing aids available online. Sure enough I was led to Audicus. After talks with Alison, Jeremy, Bianca and Matt, I purchased a pair of Oros, with the Bluetooth. I'm astounded. I can talk on the phone. I can be involved with conversation. Music is clear. They're so small you can hardly tell anything's there. I can't believe what I was missing out on.


Richard I. on 09/30/2016

Fast and efficient service!

Very Pleased

Michael B. on 09/29/2016

My hearing aids have been great and I love being able to hear sounds I have missed for years. My brother's wife recommended Audicus as she had just purchased hearing aids from you and was very pleased.

Working Well

Paula G. on 09/26/2016

I started with the Solo Amplifier and it wasn't enough. Now I have the Oro and it works great!

Pleased with my Purchase

Conner on 09/23/2016

These are my first pair of hearing aids. The process was easy and the customer service has been great. Chloe with online chat was very helpful. A co-worker has a pair that he spent 3x what I did and outside of him receiving a year supply of batteries I don't see any difference. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Crisp and Clear Sounds

Euriel M. on 09/22/2016

I am very pleased with the Oro hearing aids. Sounds and voices are clear. I have no feedback issues and they are comfortable to wear. Often times I forget that I am wearing them!

Magical Devices

Kathryn B. on 09/21/2016

The magic of these hearing aids is that I am not aware I am wearing them. I went out dining last night and never touched them. With my old hearing aids, I always had to take them out halfway through dinner.


Michael B. on 09/20/2016

Great communication excellent product and great pricing. Couldn't be more pleased.

Very Pleased with my Devices

Rick G. on 09/20/2016

Excellent! As a first time wearer I had many questions and the Audicus staff were very informative and answered all of my questions. Call backs and emails were very prompt. I am very please with the Oro and have already recommended it to a family member.

I Can Hear Again!

John M. on 09/19/2016

Great service and product for people purchasing hearing devices for first time or replacements. As I tell my friends, I can hear crickets at night now where I have not been able to for many years.

Simple and Effective

Regina K. on 09/16/2016

Great! The level of automation helps me to use the hearing aids without thinking how to change device settings. I just have to change the volume settings up and down. The device is simple and effective!

Love the Bluetooth

William S. on 09/15/2016

I have used hearing aids for years and I've found that Audicus offers the best hearing aids for a telephone while using a Bluetooth. I love them!

Top Notch Service

Alex M. on 09/14/2016

Wonderful Service

Good Follow Up

Terry B. on 09/12/2016

The assistance and follow ups were great. They were helpful when I had questions about the device.

Very Happy with Product

Mark K. on 09/9/2016

Although this was my first set of hearing aids, I did a lot of research and felt dollar for dollar, Audicus was a good start. I have not been disappointed! I rarely do anything over the internet, so this was a real stretch based on the amount of money I was going to spend. But I have been very happy with this product.

Hearing Better Than Beefore

Brenda C. on 09/8/2016

Early problems were resolved with Audicus staff with minor adjustments to the sound quality. I'm hearing better than with previous devices.

Work in Progress

Carol on 09/2/2016

I'm still getting used to my hearing aids and tweaking them, but so far, they're working well and customer service is great!

Worth the Investment

Terry C. on 08/30/2016

It was great. I will also be ordering for my daughter after her next appointment.

Love Audicus

Dave K. on 08/29/2016

Love Audicus! This is my second pair. 1st pair was aNotes in April 2014 The second pair are Oros with enhanced clarity in May 2016. The mail shipping works very well.

Good Product

Rosa C. on 08/28/2016

Overall, it's a good product.

Strong Support

Antonio Sr. on 08/26/2016

Your entire team was patient and made my experience with easy. They walked me through all the steps to understanding my hearing loss to purchasing the hearing aid. I had an uncomfortable experience with the dome that came with my device and they correct it fast, couldn't ask for best service. Thanks for such strong support.

Recommended to Everyone

Marvin B. on 08/25/2016

My hearing has improved greatly. I still need to fine tune them. However, I recommend them to everyone with whom I speak about hearing aids, giving them Audicus' name and phone number and my name as a reference.

I Can Hear Again!

Wayne O. on 08/23/2016

I hear things I have never heard before!

No More Repeating!

Bob J. on 08/23/2016

From the beginning of wearing the Audicus hearing aids, I could her my wife the first time as she spoke. No more of her having to repeat and yell three more times. Things are more relaxed at our house now.

Very Pleased

Euriel M. on 08/18/2016

I am very pleased with the Oro Hearing Aids. Sounds and voices are clear. I have no feedback problems. They are comfortable to wear. Often times I forget that I am wearing them.

Good Experinece

John L. on 08/17/2016

For the first time in years I can hear conversations in a crowded room. I can hear my girlfriend without her repeating herself. Very good experience dealing with Audicus.

Spread the Word

Michael R. on 08/17/2016

Excellent, beyond expectations. Tell everyone.

Absolutely Wonderful

David M. on 08/16/2016

These hearing aids are absolutely wonderful. I have not heard this well in years. The bluetooth feature is equally amazing. I have not been able to carry on a conversation on the phone in years and now I have no problems. I recommend these hearing aids to every person I know who has any kind of hearing loss. Oh yea your customer support and the price of your hearing aids are also amazing. Thanks again Audicus for giving me back my life.

Very Pleased

Aubrey D. on 08/16/2016

I received them in reasonable time. The information and instructions were clear. I am very pleased with the devices in hearing outside sounds (especially wildlife) in my backyard.

Great Replacement

Dick M. on 08/12/2016

Was looking to replace 10 year old Widex which were barely doing the job. I have 85 db loss and Audicus Oro can cover that and the price was quite realistic compared to everything else I looked at. Plus I liked the idea of a soft earpiece compared to the hard custom fit of the Widex I had. So far quite happy but there are times in loud places where I still have a bit of a problem.

Love It

Mensar F. on 08/11/2016

I have loved my Oro! At first it took me a while to get used to how light weight the device is. But now that I've grown accustomed to it, I have no complaints! I love my Oro!

Great Aids

Richard M. on 08/10/2016

Great hearing aids and excellent service!

Phone Works Wonderfully

William S. on 08/10/2016

I have used hearing aids for years and the Audicus offer the best hearing on a telephone I have ever had. I have the aids that connect to the phone using blue tooth.

Surprisingly Wonderful Experience

Kevin M. on 08/10/2016

I was pretty leery about buying something this expensive and which I have no background in over the internet, but it went fairly well. The Audicus staff were always professional and helpful. I kind of panicked when I got a bit of water in them, but the Audicus website helped me out.

Simple to Use

Paul G. on 08/9/2016

It was simple to learn how to use my hearing aids and the service was great!

Well Rounded Experience

John W. on 08/5/2016

Great customer service! All around good experience.

Great Staff

Richard S. on 08/3/2016

My hearing is very important to me. The people at Audicus have been very nice and have always answered all of my questions.

Amazing Service

Xian L. on 08/2/2016

The quality of Oro is great and the price is acceptable. I would emphasized that the service of Audicus is awesome.

Pretty Good

Robert B. on 08/2/2016

I started with Solo amplifiers but they weren't right for me. Audicus was happy to exchange them for a pair of Oro's. So far they work pretty good!

Refreshing to Hear Again

Rick C. on 07/28/2016

I had forgotten all the sound that I was missing out on!

Wonderful Team

Warren J. on 07/28/2016

Great, every part of the experience was as explained. Your sales people did not try to over sell me, which I appreciated.

Wonderful Team

Keith T. on 07/27/2016

Chloe from the CRM Team has been working very hard to help me out. It has been a refreshing pleasure to deal with Audicus. You have a wonderful team!

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Donna K. on 07/25/2016

Amazing product, service, and price. After just one week my world is very different. So comfortable, I forget I'm wearing them. AND the first time since childhood I can hear conversations. Finding a new confidence with my oro hearing. Thank you audicus!!! Have recommended you daily.

Patient Team

Franklin S. on 07/25/2016

Your hearing aid specialist was extremely patient with an old codger, much appreciated, Thank you!

Much Improved

Kurt F. on 07/20/2016

My hearing loss is not that bad but couldn't put sentences together, but now with my Oro's that's all behind me!

Perfect for Me

Barbara B. on 07/18/2016

These are just perfect for me, and price was reasonable.

Still Figuring it Out

Scott W. on 07/15/2016

The hearing aids are very good, but I'm still trying to figure out which dome size works best for me.


Tom W. on 07/14/2016

I like the Oro as it has helped me out a lot. I only wish the Bluetooth didn't have to be recharged so often, otherwise I'm very pleased with the product.

Pleasant Experience

Toma E. on 07/13/2016

My experience was pleasant. My experience with the staff was positive. I was pleased with the follow up.

Everything is Clear Again

Dennis D. on 07/12/2016

I can hear much better and clearer than any hearing aid I've purchased before. Thank you, Audicus.

Happy Camper

James B. on 07/11/2016

They fit so softly in my ears that I don't even feel them!

Very Satisfied

Andre S. on 07/7/2016

Everyone was perfectly helpful, my order was filled and shipped promptly! The quality of Audicus products is first class.

First Hearing Aid

Ryan B. on 07/6/2016

First hearing aid: It was packaged well with their own compact case and has improved my hearing greatly!

Love Being Able to Hear

Daniel W. on 07/5/2016

I haven't had good hearing all my life. I bought audicus hearing aids because they were affordable. I love being able to hear wildlife and communicate with others and not struggle to hear them.

Helpful Service

Stephen L. on 07/1/2016

Customer service has been helpful!


Debbie B. on 06/28/2016

Good price; Fast delivery; Great Product.

Excellent Service

Rick G. on 06/27/2016

I purchased a pair of Audicus Oro hearing aids with an additional one year warranty. I have worn the hearing aids for one week and I am very pleased. They perform as expected; are easy to wear; and easy to maintain. I can hear birds singing again. The Audicus staff have been very helpful and professional. Their customer service has been excellent.

Much Improved

Daniel W. on 06/24/2016

I haven't had good hearing all my life. I bought audicus hearing aids because they were affordable. I love being able to hear wildlife and communicate with others and not struggle to hear them.

Great in Classroom

Roger M. on 06/23/2016

I'm a teacher and had difficulty hearing my students. I've recently started wearing the hearing aids in the classroom and have found it more comfortable to hear all my students better.

Great Service

Paul K. on 06/20/2016

Your customer service over the phone is amazing. Just wish your website could have a sign on so you could look up your information and past orders to simplify the ordering process.

Simple Process

Paul H. on 06/20/2016

Straightforward and very easy process to order hearing aids.

Wonderful Fit

Tom O. on 06/19/2016

I was skeptical at first but the Audicus experience has been very good. Chat and phone support are good and recently I ordered some new parts. The pieces arrived well before the promise date and they all fit fine. Now my hearing aids look like new and seem to work a little better as well! Thanks.


Millard H. on 06/18/2016

Heaven must be like this! The second happiest day of my life...second only to my wedding day with my current wife.

Easy Process

Paul H. on 06/17/2016

The process was fairly simple to get the aids. I've just received them and love them!


Millard H. on 06/17/2016

Heaven must be like this! The second happiest day of my life...second only to my wedding day with my current wife.

A Satisfied Customer

Patti A. on 06/15/2016

This product is just what I was looking for. By following the instructions provided I am enjoying being able to hear better.

Wonderful Service

Roger C. on 06/13/2016

Wonderful Service! I had one issue with one of the aids and it was taken care of with no fuss.

Outstanding Quality

Stephen F. on 06/8/2016

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon your website. I am a fairly new customer and the quality of my aids are outstanding!

Much Better Than The Alternative

Eric Z. on 06/6/2016

Great, easy to use, good price. I recommend them to everyone that I can. Much better than the alternative.

Absolutely Love Them

Alice T. on 06/3/2016

Perfect from the moment I put them on. There was virtually no adjustment period. Love them. Comfortable and they work.

Barely Noticeable

Devon D. on 05/30/2016

I love my hearing aids so far. They are so small that people barely notice them. At times the domes get uncomfortably itchy in my ear canal but that is really the only complaint I have thus far.

Great Service

Rick G. on 05/26/2016

Audicus staff were very prompt and responsive in replying to my audiogram and follow-up questions. I spoke with Jeremy and Allison who answered my many questions. Customer service has been excellent!

Easy Process

Mike K. on 05/23/2016

Great product, easy ordering and good service. It was a very good experience through the whole process.

Very Comfortable From the Start

Mike K. on 05/20/2016

I'm very pleased with the whole experience from the beginning to the purchase of the product. They are very comfortable!

Takes A Little Time to Adjust

Rick W. on 05/19/2016

While the Oro helps considerably helped with word definitions and I can carry on conversations a lot better-- there was an adjustment period and it took a while to get adjusted to them. However, now that I'm adjusted to it, I strongly recommend it with those who are badly hearing impaired.

on 01/1/1970

A Significant Improvement

4/13/2016 from Rob P on 01/1/1970

The hearing aids have improved my hearing significantly. I am now able to hear voices much better than my old hearing aids. I also love the remote control, especially the options I have to adjust the volume of my hearing aids.

A great experience

4/7/2016 from Leo D on 01/1/1970

The experience was simple, easy, and most importantly comfortable.

Appreciate the Value.

4/11/2016 from Dennis M on 01/1/1970

Found the web site to be simple and convenient access to product. Found the investment to be a much better value than other outlets for devices.

As Good as the Expensive Ones

3/29/2016 from Pauline S. on 01/1/1970

I can hear as well with Audicus aids as with my husband's $8500.

Audicus is the way to go.

Rose H. December 14th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

I wore Starkey hearing ids for 5 years. Starkey wanted $8000.00 for new aids. My Primary Care medical doctor gave me Audicus web site. He said all his patients were happy with Audicus. I was surprised at the quality of the Oro enhanced. Sound. I will refer my friends to Audicus. The sound quality is better than my Starkey aids.


4/4/2016 from Jerry on 01/1/1970

Awesome! able to here things most people take for granted,like hummingbirds small frogs croaking from a distant pond.Songbirds singing.Very satisfied,Thanks

Back in the Game

3/31/2016 from Kurt F. on 01/1/1970

My hearing loss is not that bad but couldn't put sentences together, but now with my Oro's that's all behind me!

Clear and informative.

4/25/2016 from George W on 01/1/1970

Found the website clear and informative--My questions were answered almost before I asked them.Very prompt delivery.

Customer service- wow!

4/14/2016 from Maggie L on 01/1/1970

Customer service is outstanding! Whether via email or phone, the reps are all friendly, professional, empathetic and have all the answers.

Entire experience was great

4/19/2016 from Felix M on 01/1/1970

The entire experience was great from beginning to end. Love the hearing aids and will definitely go back to Audicus!

Everything was great!

October 3rd, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Love my new aids.


4/20/2016 from Bob Z on 01/1/1970

Excellent. My hearing is greatly improved although it took me a few days to get accustomed to re-hearing certain frequencies again. I was surprised to discover how squeaky my wood floors are. I can actually hear keys and change jingling around in someone else's pockets!


4/8/2016 from Brenda L on 01/1/1970

My experience was fantastic, easy ordering, fast delivery, and great product

Fast and easy

4/6/2016 from Karen H on 01/1/1970

saved a lot of money, fast, knowledgeable staff


4/18/2016 from Mario R on 01/1/1970

its just what i needed, i feel that i was reborn and can hear the crackling of a dollar bill, cars zooming by. Its great!

Great First Pair of Aids

2/5/2016 from Andrew S. on 01/1/1970

I've been using my pair of Oro hearing aid for a while and as a first time user I can not make comparisons, but they certainly have improved my all around communication at a fair price. Thank You to the friendly and helpful staff at Audicus.

Great Service

2/15/2016 from Jacklyn R. on 01/1/1970

Audicus has been excellent in taking care of all questions and issues.

Great Service!

3/1/2016 from Jeff C. on 01/1/1970

Thank you for your splendid service and customer support. Everyone that I have talked with at Audicus has been very professional and helpful.

Great performance

Roger P. November 29th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

The Oro performs exactly as I expected. Service is great and delivery was fast.


2/16/2016 from Marvin K. on 01/1/1970

In one word: GREAT!!! They are everything I had hoped that they would be. It has been about 2 1/2 weeks since I got them and I have gotten used to wearing them as well as adjusting to the sound level. The remote controller works great and they fit very well.

Great, professional help.

4/25/2016 from Ruth W on 01/1/1970

My experience was great! They are very nice and professional.

Hearing normally thanks to Audicus!

4/4/2016 from Jimmy V on 01/1/1970

Had hearing problems my whole life, getting worse as I grew up, never though I could afford to hear normally again, but it happened thanks to audicus!

I am Thrilled!

4/8/2016 from Donna K on 01/1/1970

Thrilled with my new hearing aids - they are everything they are advertised to be.

I am shocked.

Sid M. November 30th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Works better than the $2500 hearing aids I had before.

I'm a fan of Audicus.

Sue Ann H. December 13th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Caring people who want people to have affordable hearing aids.

It was easy

4/15/2016 from Theresa A on 01/1/1970

Employees very helpful! Made the experience very easy to complete.


4/12/2016 from Michelle O on 01/1/1970

Great quality device coupled with Great customer experience

Love my new "ears"

3/31/2016 from Fred B. on 01/1/1970

I can hear better than ever!

Loving them

3/9/2016 from Roger C. on 01/1/1970

Was reluctant at first but decided to give them a try. Now that I have them and I love them!

My Mother Loves Them!

4/28/2016 from Tina M. on 01/1/1970

Just today received a pair of Oro aids for my mother. This is her 1st pair and she is in love with hearing aids!

No more "Whats"

3/23/2016 from Joanne P. on 01/1/1970

It has worked very well and I don't say "what" anymore.

Quick service

4/1/2016 from Christopher S on 01/1/1970

Good product, consistent service

Quite reasonable

4/1/2016 from Valerie N on 01/1/1970

I liked the wide variety of items and they were all reasonably priced.

Rings too much

4/28/2016 from Jeanette Eaton on 01/1/1970

I have had my hearing aid for about a year and a half. It has always had a ringing problem when I talk, eat, or bend over. Hearing this ringing in my hearing aid can't be good for my ear. I can take it out of my ear and I can't hear the ringing but I can't hear anything else, either! There has to better way. How can this be fixed?


2/3/2016 from Chris L. on 01/1/1970

Very satisfied with the quality and value.

Simple to Use

2/3/2016 from Dawn T. on 01/1/1970

It was much earlier to use than I had initially expected. I love that it adjusts to my environment.

Smooth, easy process

4/5/2016 from Lizbeth on 01/1/1970

I'm really pleased with the communication and how smoothly every thing went.

Thank you

4/13/2016 from Ralph S on 01/1/1970

Very great hearing aid thank you very much.

They're Great!

3/29/2016 from Jack C. on 01/1/1970

It's only been a few days, but so far my hearing aids are great.

Very Promising

3/24/2016 from Marvin K. on 01/1/1970

I was a bit cautious about spending 1500.00 online, but the experience has been very professional and great. The communication has been top notch. My Oro aids are everything that I expected and more. I've had them about 3 weeks and I am very comfortable with them. The learning curve was about 2 weeks and all is great.

Very nice

4/1/2016 from Marcy on 01/1/1970

Very nice people to deal with.....very accommodating and she knew alot about the devices.

Will recommend Audicus to everyone I know.

4/3/2016 from Ying S on 01/1/1970

I have been shopping for hearing aids for the past 2 months. I tried 2 different Audiologists locally and 3 different brands of hearing aids (from online and local office. I am very happy with Audicus's great customer service, great quality hearing aids and their price is the best anywhere in the U.S.

Worked Immediately

3/23/2016 from John F. on 01/1/1970

Put it in after reading the directions and it worked right away-- but I do need to settle down and read all the instructions.

Working great

4/21/2016 from Norm J on 01/1/1970

The devices work great, are very comfortable and they meet my needs in very busy environments like loud restaurants.


4/16/2016 from gerald collier on 01/1/1970

only three days now but very comfortable and my hearing is great with these aids.and the cost is the very best,thanks audius.

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