Dia II Hearing Aid Reviews

Dia II

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

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The Dia II supports moderate to severe hearing loss and is our most popular behind-the-ear, open-fit device. Read what people have to say about the Dia II below.

Very pleasant experience.

Carl B. on 09/17/2018

Customer service before and after my purchase was very professional and pleasant.

I would recommend.

Pete H. on 09/13/2018

Checked it out thoroughly before purchasing. So far it has been worthwhile and I was impressed with the people I dealt with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in need.

Very well!

Richard G. on 09/5/2018

They are working very well.

Good experience- eyeing the Oro too.

Allen H. on 08/23/2018

Has been a good experience so far, however I am considering an upgrade to the Oro.

Everything was great!

Gary J. on 08/16/2018

Very pleasant. Support has been great.

Easy hearing test and good price!

Marian C. on 08/1/2018

Valid test, good price, quality product, friendly staff.

I understand the dialog now!

Bob S. on 07/26/2018

I'm still getting used to my DIAII I now understand more dialog on movies and TV, but still miss some things. This may improve with time, or some tweaks to my DIA II

After a lot of research Audicus was the best choice!

Mike L. on 07/25/2018

This is my first hearing aid and I did a good amount of research regarding the various options available. I choose Audicus because I felt the company offered an excellent quality product and it was straightforward to deal with them. I talked to a number of local suppliers of hearing aids and I felt like I was on Lets Make A Deal after the discussions I had with each one. Overall the costs with Audicus were easy to understand and they did not keep offering add-ons at every junction of the process. I feel my minimum savings were 20% and at the hight end the cost is far less than 30% of the total cost others offered me for what I felt was equivalent or lower technology.

They go the extra mile!

Christopher N. on 07/9/2018

The staff is very helpful and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Everything was fine except I failed to mention that I have a big head, the man sent longer tubes in a prompt manner.

Robert B. on 06/22/2018

They are working fine, your company has helped out. Thus far I have sent three acquaintances to you.

Super product

Don F. on 06/13/2018

Still learning how to best use the hearing aids- best volume, best program for a specific environment, when do batteries require replacement, hear sounds never heard before or in a long time, and basically a super experience with a super product.

I like it.

Kathleen M. on 06/4/2018

I like it. I would have bought the remote if I had known about it sooner.

Great product for the price!

Ray P. on 05/25/2018

For the price great product.


Judith L. on 05/24/2018

Works ok so far.

They are so small

Francis C. on 05/21/2018

I am very satisfied...way more than I could have ever expected...I am very happy they are inconspicuous.

Great Service. Still testing.

n/a on 05/14/2018

Great service.

I hear things I have not hearing in a long time!

Paul S. on 05/9/2018

Never heard the turn signals in the car or the click of my mouse on the computer.

The hearing aids work very well!

Barbara M. on 04/27/2018

I find the hearing aids work very well. I had a few questions which were quickly responded to and very satisfactorily by their team. My initial consult which persuaded me to purchase the hearing aids, and was also very informative and gave me the confidence to proceed down this journey to better hearing!

No complaints.

Bill W. on 04/26/2018

These are very good

Immediate Amazing Results

Barbara M. on 04/23/2018

As a first time hearing aid user I was floored by the instant amazing results! I was able to hear my son clearly from another room as I watched television with the volume on a reasonable level for the first time in many years. I then initiated a conversation with my daughter who was on another floor of my house and we were both astonished that I was able to hear every word clearly without the need to say what continuously. I regret waiting this long. If you can relate to this, run don't walk to order yours!

My hearing is better.

Vinh N. on 04/19/2018

My hearing is better.

I can hear again!

Betty T. on 04/18/2018

I am able to hear again after many years with inferior hearing device

You can't beat their quality/cost!

Robert S. on 04/16/2018

Work at least as well as hearing aids I have paid more than twice as much for.

Same as the local clinic!

John R. on 04/13/2018

Seems to work pretty much the same as my local provider trial.

Very patient and kind!

Linda L. on 04/12/2018

The team is most kind, patient and helpful. Very caring.

Excellent product and customer service

Gord D. on 04/11/2018

I was hesitant at first to purchase online. However, my hesitations were allayed by the quick personal followup, the provision of clear videos, and the reasonably prompt delivery. I have found it very easy to use the hearing aids. I am also pleased by the ongoing personal support. The price is a significant improvement over rival hearing aids.


Ron S. on 04/2/2018


Hearing is much better

Lee B. on 03/28/2018

I'm still adjusting to my dia ll, but so far hearing is much better. The team at Audicus has been very helpful in trying to stop feedback.

Good price

Roy W. on 03/26/2018

Good customer service. Good sound. Good price. Unit could be smaller

Absolutely Incredible

Todd M. on 03/21/2018

It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve had hearing loss for 35 or so years, and always scoffed at having a hearing aid. I had hearing issues from age 5 onward and always said that it was hard to miss what I didn’t have any recollection of. At one point I did break down and buy one over 15 years ago, but it was never comfortable and I only wore it because I was chided by others to do so. In the last couple of years I’ve noticed that I need to ask people to repeat themselves and generally guessing at what people are saying or reading lips. Ive has this aid for a week, and I don’t think I’ve needed anyone to repeat anything. I do believe it has significantly changed my quality of life.


Michael B. on 03/19/2018

Not only affordable and it works GREAT!!!

Everything is great.

Frank S. on 03/15/2018

From customer service to hearing aids everything was great.

Very Good

Anthony B. on 03/12/2018

After seeing prices of other brands, I was a bit skeptical of Audicus. People were very friendly though and helpful. I have the Dia 2 now for almost a year and it has performed flawlessly. We all know the routine with hearing aids, keep them clean, away from moisture, etc. Let me tell you, I've accidently gotten them wet by forgetting they were in when I jumped in the shower. I've gotten them wet in the rain, forgetting they were in my ear. I even dropped them in the toilet more than twice. Each time I took the battery out and let it dry or took a blow dryer on low setting to it and it always came back. A testament to the durability of this product. My only complaint is that I wish it had an on/off switch, instead of having to open the battery door to turn it off. Hard to beat for the price, and performance is on par with much more expensive brands.

Delivery was quicker than I expected.

John S. on 03/8/2018

I took the online test and the results matched a test I had taken at an audiologist office. Ordered the Dia II on a Sunday and received it the following Wednesday. Great customer service and support. The hearing aids work perfectly. It took very little time to get used to them. Glad I finally broke down and got them; they make a world of difference.

Good product

Terri W. on 03/5/2018

I had ask for size 0 tubes but no problem. My right ear doesn't like to keep dome in but still picks up the sound so I love them.

I will order my hearing aids from them from now on!

Anjel S. on 03/5/2018

Great customer service. Easy ordering and prompt delivery. The product is great. And I will be ordering all my hearing aids from Audicus from now on.

This is exciting!

Vince Z. on 03/2/2018

Difficult to find the correct size for my ear but hearing sounds I have not heard in many years is exciting, Surprised at what I was missing.


Ronald H. on 03/2/2018

Unbelievably pleasant and effective.

Audiucs makes it so easy.

Rebecca Y. on 03/1/2018

Everyone was so friendly, patient and helpful. It made selection easy.

Helpful team.

Dennis L. on 03/1/2018

Able to answer all questions and I like the ""Tips"" in E-mail. Technicians were able to explain technical aspects of the hearing aids.

Great product and support

Brigitte G. on 02/26/2018

Works great and easy to use. Great customer support.

Life changing

Steve L. on 02/23/2018

Life changing - with the hearing aids in I'm actually able to carry on a conversation.

A happy longtime customer

Thomas W. on 02/22/2018

Communication from the staff. Their competence! the way the presented information without undue pressure.

Great aids

Frank on 02/19/2018

Can't beat this hearing aids for the money. Had a pair which I paid $5500 For 9 yrs ago and I see no difference. Can't beat the 15 different volume settings.

They are okay.

Delores G. on 02/14/2018

They are okay.

Works well.

Brian C. on 02/5/2018

Excellent hearing aid. Very comfortable and works well.

Fast service!

John P. on 02/2/2018

Very fast courteous knowledgeable service

I couldn't have had a better experience!

Milton R. on 02/1/2018

My experience dealing with Audicus. Was very professional.

Everything was great!

Richard M. on 01/29/2018

Can hear words better and don't have to have TV so loud(which makes my wife very happy!

Straightforward, give it a try

David J. on 01/24/2018

Straightforward reasonable prices, high quality equipment, and friendly, professional services.

Love them!

Betty D. on 01/22/2018

I have only had my Audicus hearing aids for 2 weeks and am thouroughly enjoying them. They sre so much better thsn my old ones. I can adjust them when necessary to hear in all heaing environments.

So far has been great!

George S. on 01/22/2018

Have had for 3 weeks and I am very pleased with the quality of hearing I am getting from these hearing aids. Better than last hearing aids and at a sufficient price decrease. Customer service so far has been great! Would highly recommend,

Helped me a lot!

Floyd S. on 01/18/2018

Has improved my hearing and lowered the volume on the TV.


Charles B. on 01/15/2018

Experience relatively good. I've had issues with the retainer clip on the left ear only, but I got it now.

I love them. This is for my wife.

John D. on 01/12/2018

I have used this product for several years and it is superb. My recent purchase is for my wife.

This is my 2nd pair!

Steven H. on 01/11/2018

This is my second set. Ordered to back up older set which I still use every day. Why would anyone choose those expensive brands--a waste of money!!

Great for my first pair!

Kevin M. on 01/10/2018

So far so good. These are the first hearing devices I've had so I'm getting used to them. Their customer service called to follow up and gave me some good tips for what to expect.

They're amazing!

Richard O. on 01/9/2018

I was amazed to hear the sounds I had been missing.

I can hear again!

Carol T. on 01/8/2018

I'm hearing things I've never heard before!!

No trouble so far

Dudley G. on 01/5/2018

I like this aid but may need to turn it up a bit louder. Not sure. I will talk to their support team for help since I’m still trying it out. It’s very comfortable. No trouble so far.

Perfect Experience

Philip P. on 01/4/2018

Received on Dec. 18, 2017. Today is Jan 1, 2018. Have used hearing aids in a variety of situations: concert, church, one to one discussions, in group situations, watching TV. The Hearing Aids have helped in each situation. Still getting used to Programs and when to use. Also, getting used to ear pieces and correct fit. Overall Aids are well worth the money for my hearing loss. Videos on your site have also helped. Thank You.

I'm more than happy with my Dia II's

Terry Y. on 01/3/2018

It took a few weeks but now I'm more than Happy with my Dia II. They have been a blessing. Brought tears to my eyes to hear the sound of keys clicking together again and so many other things that I had not realized I hadn't heard for so long.

Easy to use.

George F. on 12/28/2017

It works well.

Hearing improved.

Don H. on 12/27/2017

Much improved hearing.

So far no complaints

Joe J. on 12/26/2017

So far no complaint everyone has been very helpful and courteous.

Good support team.

Howard H. on 12/22/2017

The staff I have talked with on the phone has been very helpful and offered suggestions on adjusting to my new hearing aids.

Huge fan!

n/a on 12/20/2017

The price is right! The dia 2 worked better out of the box than my last hearing aid that I paid 2K for. Numerous trips to the audiologist and it still doesn't work as well as the Audicus.


Brenda L. on 12/19/2017

So glad to find quality hearing aids at an affordable price. They have made such a difference in my ability to hear!! I love them!

Must try!

Cedric T. on 12/18/2017

I got my first hearing aids a couple of weeks ago, I really didn't enjoy the experience, it felt like going to a shady car dealer. I could only barely afford the cheaper ones at 3300$ and they weren't really doing the job. Returned them and went for Audicus. 60% cheaper and the aids are MUCH better, the actual using experience doesn't even compare.

My hearing has improved!

Ray S. on 12/15/2017

So far in the few weeks that I had them, I feel I'm hearing better overall than previous.


Thomas H. on 12/13/2017

Nice to hear again.

Still adjusting but I like them.

Russell G. on 12/12/2017

Service rep was helpful. Follow up call about a week after use was helpful. Still trying to figure out which plugs to use and volume controls.

Easy process.

Peter T. on 12/11/2017

Positive. Very helpful and efficient staff dealt with my queries and the order

What's not to like...

Reuben T. on 12/8/2017

The team is caring, helpful, knowledgeable, responsive. What's not to like...

First hearing aid and I like them.

Son G. on 12/7/2017

It was my first hearing aid and the customer service helps me out a great deal!

Everything was great!

Thomas B. on 12/6/2017

They work great.

I wore them to the movie theater

Dorothy K. on 12/1/2017

I have only been using for 3 days now, so far I am pleased with the result. We went to the movie theater to give them a try and was satisfied I could hear everything. I am still getting used to them, harder to put in than I imagined, but sure it will get easier.

It is an adjustment but I love them

Peter T. on 11/30/2017

It is early days yet, and it will take time to adjust to the aids, particularly to the high frequencies that were missing in the response of my ears. They seem to be well made, and quite inconspicuous, and easy to forget that I am wearing them. I find them most helpful in domestic conversations, less so in a supermarket with the high background noise level, but I think that will improve as I become acclimatized. I am very glad I decided to purchase the volume control , a very useful accessory.

So excited to hear again!

S. Morrison on 11/29/2017

They just arrived yesterday but there has been little adjustment. They are perfect. They are small and comfortable to wear. I like the storage case and am looking forward to hearing things again.

I like them.

David O. on 11/27/2017

They improved my hearing in work situations.

Excellent Device.

Katherine P. on 11/24/2017

Very informative. Fast service. Love the hearing aids.

I am very happy with them!

Tamar M. on 11/21/2017

Excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

It is all good.

Sydney H. on 11/14/2017


Worth it.

Janet B. on 11/13/2017

Everything is great!

So great!

Tommy H. on 11/8/2017

So much better than my other devices.

They're great!

Cathy M. on 11/7/2017

They are very helpful and supportive. They want to get it right for the customer.

Love my hearing aids!

Sister Joseph on 11/2/2017

Great company to deal with. Good products.

Phenomenal Product!

Kevin R. on 11/1/2017

The hearing aids work great. I am hearing sounds I haven't heard in years. Ordering is very easy, their customer service is great and the accessories/parts are simple to order. I have recommended Audicus to every one that is having problems with their hearing.

I am very happy with them!

Richard E. on 10/31/2017

Compared to the hearing aids I had before, these are so good and they cover a larger range compared to what I had before. I'm very happy with them!

Love them

Debra. on 10/25/2017

Everyone there is super nice and helpful.

No complaints

Jerry K. on 10/24/2017

Simple easy, great service

Very Pleased!

Robert A. on 10/23/2017

I have been very pleased with my hearing aids in all aspects. Never thought they would fit so well and the hearing is perfect.

Could not be more happy!

Lyle S. on 10/18/2017

Working with the customer support to discuss issues and getting comfortable wearing my hearing aids for the first time was quite easy. The follow up which Audicus does after the sale makes me feel as though they really care about their customers.

I can hear again!

James M. on 10/17/2017

I had difficulty hearing prior to purchasing these - now I can hear sounds I haven't heard in a long long time.

You folks are great!

Michael S. on 10/13/2017

Great service, got my questions asked right away. You folks are great!

Everything was great!

Dave L. on 10/12/2017

It has been good---everyone is so helpful.

Very happy!

Jeanne T. on 10/10/2017

My questions and concerns were answered and I was well informed in every way needed. A followup call was received and they made sure to mention some of the topics that I may have needed help with.

They have a great team and product!

Eugene W. on 10/9/2017

Audicus took great care to provide me with the best hearing aid to fit both my needs and my budget.

Thank you Audicus

Charles W. on 10/6/2017

They have a very knowledgeable and helpful staff. The hearing aids are very user-friendly especially since I am totally blind. There are audible signals for all the settings. Also, I hardly noticed that I am wearing them and they are not conspicuous to others.

I just got them.

Larry O. on 10/5/2017

I just received them and find they work awesome. It was a great decision to purchase these from Audicus.

They are wonderful

Debra H. on 10/4/2017

I am very happy with my Dia II's. I love the remote as well. The aids are made well and do all as advertised.

Discrete and Comfortable

Andy D. on 10/3/2017

I hate being asked to review products but I can say after four days of use I am happy. The Dia II definitely enhanced my hearing. It is small and nearly unnoticeable to others, comfortable to wear all day, and is making my family happy because I can hear what they say now. In noisy situations (restaurants), I can adjust the volume easily and follow conversations far better than before. I am experimenting with the different domes right now, and they are easier to change than I expected. Overall, cost wise they are an excellent value compared to what else I considered before purchasing my Audicus aids.

Love them!

James L. on 10/2/2017

No problems so far. The Dia II's are far superior to my previous aids.

Best Product!

Deb S. on 09/29/2017

I was amazed at how well I could hear as soon as I put them in.


Perry M. on 09/28/2017

They are just as good as the very expensive aids.

Easy to use

Robert B. on 09/27/2017

Easy to use. Seems to work well. Only had them a week. At first, it was hard to tell which is for the left and which is for the right ear, but I got it now.

Everything was great!

Randall B. on 09/26/2017

Excellent device, very professional customer service.

I can hear again!

Mary H. on 09/22/2017

I love the way they fit in my ears and having a remote helps a lot! I can really hear what everyone is saying and I don't miss out on what they are talking about.

Happy Camper!

Deb S. on 09/21/2017

I was amazed how well I could hear as soon as I put them in.

I am so pleased with my hearing aids!

Garry C. on 09/20/2017

It was easy and fast. I wish I had done it sooner!

They sound so natural!

Randall B. on 09/18/2017

They exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for the Great Service

Adam T. on 09/11/2017

I would never buy another hearing aid anywhere else. Thanks for the great service!

I Can Hear Again

Jo H. on 09/7/2017

I am so happy I can hear people speaking to me again. Before my Audicus hearing aids, I just pretended to hear them. Now I can really hear them.

Working Well for my Mother

William C. on 09/6/2017

I bought a right Dia II for my mother a couple weeks ago (as she's deaf in her left ear). While it's taken her some time to adjust to the hearing aid, we've seen a dramatic improvement.

Good Experience

Ray S. on 09/5/2017

So far, it's been a good experience.

What a Difference!

Herb W. on 08/30/2017

The change from no hearing aid to my Dia II is incredible. While I am not able to "catch" some words on TV, the improvement is remarkable.

The Remote makes All the Difference

James F. on 08/29/2017

While I love my Dia II hearing aids, I needed a bit more help-especially with TV. I recently bought the remote to pair with the aids, and they're functioning much better. I've drastically lowered the TV volume with these on.

Great Experience

Jerry T. on 08/23/2017

I just bought these hearing aids a couple weeks ago, and couldn't be more thrilled.


Jamie S. on 08/22/2017

I'm very satisfied with my devices.

Still Getting Accustomed to Them

Columbus B. on 08/16/2017

I checked out the offer from an audiologist who did my hearing test. Their $2600 pair was adequate but I decided to try the Dia II at half the price. I have been wearing the device for two weeks and am very pleased, my wife likes having the TV at 25 volume instead of 50. It takes some getting used to, so, I look forward to staying in touch as I become accustomed to hearing again. Thanks.

Very Satisfied

Stan M. on 08/15/2017

After extensive research on hearing aids and especially discussions with your support adviser, Jeremy, the risk of such a large online purchase became acceptable. Despite a temporary difficulty with one of the devices, I remain very satisfied with the purchase and performance of the hearing aids.

Can't Stop Bragging about my Dia II's

Peter W. on 08/14/2017

I cannot over express how pleased I am with my new Audicus hearing aids. The words: amazing, awesome comes to mind. When I first put them on it sounded a little mechanical, similar to a sound processor. However, after about 20 minutes of wearing them they sounded so natural that I had to remind myself that I was wearing them. They feel natural and they sound natural. The quality of sound is extraordinary. My first hearing aids were Starkey hearing aids. I paid about $3,500.00 for them. I had problems with them from day one. I hated those things! However, the overall experience I am having with my Audicus hearing aids does not come even close in comparison. You clearly have the best product out there. The quality of your hearing aids can only be matched by your excellent caring customer service and support. I can’t stop bragging about my new Audicus hearing aids. Thank you Audicus

Couldn't ask for better service!

Joseph K. on 08/11/2017

Customer service very helpful. The website was easy to use. Hearing aids are working great. I'm extremely pleased with service and product.

Very Helpful Staff

Mario B. on 08/9/2017

The person I spoke to on the phone was very very helpful and polite.

Quite Satisfied

Walter M. on 08/8/2017

When I first put them in, everything sounded tinny and loud. As time moved on, I started getting adjusted to them and things became clearer. At the moment, I am quit satisfied.

Great Service & Design

Ray D. on 08/7/2017

If I need to get answer they are always there, plus, it's a pretty great device.

Just as GOOD as my Old Aids

Sara P. on 08/3/2017

I have had nothing but a great experience with my hearing aids. I purchased the first DIA hearing aid about two years ago and it has always worked great. My hearing in my other ear has worsened, so I ordered a Dia 2 and just received it three days ago. So far, it's working just as great as my old one!

I Found Audicus

Thomas G. on 08/2/2017

I am glad that I found you! Just getting use to the hearing aids; but loving them so far. Great customer service.

Hearing Clearly

Linda H. on 08/1/2017

I love that I can finally hear people clearly! But I also love telling my husband to turn the TV down (instead of him telling me).

Improved Hearing

Frederick C. on 07/28/2017

These thing have been working great since the first day. With a little experimenting with the controls, I felt fine. My hearing has improved a lot.

Exceptional Customer Service

Bill M. on 07/27/2017

I called a representative who walked me through the process and based on my hearing test he recommended the device that he felt I needed. My hearing aids arrived a few weeks later and they work great. Every aspect of my buying experience turned out to be just as the rep said it would. In today's world this kind of customer service leading to my satisfaction is highly unusual especially considering that I purchased these over the phone and did not meet numerous times with an audiologist.

Immensely Helpful Devices

Bruce M. on 07/26/2017

I'm hearing noises that I haven't heard in a long time if ever. My first reaction was that the world sure is a noisy place. I've only had my aids for a couple of weeks so I'm still learning about programs and sound levels, etc. I'm glad that I decided to purchase the basic remote and the dry box. Both have been a great help.

Still Testing Them Out

Ron J. on 07/24/2017

Great service, the aids so far are just fine, however, I'm still trying to find the sweet spot. I like the fact I can adjust the volume.

Amazing Devices

Suzanne R. on 07/21/2017

I loved them from the moment I put them in. I can't believe what I had been missing out on and only wish I had them years ago The people at Audicus were very helpful. I was a first time using aides, took me a little time when I first put them in had them 2 months now and love them. Arrived fast!

Highly Recommended

Carol B. on 07/20/2017

Love my experience with Audicus. Everyone is so helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

Easy Process

Paul G. on 07/17/2017

Easy to order and quick to ship!

The Best for Me

John Z. on 07/13/2017

I have had a number of hearing devices​ and I can say these are the best! I am recommending them to my wife.

Positive Experience

James K. on 07/12/2017

The sales rep was very good and very complete. Initially I was hesitant in purchasing something so expensive and personal online, however that was a thing of the past as I've been having a positive experience.


Ruby M. on 07/10/2017

I'm pleased with my hearing aid as it provides me great clarity!

World of a Difference

Lucinda A. on 07/7/2017

Very happy with my improved hearing. What a difference!!!

Highly Recommended

Michael M. on 07/5/2017

This is my second purchase of a hearing aid from Audicus. The first one I had for approximately three years and lost it at the beach so I replaced it with this one. I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with the company great customer service, great product, good value. After I received this last Aid I went back to the audiologist that I had perform my test. I showed her the unit and she said that it was a solid unit built with quality components and she understood why I bought the hearing aid from Audicus instead of buying it through them. That just reaffirmed to me what a good value the product is. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

First Rate Service

Glen H. on 06/30/2017

Everyone is very professional and very polite. The call backs and advice are first rate!

Quite Accurage

Jack W. on 06/29/2017

They work fine and the settings seem to be quite accurate for my hearing test.

So Far, So Good

William A. on 06/26/2017

So far, great. I'm currently in my third week with my hearing aids and I appreciate the helpful follow up calls and the chat line information.

Running Smoothly

George P. on 06/23/2017

I bought these devices for my mother and it seems to be making a remarkable difference. She seems to be asking "what" less and joining our conversations more.

Solid Devices

Larry G. on 06/22/2017

I've had good service and rapid response to issues. Good follow-up after first receiving the aids and after adjustments were made.

Happy with my Dias

Diane S. on 06/19/2017

These were my first pair of hearing aids and I was hesitant at first to get devices from online. However, when I first tried them on I could hear sounds I haven't heard in a long time.

The best

Tom Z. on 06/16/2017

I have had a number of hearing devices​ and I can say these are the best! I am recommending these for my wife.

Marilyn F.

New Experiences on 06/14/2017

It's been a new experience with these aids. I've missed so much when conversing with others and at church.

Great Devices

Camille C. on 06/13/2017

Easy to use & Great customer care. I hear better with these than my previous 3 sets --which cost a lot of $$!!

Quick and Easy

RobertC. on 06/12/2017

Ordering was quick and easy. I am very happy with my hearing aids!

Highly Recommended

Wally C. on 06/9/2017

My representative was helpful in ordering, easy to deal with and very helpful in reprogramming and ordering the volume control remote - which I highly recommend.


Michael M. on 06/8/2017

Fantastic. This is my second one, due to losing the first one. I have been a satisfied customer for a few years!

Great Support

Chandler A. on 06/7/2017

Audicus has always been helpful and responsive. I have never been disappointed with the service provided, nor the product. Even with the recent glitch my issue was resolved promptly.

I Can Hear Again!

Kathryn M. on 06/6/2017

I have had mine now for about one month! They are amazing and I've had no trouble with them! I can hear my soft-spoken female residents, where I serve as Chaplain, no longer requiring them to repeat something they've told me and the TV is now down, so my children are excited. The price of both the hearing aids together, was much less than any of them that were sold by companies located where I live, for just one! Thank you AUDICUS...I can hear!

Couldn't be Happier

Michael S. on 06/5/2017

Your staff was extremely helpful. It was a joy working with Mo, he answered all my questions and gave me advice and I have nothing but high praise for him and the rest of your staff. You have changed my life!! I love my hearing aids!!!

Over the Moon

Christina N. on 05/30/2017

I Loovvve these hearing aids! I tried 2 very expensive ones years ago, and they were not good. I got discouraged and gave up until I found these hearing aids. So happy with them!

World of a Difference

Mel O. on 05/26/2017

I have a set of them and they are great! They're very easy to use and I forget that they're in my ears. It works great for me and I got mine to match my hair color. I've had them about a year now. Thanks Audicus!

Great clarity

Carol W. on 05/24/2017

Clarity was the biggest problem for me, and my new hearing aids have solved that problem, so now I don't need closed captioning on T.V. and can understand what my friends are saying, especially in a group situation!

Absolutely Wonderful Devices

David B. on 05/22/2017

I went against my Dr's advice against ordering from the internet and ordered from Audicus based on price and perceived quality. The customer service was excellent and helpful without being pushy. It took several calls to reassure me that I was doing the right thing, but I have been totally pleased with the process and the product. The instruments arrived nicely packaged and worked correctly right out of the box. I've used them daily. They are comfortable to wear and work as advertised: enhanced upper decibels, good clarity, adjustable as needed and does a good job of filtering extraneous noise. In fact, I have had to turn down the volume a little in some cases. Good battery longevity too. My previous set from another well-known company cost $5000 and I like these better. The proof is that these I will wear daily, and the last set mostly sat on the shelf.

Great Fit

Mary H. on 05/19/2017

I love the way they fit in ears and having a remote to adjust the volume is just great. I can really hear what everyone is saying and I don't miss out on what they are talking about.


John B. on 05/18/2017

Having tried another brand which worked well, it was way beyond my financial ability. Audicus at one third of the cost worked well right out of the box! Many thanks so far.


Christina B. on 05/17/2017

I've been wearing my new Dia II aids for 2 days now and they are spectacular! I love them! More people need to know about these. They are being ripped off by some price fixing scheme that has everyone convinced they have to cast thousands of dollars to work correctly. Mine are fabulous and I am going to take excellent care of them. And I'm hearing birds singing again!!!

Amazing Support

Dustin A. on 05/16/2017

Anytime I have any questions or problem, it's so easy to get my answer!! They're always there to help me out.

Worth It

Kurt F. on 05/15/2017

Love these aids! They are worth every penny!

Awesome Stuff

George S. on 05/12/2017

Very helpful staff! I've spoken with a couple different people there they're all awesome and answered all my questions!

Simply The Best

Clarence S. on 05/11/2017

These devices are simply best hearing aids I've had.

World of a Difference

Stephen P. on 05/10/2017

My hearing aids arrived 3-24-17 and I put them in immediately. I had had hearing aids with MD previously (they were OK and I lost them camping) so I had experience in handling hearing aids. Wow, they were/are great! The domes that came with them worked perfectly. I have changed the batteries once since getting them. Easy to use and easy to wear. I can hear birds singing again. And I can hear my patients. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to hear. So much conflict arises with trying to hear. Thank you for this less expensive venue for all of us.

First Class

Jim S. on 05/9/2017

First class. This is my 3rd pair of hearing aids and they are the best I've had yet and the lowest cost. Your people are very helpful and experienced. I couldn't be happier and so is my wife!

Fully Satisfied

Jim L. on 05/8/2017

I've enjoyed talking to the Audicus reps over the phone to get assistance in purchasing my hearing aids. They are very professional, courteous and helpful. I am fully satisfied with my new devices.

Operates Well

Glenn B. on 05/4/2017

Operates as expected. No flaws. No nonsense. Just works.

Quick Results

Sharon S. on 05/1/2017

They are amazing!

Working Well

Jerry R. on 04/28/2017

I have been using the DIA II everyday for one week with no major problems!

World of a Difference

Glenn B. on 04/27/2017

These are pretty amazing! I didn't really know my hearing was that bad. I ordered these and I was pretty astonished at how much I can actually hear again. Great customer support also.

Seamless Process

Emily H. on 04/26/2017

Quick, painless, and easy to navigate.

Still Testing

Don F. on 04/25/2017

I'm still trying them out, but so far things are running smoothly.


James K. on 04/21/2017

Needed help finding right parts-- Staff was very helpful and it shipped quickly.

Great Team

Edward W. on 04/20/2017

Friendly and competent team to deal with. Price was very good. and hearing aids are great!

Very Happy

David A. on 04/14/2017

I'm very happy with Audicus hearing aids in their first five days of usage. My #1 benefit: I don't have to ask my wife to repeat herself, when I am actively listening 🙂

So Comfortable

Dona K. on 04/13/2017

I'm surprised at how comfortable these aids are! I can hardly tell I'm wearing them.

Working Great

Will P. on 04/12/2017

After on line investigation and talking to a rep. I bought the hearing aids. Thus far, works great.

Breaking Barriers

Jeff S. on 04/11/2017

So far they are wonderful and all they were advertised to be. I really like them and are a great value for what paid. I really think the hearing aid industry has a bit of a racket with pricing. These aids are breaking that barrier.

Highly Recommended

Paula O. on 04/10/2017

Great Product, Pricing and Performance! I will not hesitate to recommend Audicus to my friends and family!

Whole New World

Glenn B. on 04/10/2017

I received my pair of Dia ll, put them in and was amazed how bad my hearing was!

Easy Process

Lance M. on 04/7/2017

One of the easiest, most friendly, and thorough experiences with staff that were not forceful but actually wanting you to know the options and understand the Audiologist's recommendations. Receiving the hearing was easy with the videos and programmed perfectly for my hearing loss. I even knew what to expect and was ready for the gradual adjustment to the sound level.


David D. on 04/6/2017

It's been a wonderful experience. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Happy Camper

Jim L. on 04/5/2017

I am very satisfied with my Dia ll hearing aids and the friendly customer services personnel. My order was handled in a speedy manner.

Excellent Value Proposition

Dave C. on 04/4/2017

The value proposition of Audicus is amazing. I thought I'd be paying $3K for hearing aids at Costco (next best solution) and I'm paying a fraction of that cost. My Audicus rep was very helpful and the process was pretty painless. The 45 day tryout is absolutely necessary given it's tough to tell how discrete the hearing aids are, color selection, fit, etc...so this is an excellent policy.

Great Service

Tommy M. on 04/3/2017

Great, attentive customer service. Lot's of follow-up calls, but not at all annoying, just helpful. I ended up getting a pair of the Dia IIs-- and they're working great!

New Experience

Chris E. on 03/31/2017

It's a new and wonderful experience!

Positive Thinking

Edward W. on 03/24/2017

Found what I was looking for at one third of the price I would have paid in Quebec! I was bit nervous about border problems, but it was shipped to me fast and smooth! Great support from the friendly and positive Chat team and other support groups. Great experience!

Just Like Family

Alan R. on 03/22/2017

What more can you ask for. I would rate their service as a 5+. I am very happy I choose them for my hearing aids.

Much Improvd

Keith S. on 03/21/2017

Quality Product! Improvement in clarity!

Incredible Experience!

Lance F. on 03/20/2017

Ignoring the incredible price for quality products, Audicus is the ONLY place to go to for hearing aids. I was impressed by the personalized customer service, the attention to my hearing profile, the lack of pushy sales, but recommendations of what the audiologist thought was needed and why. The package arrived fast, well packed, and contained everything I needed to get going immediately. I am in love with the entire experience and product and such an incredible deal. My hearing aids work better than my father's $6,000 pair and for a fraction of the price.


Jennifer R. on 03/17/2017

Its absolutely amazing what I'm able to hear again!

Top Notch

David E. on 03/16/2017

It was great from start to finish!

Great Choice

Elizabeth V. on 03/15/2017

Helpful advice. Good choice of products.


Patricia I. on 03/13/2017

Simple to order. Shipped quickly. Easy to use.

Everything & More

Adrian D. on 03/8/2017

It's everything they said it would be and do. I'm impressed by the sound and how natural it is. The cost is way lower than most local suppliers.

High Quality

Calvin S. on 03/6/2017

Product: High Quality Excellent customer service

Quality Product and Service

David E. on 03/3/2017

As a person having to wear hearing aids I had the misfortune of my better hearing aid just quit working. No reason, just quit. I did the "usual" and went to my normal hearing aid store where they told me to fix the aid it would cost me $550 with a 6 month guarantee. They showed me a replacement for $1,800. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled. During my investigating online I came upon Audicus. I was very skeptical at first but after doing extensive research and the fact the price for a new aid would be $549 I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. I spoke with a very nice customer service person and we ordered the aid that day. It was delivered 11 days later already digitally set to my hearing loss. I put it on and have been thrilled ever since. I urge anyone thinking about hearing aids to look at Audicus!!

Great Products

Don F. on 03/1/2017

Great hearing aids at a fraction of the cost. Our family has first hand experience with the company and their products.

Great Help

John H. on 02/28/2017

These hearing aids have helped me a great deal.

Crisp Clear Sounds

Mandy B. on 02/27/2017

Simply put, these work as well or better than any other aids I've worn --- very comfortable, excellent programs for different hearing environments. Clear crisp sounds. I'm very pleased.

Just Like Family

Alan R. on 02/22/2017

They treat you like family. Always pleasant. They listen to you. They are concerned with your issues. And they will help to resolve your problem --- What more can you ask for? I would rate their service as a 5+. I am very happy I choose them for my hearing aids.

Still testing them out.

Patricia T. on 02/22/2017

Just received and so far so good. Sounds like theres a microphone around me sometimes. Took a while to work out how to open back of the Basic Volume Control remote. The small plastic pieces that are there to rest in ear and hold hearing aid in place stick out - cannot keep them inside ear.

Audicus Dia II HA's from Hansaton

Jerry H. on 02/20/2017

This was my 1st pair of HA's so I did allot of internet research. I discovered that the Audicus HA is made by Hansaton which also makes Phonak & Unitron HA's. They are owned by a Swiss Company Sonova. You have to go to a site like HearingAidForums.com to get some detailed info instead of the 2 sentence reviews on the Audicus site. There was no way I was going to spend $6,000 for a Starkey Muse HA from the local store. My research showed Audicus or COSTCO Kirkland brands were good deals, with a 180 day try it period at COSTCO. The Audicus Rep had no idea how the 8 or 12 channels worked. I had to find the answer in a reply sent by Patrick Freuler of Audicus in 2011 on HearingAisForums.com website. Based on this info I was confident in ordering from Audicus. I would recommend getting the $100 remote since it gives you 4 programs, vs the 2 indicated on their website. I have 1) autoadapt 2) restaurant/mts 3) TV & 4) Telecoil. You can change this to get musical programs for classical or concert music. They don't tell you that you can only get the 4 beeps for Telecoil only if you are in a Telecoil facility. Other than these annoying unknows, I have been wearing my new HA's for 12 days before replacing the batteries & all seems great. No problems so far. Hardly know I'm wearing them. Did order add'l 312 batteries, domes, dryer tablets & HA jar on Amazon. Prices were allot cheaper than getting them at Audicus. Overall a positive experience even though the Rep needed some support.

Excellent Hearing Aids

Lou V. on 02/17/2017

I just want to say the Dia II are excellent. As some other people have stated I was a little nervous purchasing hearing aids online. But after doing alot of research online I decided to give Audicus a call. All of their employees that I have talked to are so helpful and polite.Unlike most hearing aid sellers online, they request a copy of your hearing test so their audiologist can program the aids for you're particular hearing loss. I wouldn't ever been able to afford hearing aids from my ENT doctor. They wanted 4000 to 8000 dollars for Siemens hearing aids! The Dia II at 599 per aid and a hundred dollar coupon are just as good or better than Siemans brand. The Dia II are actually hansaton jam hd hearing aids from Germany. They are a very well known company and have been in business since 1957. The Dia II have won awards for their comfort and styling. Thanks Audicus again for selling a quality product that I could afford and finally hear properly again. Oh yes so far when I tell people i'm wearing hearing aids they are so surprised and say they never even noticed them. I love it!!

Exceeds Expectations

Thomas L. on 02/14/2017

I was initially leery while purchasing a pair of hearing aides online, however, the experience and product exceeded my expectations.

Only Good STuff

Charles M. on 02/13/2017

Everything about doing business with Audicus has been pleasant, informative and helpful. Through the whole ordering process, I felt like that everyone I spoke with had the desire to help me as much as possible. My previous set of hearing aids cost three times as much and were not even close to the quality of the Altos. I can't say anything but good about this company.

Pleasantly Surprised

Russell B. on 02/10/2017

Pleasantly surprised at the quality!

Excellent Response Time

Mike M. on 02/8/2017

Excellent customer support and response time!

Worked out Nicely

Michael F. on 02/7/2017

The first hearing aid I tried out was not a good choice for me, so I tried out the Dia II and it has worked out very nicely. There was no problem returning the first unit and switching to one that better suits my needs.


Jim L. on 02/4/2017

Great product, great service. My order was handled in a very professional manner.

Perfectly Customized

MIke S. on 02/3/2017

Great service. Pleasant and polite staff. The Dia II is fabulous. The Audicus team customized them perfectly in accord with my auditory test.


Janice S. on 02/2/2017

The customer service was awesome. The time in which my order was handled was great and the hearing aids themselves are wonderful.


Jeff F. on 01/31/2017

An online company with outstanding personal support, which is very rare today.


Ken V. on 01/27/2017

Simple process. Very Satisfied with these devices. I'm happy I went down this route.

Simple Process

Monna B. on 01/25/2017

I was looking online and found your website that my son told me about. I put in the information that they asked for and the next thing I know I'm getting a phone call from a very nice man who helped me throughout the entire process 🙂

Clear Instructions

John B. on 01/23/2017

Immediate hearing help. Still getting use to the settings and how best to use therm. Very simple care instructions.

Crest Natural Sound

Frank M. on 01/20/2017

I was totally surprised at the new sounds that were around me. I didn't like it at first but after four days it was welcomed in my new hearing and I passed my CDL driving medical test. Another pair of aids that I tried from a different maker ( about $5000 ) had a synthetic sound to it.. my Audicus Dia II hearing aid has a crest natural sound.

The TV at a Moderate Level

Jim S. on 01/19/2017

For the first time in a long time I can listen to the TV at the same sound wife.

Keeping up with all Conversations

Trong V. on 01/18/2017

These were my first pair and initially didn't know what to expect. However, it has been good so far and I have been able to keep up in conversations much more easily.


Bob F. on 01/16/2017

Great responses and great service!

First Time User

Richard M. on 01/12/2017

The tech chat persons were very helpful. I sent in a copy of my hearing test and ordered the Dia II as it matched my need according to test results. I'm using one hearing aid on the suggestion of my audiologist and to save money. Videos on use and cleaning were very helpful. The cone which came with the hearing aid fit well. After some days of 2-3 hours use per day, I found that I was experiencing some whistling ,(feedback) I am now using a double closed dome with good results. The variety of cones included was great . I like not having to change the ear wax guards as shown on other models. So far so good, thanks Audicus

Happy Camper

John D. on 01/11/2017

Great staff support in deciding what was needed based on audiology report. Easy to operate and it makes a difference in hearing things. So far, I've dropped the TV volume by 50%-- which makes family very happy!

Couldn't be Happier

John R. on 01/9/2017

I received my hearing aids and put them in the next day and I've been wearing them ever since! My only problem is that I forget to take them out when I go to bed.


Jamie M. on 01/6/2017

I am feeling great! This is much better than my previous hearing aids. Thank you very much!


Mary B. on 01/5/2017

I love being able to hear better. Your customer support is awesome.


Matt W. on 01/3/2017

I bought them for my mother in law and they have truly been a blessing!

So Far, So Good

John R. on 12/28/2016

So far it's been pretty good. Easy to order and the payment plan is good for people on social security.


Carolyn T. on 12/27/2016

Great information from your staff to help me understand this product.

Nothing but Praise

Gene B. on 12/22/2016

Great service - great product- working great- nothing but praise!

Always Responsive

Marsha R. on 12/21/2016

Audicus has always been very responsive to my questions and helpful in problem solving. I needed a tricky repair and they worked with me to carefully define the problem and accomplished the repair nicely, all within warranty. I've worn hearing aids for over 30 years and the Audicus instruments and service compare favorably with every other company I've used.

Great Value

Tony M. on 12/21/2016

I've had hearing aids that have been much more expensive than my Dia II pair. This device provides me with a great result at a much more affordable price.

New Lease on Life

Marilyn F. on 12/20/2016

I am really enjoying the experience and hope to enlighten my life more that I have them.

Gotta Love Them!

Helen H. on 12/19/2016

As a person who has worn aids for several years and paid several thousand dollars for different instruments Audicus can compare to the best for less money. Customer service is excellent from the very first interaction. Ordered the hearing aids and received a follow up telephone call within 15 minutes from the representative to clarify the order and acknowledgment of receiving the audio-gram. So far I have been wearing my aids for 7 days and they have made a great improvement in my life. And if you order the Dia II, as I have, the remote is convenient and worth the cost.

Very Pleased

Norman B. on 12/16/2016

I am very pleased with my hearing aids and the service as been very good.

So Easy to Forget

Judy B. on 12/14/2016

I am so pleased with my new hearing aids. They fit so well that I forget I have them in! It's amazing the sounds I can hear now.

So far so good

Suren S. on 12/14/2016

I had very expensive hearing aid from which I got disappointed as it did not perform well. The new DIA II I am trying for about a week and all I can say I like it.

Top Notch Service

Donna R. on 12/9/2016

Your customer service is top notch from the first interaction to the next.

So Far, So Good

Claudia F. on 12/7/2016

Response time was excellent. Received product before projected time. So far, so good.

Quality Aids

John L. on 12/6/2016

Everything was a great experience. Fast service, friendly staff and reasonable price. Excellent quality hearing aids.

Friendly Representatives

Dana B. on 12/1/2016

I have had a great experience so far. Representatives where very friendly and informative and didn't push sales.

Good Service

Tom A. on 11/30/2016

Friendly representatives and easy online experience.

So Happy!

Julietta R. on 11/29/2016

Audicus is what motivated me to get hearing aids. Without this company, I would have never gotten them - they are just way too expensive! The mark-up is absolutely outrageous. ALL of my experiences with this company have been GREAT. And I am not easy to please!

Easy Process

Tracey K. on 11/28/2016

Everything is quick and easy with Audicus. Product information, customer service, return policy are all made convenient. Staff is knowledgeable, professionally and friendly. And as an added plus their products are super.

Pleasant All Around

Alan C. on 11/25/2016

Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Hearing Aids are working well.

Competitive Prices, Quality Hearing Aids

Beatrice M. on 11/22/2016

All the information was easy to understand and extremely thorough. It helped that Audicus has competitive prices at the same quality the local audiologists was offering me.

Just Purchased

Bruce M. on 11/18/2016

I just purchased these hearing aids. Ordering was a breeze and I can't wait to get them!

Confident in my Purchase

Thu P. on 11/17/2016

I feel confident in doing business with Audicus based on my experience and what I've read about your products on several publications.

Excellence All Around

Sam F. on 11/16/2016

Easy shopping, excellent quality and fantastic service!

Lovely People

Margaret K. on 11/13/2016

My experience was good. Your workers are lovely people.

Super Happy

Vinood A. on 11/12/2016

Service is as good as it gets. Very polite and friendly staff. I'm SUPER Happy with my hearing aids!

Wonderful Devices

Tracey T. on 11/10/2016

It's been a treat to hear again. I didn't even realize how much I've been missing out on various sounds.

Wonderful Devices

Chelsea T. on 11/9/2016

It's been a treat to hear again. I didn't even realize how much I've been missing out on various sounds.

Great All Around

Victor C. on 11/8/2016

Great customer service and a really great quality product.

Two-Time Customer

Frank H. on 11/7/2016

I got my first hearing aid a few months ago and recently got the second aid a couple weeks after. The experience has been very good!

Happy Camper

Jim C. on 11/3/2016

When I first learned that I needed a hearing aid the prices the doctor provided were way past my budget. Then I found Audicus and immediately order a hearing aid at a price I could afford. I've been very happy with your product. Thank you.

Satisfied Returning Customer

Heinrich S. on 11/2/2016

I am a returning customer and like my Audicus hearing aids. I recently bought a new replacement pair and it works just as well.

Happy to Hear Again

Brenda S. on 11/1/2016

I am very happy with my hearing aids. It is so nice to be able to hear all of the things that I have been missing for so many years.

Easy Process

Elizabeth G. on 10/31/2016

It has been smooth and easy process adjusting to these devices.

Relief to Hear Again

Lloyd F. on 10/28/2016

Simple is good and I am very happy with your company. I could "hear" but not comprehend and it is a great relief to suddenly be able to make sense of what I ...

Quality Product

Lee B. on 10/27/2016

I had a very successful experience purchasing an Audicus "Dia II" hearing aid. The product works better than I expected. The quality of sound is excellent. The price was reasonable and well worth the service and product that I received.

Exceeds Expectations

Sarah J. on 10/26/2016

These hearing aids have surpassed my expectations and they're working very well for me!


James C. on 10/25/2016

These are wonderful devices and I'm very satisfied.

Working Well

Anonymous on 10/21/2016

Working well as described.

Love Them

Donna K. on 10/20/2016

Love my Audicus Dia II hearing aids!!


Thomas G. on 10/19/2016

It works better than any other device that I've tried in the past. Excellent!

Recommended to All

Harvey A. on 10/17/2016

Wonderful! I recommend Audicus to everyone.

Prompt Service

Kurt F. on 10/14/2016

These people are on it, they have fast friendly services. Very prompt on shipping time!


Herman B. on 10/13/2016

I have been satisfied with the products and pricing.

Pleasantly Surprised

John M. on 10/12/2016

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get adjusted to the devices. Absolutely no hassle and I'm very pleased. I recommend Audicus to anyone looking to buy hearing aids.

Good Customer Service

Harold A. on 10/11/2016

Customer service was very helpful and most responsive.

Hearing Pretty Well

Judith F. on 10/10/2016

I can hear pretty well. I like being able to turn the volume up or down depending on the circumstances.

World of a Difference

Mary M. on 10/5/2016

The Dia II hearing aids have made such a difference in my life! I tried going with a previous vendor first, but was frustrated with both the product and service, so I returned them. I tried Audicus and had excellent customer service from beginning to end. All my questions were answered quickly and respectfully. When I received the hearing aids I couldn't believe how much better they were than the previous pair that costed much more. I not only hear things I haven't been able to previously, but I feel more alert. The sounds are very natural with the open domes. I have already recommended Audicus to a friend for her mother! Ordering and communicating on-line with Audicus is so much easier than having to go to a store/office for help.

Happy with Support

Brian G. on 10/3/2016

I'm happy with my hearing aids and the Audicus technical support.

Easy to Adjust

Ruddy A. on 09/30/2016

It was easy to adjust to these hearing devices. Everything was self explanatory and cost was a fraction of local hearing devices.

Good Experience

John T. on 09/29/2016

Good overall experience, but I'm still getting used to them.


Jane S. on 09/27/2016

First, I ALWAYS get a helpful human when I call. I had a LOT of questions. I was first drawn by the attractive price of the devices, but the customer service is OUTSTANDING. The devices themselves are easy to use.

Helpful Staff

Reba S. on 09/26/2016

Every one has always been nice an helpful. I'm enjoying my new aids.

Exceeds Expectations

Joseph S. on 09/23/2016

My Dia II hearing aid is GREAT! It has exceeded my expectations in every way. It seems to improve my balance which was a surprise. Thank you!!

Good Turn Around Time

Arnold S. on 09/22/2016

Good customer support on adjusting the aids and great turn around time.

Running Smoothly

Ed T. on 09/21/2016

Once I learned how to adjust it, it works great!

Fair Price

Paul S. on 09/20/2016

Great service, fair price, thank you!!!

Pleasantly Surprised

John M. on 09/19/2016

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. Absolutely no hassle and I'm very pleased with the devices. I recommend Audicus to anyone looking to buy hearing aids.


Florence B. on 09/16/2016

The hearing aids are fairly comfortable and the sound quality is good.

Excellent Experience

Richard M. on 09/15/2016

Great hearing aids. Excellent Experience!

I Can Hear Again

Wayne O. on 09/14/2016

I hear things I haven't heard in a while!

Great So Far

Peiling L. on 09/12/2016

I am a new user with only few weeks experiences so far. The hearing aid has helped me in most situations, however, I'm still learning how to use it.

Thank You!

Kathleen H. on 09/9/2016

I've had hearing loss for several years and wasn't able to afford hearing aids until Audicus came around. You're improving my quality of life and I thank you for that.

Awesome Service

Dennis R. on 09/8/2016

Service and personnel were wonderful and very helpful to work with!

Good Service

Wolfried M. on 09/3/2016

Great German-made aids, good service and follow-up, and nice people on phone and on chat.

Great Devices

Terry C. on 09/2/2016

So far it's been a good experience. I've been impressed with most of the customer service received thus far.

Good Experience

Marica S. on 08/30/2016

So far it's been a good experience. I've been impressed with most of the customer service received thus far.

Clear Sound

Liam S. on 08/29/2016

The unit is lovely! I got used to it very quickly, No reverb and whistling. Clear sound and being able to hear in classes I teach. And its light weight, no stuffy ear experience, so the product is great, Thank you.

Quite Satisfied

Patsy R. on 08/26/2016

So far these work as well as I could have expected and my family is happy that I have them too!!

Family Loves Them

Roger on 08/25/2016

So far these work as well as I could have expected and my family is happy that I have them too!!

Loving the Look

Jan L. on 08/23/2016

I love the look and feel of these hearing aids.

Love the Price!

Austin T. on 08/18/2016

These aids do the job wonderfully, look great and the difference in price is incredible. The thousands of dollars we threw away at audiologists' offices prior to Audicus is truly sickening.

Received them Quickly!

Lee B. on 08/18/2016

Efficient and friendly!

I have my hearing back!

William R. on 08/17/2016

It was the first time I could actually hear the bird's and TV at a normal level in years.

Great Deal!

Charles D. on 08/16/2016

Best price for a programmed aid and good experience with aid.

Love the Aids!

Jan L. on 08/16/2016

Love the look and feel of these aids.


Jamie S. on 08/15/2016

I am astounded at the quality of my hearing aids and the excellent customer service.

Hearing Again and It's Great!

Brenda G. on 08/11/2016

Took some getting use to it and had some trouble keeping the one behind my left ear. But, other than that, I love my new hearing aids. I like the volume control & I'm hearing better than I have in a long long time. I'm not new to wearing aids have wore them for many years. These are some of the best ones I've had.

Works For Me!

Julie T. on 08/11/2016

Good hearing aids! Really like the good phone service, too.


Carol K. on 08/10/2016

I think live chat is very important. Every time I have a question or need to find needed supplies, live chat makes it possible to get answers fast. Everyone at Audicus has been great from getting my hearing aids to keeping them up and running. I appreciate having them so much. You're a pleasure to deal with.

Great Support

Donna S. on 08/9/2016

Overall, pretty great customer support.

Brand New World

Tony F. on 08/5/2016

Thanks to Audicus I have regained my world at an affordable price!

Great Service

Richard G. on 08/5/2016

Drew was very helpful in making sure device arrived in an expedited manner due to my circumstances.

Programmed Wonderfully

Pam G. on 08/3/2016

I really like them. The batteries ate easy to install and they are programmed wonderfully.

Good Communication

William K. on 08/2/2016

Good communications and excellent customer service from the start.


Mike C. on 08/2/2016

Attentive and professional follow-up.

Great Support

Nathan P. on 07/28/2016

Excellent support & response.

I can hear again!

James B. on 07/28/2016

I am able to hear more clearly now than previous years. My life is now open to the sounds in nature.

Easy Process

Richard D. on 07/25/2016

I've just bought my first pair of Dia II hearing aids. The entire process was simple and the specialists were very helpful.

First Rate Experience

Reuben T. on 07/22/2016

Having had two sets of hearing aids before buying from Audicus, I found this to be a first rate experience. With respect to hearing aids, this is definitely the way to go!

Pleasant Experience from Start to Finish

Toma E. on 07/20/2016

My experience was pleasant. My experience with the staff was positive. I was pleased with the follow up.

Successful Purchase

Lee B. on 07/18/2016

I had a very successful experience purchasing an Audicus "Dia II" hearing aid. The product works better than I expected. The quality of sound is excellent. The price was reasonable and well worth the service and product that I received.


Deborah B. on 07/15/2016

Good product & excellent customer service.

Easy to Adjust

Max P. on 07/14/2016

It's doing everything I need from it, and easy to use and adjust.

Quick Turn Around

Jack M. on 07/13/2016

Easy, Helpful and Quick to get adjusted to.

Well Designed

Laura M. on 07/12/2016

They fit so softly in my ears that I don't even feel them!

Same as the Local Aids

Eileen H. on 07/11/2016

I love my new aids! They're the same quality that I paid $4000 for.

Always Helpful

Bryan C. on 07/7/2016

Always helpful -- whether it is finding an accessory or assistance with a service issue.

Great Service

Jan D. on 07/6/2016

My experience so far: Great immediate service and support, affordable prices, and the devices easy to handle.

Audicus cares about your experience.

Leigh P. om December 29th, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Audicus is interested in your experience, they check back regularly to make sure of satisfaction and if they can help out.

I think I like them.

Arch W. om December 21st, 2017 on 01/1/1970

Excellent follow up before purchase - time will tell as I've only had them for two weeks.

Saved Thousands

Tom C.on August 9th, 2016 on 01/1/1970

The Audicus hearing aid works great. I have friends who have spent thousands locally on hearing aids and are amazed at my experience for a fraction of their investment. Follow up service and ordering supplies has been excellent as well.

Super Easy

March 16th, 2018 on 01/1/1970

Easy, prompt, helpful.

User friendly!

Real D. om June 27th, 2018 on 01/1/1970

User friendly online hearing test. Immediate customer service. Hearing aids working great out of the box!

What a Difference!

Susan M. on 01/1/1970

These hearing aids have made such a tremendous difference. I still can't believe how much I was missing out on.

Great Experience

Wieske V. on 08/17/0206

Easy ordering, good/timely communications. Friendly people. Still waiting to receive other domes that should fit better and reduce echo, but overall my experience was very pleasant. The hearing aids compare in performance to other expensive aids I have had in the past. Quite happy overall!


Orlando B. on 01/1/1970



karen C. on 01/1/1970

I was quite nervous about purchasing hearing aids for the first time, especially on-line, and just a tad overwhelmed! But everyone at Audicus was extremely patient, helpful and friendly. They were outstanding.


Patrick F. on 01/1/1970

I have been wearing the aids for 1 week today. My problem is long term exposure to loud noise (music) which has greatly reduced my ability to hear mid range and high frequencies. The first time I put these in I immediately heard birds outside, running water and everything has a very crisp sound. Sometimes I remove them for comparison and I must admit everything seems a bit dull. We'll see in the comiing weeks how I adapt and whether this journey is a life changer or just a handy accessory, but So Far, So Good.

10 out of 10

12/23/2014 from Robert G. on 01/1/1970

The Audicus order process was extremely simple and straight forward. The hearing aids are of excellent quality and state of the art. "10 out of 10" definitely recommend to anyone who needs a hearing aid.

5 Star Excellence

5/23/2013 from Ed & Betty Nollmann on 01/1/1970

I'm writing this review as a joint effort for myself and hearing loss due to a severe noise trauma accident.Betty is in her 40's and dealing with such and event at any age is terrible, but I think so much more so for an active professional. Thankfully through extensive reading and research a NY Times piece led us here and what a excellent example of the way a business (in any industry) should be conducted. My wife used the 45 day return policy to try 3 different models before falling in love with the aBlue line with Bluetooth. Every product was as described and a quality unit but for Betty the aBlues were the best. I set up her phone and our Media center TV to use the Bluetooth and she is again enjoying watching TV and normal phone conversations. Most importantly, the folks at Audicus could not have been more helpful, Allison, Ed the Tech, and Meredith (Audiologist who did our programming) were all patient, professional and there when needed. Several round trips to fine tune the devices went flawlessly and Audicus met and exceeded every expectation in their Customer Service. Do not hesitate to work with them and their products...Audicus is a company based on quality and service. Ed Nollmann

A Customer For Life

7/17/2013 from CJ Doran on 01/1/1970

I cannot say enough about the outstanding service, support and performance of the Audicus.com ablue hearing aid. To review.. my wife has had a moderate to severe hearing loss for a number of years. We had surgery performed at Stanford Medical Center to correct & it did not work. Our only option was to replace the hearing aids she had that were now out of date. For those that do not live with someone with hearing loss, it is tough for them to se how much it impact's their lives an interactions with other people. We looked at a number of hearing aid providers and were shocked by the costs. How could this be? The final straw was when the hearing aid my wife as using suddenly broke. All her confidence & pride she had from passing state board tests & starting her new job simply vanished. I then researched & found Audicus. From their clear & easy to interact web site to their outstanding customer service, this was unlike anything we had gone thru with hearing aid stores. also the truth of the outrageous mark up on hearing aids was debunked and an affordable option was finally available. My customer support rep Edson was fantastic & my wife had her new hearing aid within 24 hrs. Now, the confident, happy person I know is back, thanks in large part to Audicus.com. You have made a customer for life!!!

A Hearing World

10/8/2015 from Erin B. on 01/1/1970

After not wearing hearing aids for 20 some years, I was amazed at the amplification of sound the Audicus Dia provides. All in all, it's a great value when you can't afford a $6,000 pair and you want to be able to hear!

A More Fulfilling Life!

11/19/2013 from James Crabtree on 01/1/1970

With a service connected hearing loss, I have owned hearing aids for over 20 years but have never been able to comfortably wear them until now. They always hurt my ears and resulted in severe pain. So imagine my relief when I received my aBlues! I hardly know they are in, and my hearing is great! I had to send them back once for a reprogramming, but now I couldn't be happier. Not only is he product fantastic, but the customer service is unequaled. Because of my lifestyle choices (always traveling) my purchase required special handling as US mail doesn't always deliver to me. Audicus (thank you Allison and everyone else) stepped right up and provided the service I needed. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole transaction!.

A Real Blessing

7/9/2013 from Landelle P. on 01/1/1970

It was a real blessing to discover your company! I have been enjoying my hearing instruments that I purchased in June. I am looking forward to purchasing the Blue Tooth device that goes with them. Also, I am recommending you to my father who is in need of hearing assistance also.

A great product!

7/22/2013 from Roger L. on 01/1/1970

I am very pleased with my pair of eBlue hearing aids. They work so much better than I expected. They are a great product at a great price and come with fantastic customer service!

A pleasant surprise

11/13/2014 from Diego on 01/1/1970

I was afraid of giving it a try at first, because I tried other products in the past and didn't have good result. Audicus was a pleasant surprise for me.

Accurate and Fast

5/1/2013 from Kathy on 01/1/1970

A very painless experience - the order is accurate and comes fast. They do what they say


6/9/2015 from Andrew P. on 01/1/1970

I have had Audicus hearing aids for a few years now. They are affordable, a couple of times I have had to send them for service and the cost was reasonable.

Affordable and Accurate

12/23/2013 from Ajit D. on 01/1/1970

Audicus fulfilled my expectations about buying a hearing aid online to save a huge amount compared to what the mainstream route costs. They answered my questions about their product, the logistics of buying and support, and the prices. I received my aid within a few days of sending my hearing test result. This is my first hearing aid, and so I´m still evaluating the efficacy of the aid, but Audicus experience makes me want to recommend this method of acquiring hearing aids in general, and Audicus in particular, to all my friends who need a hearing aid.

Agents were helpful

9/6/2013 from John C. on 01/1/1970

The overall experience was positive. The agents I dealt with online and on the phone were helpful. The product has met my expectations to this point in time.

All Smiles

10/22/2015 from Ginger A. on 01/1/1970

I Love it. Beats the price of other options.

All Smiles

8/25/2015 from Dorothy P. on 01/1/1970

The Audicus hearing aids work great. I love them

All good!

7/8/2014 from Larry D. on 01/1/1970

Easy to understand web site information; good price; good product.

Almost Invisible

2/27/2014 from John C. on 01/1/1970

I was told not to buy online by several people. Where I got my hearing test I was quoted $1700.00 and told it was a great deal just for the 1 aid. There was no way I was going to pay that. Audicus was $600.00 which I could afford. I have no way to compare but I just don't believe there is that must price difference in the quality of the aid. Ohh by the way the over the ear ablue is almost invisible. My wife could not tell I had it on. And while wearing, it was comfortable to the point of me not knowing it was there.

Always Supportive

12/7/2015 from Charlie A. on 01/1/1970

Have had nothing but great service!

Always helpful

8/19/2015 from Angela B. on 01/1/1970

Love my hearing aids and everyone is very helpful and understanding no matter what the issue is they know how to handle it or put me in touch with who can handle it.

Amazed at how well these work!

9/30/2015 from Kathy C. on 01/1/1970

Glad my wife insisted I try these hearing aids to replace the ones that I lost! I could not afford to (again) pay the price the audiologists charge. I am amazed at how well this works! I hope never lose one again; but I know I have an option now for replacement!


7/10/2014 from Eb on 01/1/1970

Love this hearing aid!

Appearance and Comfort- Very Good

6/20/2013 from T. Mortenson on 01/1/1970

Your customer service has been very good so far. The devices need some adjustments, but they have improved my hearing already; now for the fine tuning. I will send them in this week for that. Their appearance & comfort have been very good. I already have had one instance where I will send you a man's name, who is interested.

Awesome Audicus

7/30/2013 from Betty on 01/1/1970

The Audicus team could set the standard for customer service. In this day and age you seldom experience the excellence in response and customer service that Audicus has shown. My hearing loss was sudden and life changing. Audicus has helped me with a smooth transition to hearing aids and given me back the ability to take part in normal everyday conversations that I had lost. "Awesome Audicus"

Awesome Audicus!

10/9/2014 from Betty N. on 01/1/1970

When the doctor told me that I would never hear normally again, I was devastated. I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life not being able to hear music normally or regular, everyday sounds that we all take for granted. My Audicus hearing aids have enabled me to regain that part of my life. And the customer service is second to none. Awesome Audicus!


7/3/2014 from Mike S. on 01/1/1970

Received the aids fairly quickly and installed batteries and inserted into ears. No ringing any more and I could instantly understand my grandkids and not once had to ask them to repeat anything!


2/22/2014 from Steve F. on 01/1/1970

The aBlue's are really discrete and for a first time user they may it comfortable. I can hear much better in meetings and restaurants. The Audicus experience so far as been awesome!

Best Deal Around

5/4/2015 from Ray K. on 01/1/1970

The hearing aid specifications and description are very close to the Siemens unit demonstrated by the audiologist in the ENT's office. They quoted $1800 EACH! I purchased TWO Canto hearing aids for less than that.

Best of all is price

3/17/2014 from Douglas S. on 01/1/1970

"I was happy to discover Audicus online. It was very easy to order my hearing aid (an aBlue) and have Audicus program it with my hearing test. Best of all is the price compared to my previous aids ordered through my audiologist. $599 compared to $2500! The aBlue seems to be a quality hearing aid so far. The real test will be down the road as far as how they hold up in the long run."

Better Product

12/23/2013 from Dave K on 01/1/1970

EDSON was very helpful I had to send them back to be turned down . That was the fastest turn around I´v ever seen. The blues seem to be as good or better than $4000.00 set I had before. THANKS.

Better Than my Old Ones

12/17/2015 from Robbie D. on 01/1/1970

Very impressed, quality as good or better as previous hearing aids. I like these better than $4,000 ones I've had before.

Better price and quality than others!

2/22/2014 from Alice T. on 01/1/1970

Allison was very patient and helpful and spoke up so I could hear her! Delivery was as stated. Got them for a better price and quality than others I researched. They really work! They are very light and very comfortable and don't ring in your ears. I hear so much better now it is almost scary! TV went from 50+ to -25!

Better than Costco

6/9/2015 from David S. on 01/1/1970

I ordered from Audicus after the hearing aids I got from Costco would not work properly, even after being sent in for repair. The aids from Audicus work fine and were substantially cheaper than the aids from Costco.

Better than my old ones

6/15/2015 from Dan P. on 01/1/1970

I have worn $6000 digital aids for the last 10 years. I purchased the Audicus Dia as backups while my others are out for repair. However, I am so pleased with the clarity and speech recognition of the Dia, they will become my primary aids and the expensive aids will be my spares when I get them back. Also the Dia sounds better when listening to music than my others.

Bluetooth- Out of This World!

5/3/2013 from Sarah Phillips on 01/1/1970

Sound quality is excellent. Having a remote is just awesome and Bluetooth is out of this world. That just really sells it for me!!


10/15/2013 from Marilyn on 01/1/1970

I've had them about a month. Just great and the remote is a huge plus!

Can hear so much better

11/7/2013 from E. Bolick on 01/1/1970

So far it is working well. I can hear so much better. I am now asking my wife to turn down the TV volume!

Chat is great

3/26/2015 from Colleen W. on 01/1/1970

Thanks for the help, your chat works great - easy access to help in choosing accessories.


10/14/2015 from Louis L. on 01/1/1970

Very comfortable. Don't even feel as though I'm wearing them.


12/3/2015 from James S. on 01/1/1970

I am basically happy with the product. They are comfortable and work well.

Controller works great with the Aids!

11/11/2015 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

At first I wondered if I would need a controller, turns out it is well worth it with the Aids. Easy to use and has plenty of options and levels of adjustment.

Conversations are a snap now that I can hear clearer

5/20/2014 from C. Barton on 01/1/1970

Site is easy to navigate, they answered my questions quickly , no pressure to buy. When I did buy, things went fast and in a week I got my hearing aids. I've had them now for a couple of days and am very happy with them. And my wife doesn't mumble now! The TV volume has gone down. Conversations are a snap now that I can hear clearer.

Could not be more happy!

3/18/2014 from John O. on 01/1/1970

The audiologist wanted over 6,000 Dollars. Got my 2 aBlues for 1,497! I've had them about a week and so far they are working just great. Could not be more happy!

Couldn't be better

6/15/2015 from Daniel B. on 01/1/1970

The whole experience has been great. I no longer have to ask my wife and others to repeat themselves. Most surprising is that now I hear a whole world of bird song and water sounds that had been absence from my hearing. The service has been great. The price outstanding and the aids themselves are tiny and powerful.

Couldn't be more pleased

6/9/2015 from Philip M. on 01/1/1970

This was my first set of hearing aids. I was told at my clinic I wouldn't know how I liked them without trying them first. And they told me, "There's a money back guarantee so there's no risk in trying them." Then they mentioned the $350.00 restocking fee. I didn't even ask how that was free. I just went straight to Audicus and ordered from you. And I couldn't be more pleased with the service, with the hearing aids, and most of all with all the things I can hear now that I was missing before.

Couldn't get better

6/25/2015 from Dave C. on 01/1/1970

Great experience all through the process. I especially like the supplies and services and ongoing communications from Audicus. I've already mentioned Audicus to friends of mine.

Customer Service is Great

5/1/2013 from W. Boyd on 01/1/1970

Audicus customer service is great, Thanks Allison, after my first purchase I decided to make a second and the service was the same, the products at Audicus are great and at great prices...... Thank you !

Customer for life

1/12/2015 from Jim H. on 01/1/1970

Having never wore hearing aids I was a little worried about ordering one on line and I knew for sure buying one from my Dr. was out of the question because of price. In my search for a better price I came across Audicus on line and read many reviews on them and was please with what I had read. Audicus web sight is so well done from explaining to buying a excelent hearing aid. The people I spoke to at Audicus know there jobs very well and always say please call with any question you may have. I love my new hearing aid and I am adjusting to it well, I spoke to Suzanne and she helped me so much with my concerns one of which she answered by saying give myself and the hearing aid time to adjust together,about 10 days should do it well I am on day 3 and all is working fine. Thanks again Suzanne. Audicus you have me as a customer for life for what you have done to make hearing affordable and the hearing aids are of fine quality.

Definitely Recommend

7/9/2013 from Tony DV on 01/1/1970

I'm finally getting used to my hearing aids. In the beginning, they made my ears itch, but as I'm wearing them more, I'm getting used to them. I would definitely recommend your hearing aids to friends.


10/21/2013 from F.G. Dickinson on 01/1/1970

Allison was great to work with, and I have nothing but high praise for my entire experience with her and Audicus! Got my hearing aid last thursday, and am delighted with it so far!


5/22/2014 from Charles R. on 01/1/1970

Very responsive in answering questions and handling my order. I'm delighted with my aBlues! Needed longer tube which were sent immediately, so great after-tax service as well.

Don't feel so left out

1/31/2014 from Terry S. on 01/1/1970

It's great to hear what I've been missing. Don't feel so left out . . .

Easy Process, Great Aids

4/11/2016 from Linda H. on 01/1/1970

This was so easy to do! Really enjoy my new hearing aids.

Easy and fast

6/17/2014 from Mike M. on 01/1/1970

Very Easy, Fast shipping, nice packaging, quality looking product and nice storage case. I'm still adjusting to my new hearing but so far pretty good. The only negative comment would be I called the 800 number a couple of times once before and once after my purchase and did not get to speak to anyone. I left a message once and did receive return phone call.

Easy and straightforward

6/9/2015 from Ben A. on 01/1/1970

Easy to access and navigate. Straightforward order processing

Easy to wear and use

5/30/2013 from Chris P. on 01/1/1970

I have only had the Hearing Aids for a day, and they are very easy to wear and use.

Easy, quick, effective

8/28/2013 from Jillian G. on 01/1/1970

Easy, quick and effective procedure for getting fitted with hearing aides at a small fraction of the price of other dealers.


1/19/2015 from Johnny J. on 01/1/1970

Easy,Cool and Cost effective.


12/1/2015 from Paula O. on 01/1/1970

Customer Service Support team very efficient and understanding.

Enjoying the features

9/17/2015 from Ruby M. on 01/1/1970

I like the quitness of it...no squeakiness. I like being able to control the sound, fit and feel.

Exactly what I'd been looking for

5/14/2014 from Douglas S. on 01/1/1970

This company was exactly what I had been looking for. As a programmer familiar with digital signal processing and FFT math, I knew there was no good reason for $400 digital devices to be marked up to $3,000. The main concern I had was the "trust factor". I will be writing up a letter for Peter containing suggestions for improvement once the 45 day trial period is over. Devices were configured and sent within a week, with UPS 2nd Day Air option. I bought a pair of aBlue, love 'em. Adaption is going well.

Exceeded Expectations

10/16/2014 from Nathan C. on 01/1/1970

Accurate information, great product, great service, great setup, quick delivery, exceeded all my expectations


10/12/2015 from Dan C. on 01/1/1970

Excellent customer service. The sound quality of the hearing aides is sharp and clear. Tuning and adjustments are automatic. Volume control if you need it. Excellent product.


5/16/2014 from Robert M. on 01/1/1970

Excellent to date!


6/9/2015 from David W. on 01/1/1970

Excellent service

Excellent Product Service and Customer Service

12/23/2013 from Rebecca P. on 01/1/1970

Friendly and quick telephone customer support. All questions where answered before I ordered. Online orders was seamless. Very FAST shipping, even faster than if I bought them locally. Technical support by Meredith- Excellent. May even get a set for my elderly mother. I hope that as they get bigger with more customers, that they continue to provide excellent service and customers service. I would buy from Audicus again. Happy holidays, Rebecca

Excellent Service

11/27/2015 from Danny M. on 01/1/1970

Very pleased with my hearing aid. Excellent support buying accessories later. Thanks

Excellent Team

12/23/2013 from Marcy G. on 01/1/1970

Very nice people to deal with... very accommodating and she knew a lot about the devises.

Excellent experience

4/2/2014 from David L. on 01/1/1970

I just received my new hearing aids, the ABlues with Bluetooth remote. The purchase experience was excellent and the devices shipped in a timely manner. Price was good but would have liked to have seen a discount for the second hearing aid. I am a first time uses so I have nothing to compare the devices to but they seem to be working fine. I can hear things I have not heard in a long time.

Excellent product

6/9/2015 from Robert T. on 01/1/1970

Very pleasant and professional, plus an excellent product.


11/9/2015 from Felix T. on 01/1/1970

Obviously my hearing is perfect. The looks of the product is outstanding. The packaging excellent.

Exceptional Quality and Service

9/12/2013 from Ross Edwards on 01/1/1970

I received my aBlues yesterday. Only 8 business days from order placement all the way to Australia. In Australia the best I could buy a pair for was A$8000. The Audicus pair cost me A$1600 including the remote, delivery and some customs duty in Australia. I was a bit apprehensive when I placed the order worrying about the quality and if I was going to have programming issues. But as it turns out - I had nothing to be apprehensive about. I put the batteries in and I was up and running in two minutes. No buzzing, no whistling no side effects. The remote is a great must have too. They are absolutely fantastic! Not only good for meetings at work but good for my marriage too! Thank you Audicus!

Experience after 2 days

9/12/2013 from Ross Edwards on 01/1/1970

I have a 25% hearing impairment and the aBlues have been excellent - the 4 programs cover all situations at home and at work. This is my second day and I am now really used to them and being a first time hearing aid user I feel like I;me in a new world!

Extremely pleased!

8/9/2013 from David Vance on 01/1/1970

I'm extremely pleased with the service, the price and the level of staff support and service. I like the LACE training, as well. I have had $3,000 hearing aids, and my $599 aBlue is just as good, if not better.


10/16/2014 from Franklin H. on 01/1/1970

Fabulous! Every bit as good as some high-end aid I have tried that cost in excess of $3,000.00. I am very satisfied. Audicus service is also first rate.


6/24/2014 from Chris on 01/1/1970

I could wax poetic about how much I love my aBlue hearing aids! I have a busy family and a demanding career. Without quality hearing aids, it makes my life 10 times harder. My last pair were eaten by my dog. I have been 4 weeks without them and sinking fast. I have been looking into getting blue tooth hearing aids for a year or so, but the price at the audiologist is prohibitive. I just couldn't bring myself to make that much of a financial committment. Once my dog ate my last pair, it was a no brainer. I could buy these and if I hated them, they could be back up hearing aids if I went ahead and purchased some locally. I was intimidated by getting the blue tooth to work, but my husband and son are technocapable (I just made a new word!) and I knew they would help me. Turns out, I didn't need them! The manual is written so well even I could do this on my own. It adds to my feeling of independence and that is priceless. Thank you Audicus! I have had a lot of conflit with my family over the TV volume the last few weeks, and I've ended up going to bed as soon as I got home from work to avoid the difficulty. I'm using the blue tooth for the television and I actually started crying it's so amazing. I've never heard the TV like this in my life. These are far superior to my old hearing aids. I guess I should thank my dog. Give these hearing aids a try. You have 45 days if you don't like them. Compared to what you would pay locally, you can't lose.

Fantastic Price, Great Quality, Superior Hearing

8/20/2013 from William B. on 01/1/1970

Thank you Audicus. I have had two other sets of hearing aids from other providers in the past and have not been pleased with them. So far the hearing aids I just purchased from Audicus are by far superior in quality of hearing and comfort. Your staff was great in recommending the aBlue model. I have already recommended your company to several of my friends. Fantastic Price and great quality and superior hearing.


7/8/2014 from Susan B. on 01/1/1970

How about in one word - "fantastolistic". Hope it continues. I've already recommended Audicus to friends.

Far Better Than I Expected

4/25/2016 from David G. on 01/1/1970

I received my Dia hearing aids pretty quickly after my order. I did a lot of research on online options, used hearing aids, low cost options through my audiologist, PSAPs, etc. I am very please with the Dia aids so far. I might need to have them boosted a touch more, but I have notice an improvement in my everyday life. I've also been very pleased with the sound quality. At my audiologist's office I had tried to different brands, one of which was clear and one which sounded tinny. These sound clear and not at all tinny. I have mild to moderate hearing loss across the spectrum, so my needs and experience might be different than others, but I am very please thus far.

Fast Service

10/30/2013 from Christopher S. on 01/1/1970

Fast service. Accurate hearing aid programming. High quality hearing aids.

Fast and respectful help!

6/6/2014 from Tina W. on 01/1/1970

It was great all the help I got was fast and I was treated with respect thanks again!!!

Fast service

10/16/2013 from Mike A. on 01/1/1970

Fast service, including two calls from Edson to make sure I wa satisfied. I was!!

Fast service and reliable!

11/25/2014 from Sinchita S. on 01/1/1970

Audicus products are affordable yet effective. I am very happy with the pair I got. The service was also fast and reliable. It is a great initiative for thousands out there who struggle to buy hearing aids through conventional ways.

First time user

4/29/2014 from Crystal C. on 01/1/1970

As a first time user although I'm still getting used to my hearing aid. I have liked everything so far.

Friendly Service, Knowledgeable Employees

7/30/2013 from Abby D. on 01/1/1970

Was a good experience and would buy from audicus again. Friendly service, knowledgeable employees, and inexpensive hearing aids in the world of expensive ones. I would definitely recommend and use them again!

Generally pleased. Great Product.

6/6/2014 from Jerry S. on 01/1/1970

I'm generally pleased with the hearing aids. As always, it takes some time getting completely used to the new way of hearing, but it sure is nice to be able to hear the birds singing in my front yard. I probably will need to send the aids in for a slight reprogramming to fix the raspiness of some of the letter combinations, e.g., sh and s at the end of a word, A great product, at a fair price.

Glad I tried it

6/9/2015 from Michael P. on 01/1/1970

The information and purchase of the hearing aids was very easy and very affordable. After wearing name brand hearing aids for many years, I am glad I stepped outside the box and purchase my Ablue hearing aids.


2/13/2014 from Bill M. on 01/1/1970

It was good, very informative.


7/9/2014 from Brenda L. on 01/1/1970

I can hear things I have not heard in a long time

Good Service

10/20/2015 from Maragret Z. on 01/1/1970

I found the agent very helpful.

Good company and people

4/29/2014 from Sheila on 01/1/1970

We were so excited to see your advertising and your prices. Your customer service is wonderful and then getting us the hearing devices was in record time.. They arrived in perfect condition and with good directions for use etc. From the first I put them in they were comfortable and the remote made it simple to control. Thanks so much for a good company and people.

Good job!

5/14/2014 from Joe C. on 01/1/1970

Answered all my questions, didn't pressure me and has followed through. I have had my aids for three weeks and still get a friendly email once a week which I think is good business because there is always something helpful not just marketing. Good job, all of you

Good quality at a low price!

6/6/2014 from Mike D. on 01/1/1970

Very positive. I'm a first time hearing aid user. I appreciate the good quality of the device, at a low price. I do wish my instruction manual for the basic remote have my information. I'm still trying to determine if the can shut-off the hearing aid with the basic remote. That would be very handy if I could.

Good reponse!

12/23/2014 from Peggy T. on 01/1/1970

Good response from staff.

Good value

6/9/2015 from Vaughan C. on 01/1/1970

I tested high end hearing aids for 6 months and then bought Adicus. price point was good and the hearing aids provide good average performance for the price. accessories ie buds etc are way overpriced but that's to be expected with a captive market and no other source.


8/7/2014 from Rick P. on 01/1/1970

Good price and good quality. Really like the external control to adjust sound

Good, Helpful and Issue Free

7/9/2013 from Bill M. on 01/1/1970

So far it has been good, helpful and issue free.


6/9/2015 from Colin C. on 01/1/1970

Great - couldn't fault anything about the process of selecting or buying the hearing aids.


9/4/2015 from James A. on 01/1/1970

Easy to wear, and they work great.

Great Experience

12/23/2013 from Michael P. on 01/1/1970

Everyone answered my questions via email, Web chat, and on the phone as well. It was great experience as I was a little skeptical at doing this specially after having name brand hearing for over 30 years.

Great Experience

3/12/2015 from Christina D. on 01/1/1970

Great experience. Simple and straight forward.

Great Experience

5/1/2013 from Frank on 01/1/1970

This has been a great experience - the hearing aids are quality products and they do what they say - extremely glad.

Great Experience

5/16/2014 from Tina W. on 01/1/1970

my experience with Audicus was great my emails where answered really fast, they helped me with choosing the right color and the right hearing aid. Thanks again.

Great Experience

5/23/2014 from Maureen C. on 01/1/1970

It is a great experience but does take a little getting use to.

Great Folllow Through

9/17/2015 from Ray B. on 01/1/1970

Great customer serivce and follow-up!

Great Product at Reasonable Price

12/23/2013 from Mark S. on 01/1/1970

It took me a while to figure out how things work. A visit to 39th Street and your helpful tech guy cleared everything up. He said that I had not gotten the right aBlue manual, and I had never gotten a manual for the Bluetooth remote at all. But he gave me copies of both manuals. Anyway, the main news is good. I feel that I am hearing a lot more better. I feel it, and my family feels it. They say I am much more involved in conversations. The sound comes through good and loud, and I believe there is plenty of power. The sound does seem a bit tinny to me, especially at top volume. Music doesn´t sound like what comes out of our stereo. But in general I am very pleased, say 4 on a scale of 5. I appreciate your following up. I think Audicus aBlue is a good product at a reasonable price, and I would recommend it to others.

Great Quality Product

12/23/2013 from Lou M. on 01/1/1970

So far the aBlue I recently is working very well. I am easily getting used to what setting to use in different situations. It is very easy to insert and switching between the four setting is easy too. I would like to have had the bluetooth feature as well. Overall I am very happy with aBlue and look forward to getting one for my other ear in the near future. I think the power setting is just about right and good for me.

Great Quality and Value

2/15/2016 from Tom C. on 01/1/1970

Service was excellent (especially Alison) and the quality is very good while priced $1000's lower than anything available locally.

Great Service!

8/17/2015 from Elizabeth N. on 01/1/1970

Matt was of great help. He answered all of my questions and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.

Great Staff

12/23/2013 from Milton L on 01/1/1970

The staff is great! Paid a bit extra to get my hearing aid faster. Got them before the time I had to have them.

Great Staff

12/23/2013 from Robert A on 01/1/1970

Renata was very informative, helped me with my order and answered all my question.

Great Technology Coupled with Excellent Service

5/6/2013 from Dave Johnson on 01/1/1970

I purchased Audicus’ aBlue hearing aids with a Bluetooth controller. While no hearing aid expert, the sound beats the expectation I had at any price point. The instruments are small and light weight, easy to forget you are wearing them. Service has been outstanding. Allison, who works the service desk, is friendly yet professional. As a new user of hearing aids, one can imagine several user ineptitude issues surfaced in the first couple of days. Allison got me through the rough spots. On one question she had Edson, their technician, call me to explain the technology. He was also a joy to work with. If you are on the fence on whether to purchase online from Audicus, my recommendation is to take them up on their 45 return policy. I am confident you will be very happy with your purchase.

Great Work!

3/12/2015 from Robert W. on 01/1/1970

Everyone was super helpful and I have really enjoyed my experience with my hearing aid thus far. Very good work.

Great customer service!

6/9/2015 from Dante A. on 01/1/1970

Great customer service...!!!

Great experience

2/2/2016 from Jacquelyn M. on 01/1/1970

Less intimidated than you might think!

Great experience

6/9/2015 from Richard P. on 01/1/1970

Very good experience. Affordable prices and Audicus customized the settings based on my hearing exam.

Great experience

7/30/2015 from Samuel E. on 01/1/1970

It has been a very very good experience.

Great from Start to Finish

10/28/2015 from Bill Q. on 01/1/1970

As a first-time user of hearing aids, I appreciate how Audicus walked me through the process of selecting the correct hearing aids, programming them to match my audiometric test results, and delivering them at low cost. Website, online chat, and telephone communications have all been very helpful.

Great hearing aid

11/25/2014 from Gary K. on 01/1/1970

good service great hearing aid great price no salesperson trying to sell Me something at a rediculous price.

Great in Noisy Environments

11/25/2015 from Carl C. on 01/1/1970

I was able to COPE with my hearing loss when I was in a quiet environment. My problem was in a noisy environment, a restaurant, a bar, or meeting when several people were talking. After getting my DIA, I was amazed how I was able understand a person's voice in a noisy environment. I also have tinnitus. When wearing the DIA, my tinnitus is reduced significantly. Even though I was able to cope with my hearing loss in a quiet environment, now it is easier to understand people. I even like how it looks. When I put it in, I feel like a Borg from Star Trek. I have owned them for a year.

Great investment!

6/12/2015 from Doreen H. on 01/1/1970

Read about Audicus on-line and ordered hearing aids on-line. They arrived in about ten days and work fantastically well. They were less than half the price of local suppliers.

Great performance, top-notch customer service

9/19/2014 from David on 01/1/1970

aBlues from Audicus are the first hearing aids I've ever had. I was a little wary of ordering my first set online versus buying them through my ENT, but the savings were incredible and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The performance of these units is great- in most environments the difference in sound quality with and without the aids is quite noticeable. Feedback is minimal, the hearing aids are comfortable, and the battery life is pretty good (7-8 days per set of batteries). Customer service has been excellent and they've been quick to respond to any questions or concerns I've had, both before and after purchase. Highly recommended.

Great product

6/18/2015 from Michael M. on 01/1/1970

Great Product. I have been very pleased with my purchase. I have told several people. I would recommend Audicus to anyone looking for a hearing aide.

Great product

9/6/2013 from David T. on 01/1/1970

My whole interaction with Audicus was easy and simple. What a great product.

Great service and great prices

10/28/2014 from Larry J. on 01/1/1970

Two aids I love both of thm great service and great prices

Great with the phone!

11/7/2013 from Al Bennett on 01/1/1970

My experience has been almost phenomenal. As an example, I am using the telephone in my left ear. aBlue is on my right ear. Greater volume all the way through because there's nothing in between. Get the joke? Great with phone. I have no complaints. I will be staying with you the next time I get a hearing aid.


10/19/2015 from Walter J. on 01/1/1970

My son and I recently discovered Audicus independently. I am the one with hearing issues. I went to a ENT and had a full exam including a hearing test. I obtained a copy of my audiogram. I contacted Audicus and asked how we get started. I e-mailed the audiogram go them. I bought two Dia. I read the instructions, watched a video and put them on. The difference was stunning. after a few days of use it became the new norm for me. I don't even realize they are behind my ears. They are almost invisible. I point them out to people and they still have a hard time seeing them. Great product, great service and a super value.


12/23/2014 from Mario R. on 01/1/1970

its just what i needed, i feel that i was reborn and can hear the crackling of a dollar bill, cars zooming by. Its great!


12/29/2015 from Kat W. on 01/1/1970

Everything was great and easy to use!


6/24/2015 from Brian B. on 01/1/1970

Easy to access and understand!


6/9/2015 from Milton L. on 01/1/1970



6/17/2014 from Christie B. on 01/1/1970

When I found out I needed hearing aids, I was sickened to hear they would be between $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 per ear. I researched and found your site and paid less for both ears. It was great!


4/6/2015 from Philip M. on 01/1/1970

Always pleased with my experience with Audicus.

Happy So Far

10/9/2015 from Robert D. on 01/1/1970

I am very satisfied with the experience I had dealing with Audicus. I would definitely recommend to others.

Hearing Again Is Wonderful

10/14/2015 from Raymond S. on 01/1/1970

I hear things now that I can't remember ever hearing before.

Hearing Again!

8/17/2015 from Maurice W. on 01/1/1970

Your web site gave me insight of the hearing aid market. I read a lot of your customer reviews and I felt confident with my decision to purchase my hearing aids from Audicus. I am now hearing sounds that I haven't herd in years.

Hearing Well for the First Time

4/1/2016 from Joan F. on 01/1/1970

I've had mine for 3 days now and for the first time in a long time I can actually hear the TV at a normal volume.

Hearing aids are great!

3/9/2016 from George S. on 01/1/1970

As a chauffeur I had difficulty hearing my passengers. Now I can hear them clearly and life is much easier.

Hearing aids are great!

6/25/2013 from John L. on 01/1/1970

Pleasant, professional... that's all I wanted. The hearing aids are great - I can hear myself walk in my Crocs and the morning is a symphony of birds and bugs. OK, maybe too many birds and bugs!

Hearing better than ever

5/23/2014 from Edward C. on 01/1/1970

Searched online for Bluetooth-enabled aids. Found Audicus. Asked several questions online and received prompt, concise replies which enable decision to try. Obtained and sent audiogram and received my aids and Bluetooth accessories promptly. Needed assistance setting-up Bluetooth connection to my cellular phone. Online chat help worked with me very conscientiously and pleasantly and solved my problem. I am hearing better than ever and really enjoy listening to music wirelessly while exercising.

Hearing clear!

11/13/2014 from Jerry V. on 01/1/1970

I can HEAR clearly now !

Hearing has significantly improved

10/6/2015 from Robert P. on 01/1/1970

This new hearing has significantly improved my hearing compared to the old hearing aids I was using.

Helpful Team

3/19/2015 from Bill M. on 01/1/1970

Online chat was especially helpful. Thank you.

Helpful support!

12/31/2013 from Amy B. on 01/1/1970

Very helpful and when I didn't receive a manual for the bluetooth remote, they sent a manual via e-mail right away.

Highly recommended!

1/2/2015 from Robert G. on 01/1/1970

Overall great experience. Quality product. Quality service. Great response time. I would highly recommend.

I Can Hear!!

3/15/2016 from Carol K. on 01/1/1970

I received my hearing aids today. I since I've never worn hearing aids before I figured it would take a week or two for me to get used to them. Surprise, was I wrong. I read the booklet, put in the batteries, put them on and was shocked. I can hear sounds I had no idea I was missing. The Dia's were exactly what I needed. The price was a true blessing. Live Chat and Customer Service have been fantastic! I highly recommend Audicus and these hearing aids. Awesome!!!

I am part of the conversation again!

9/6/2013 from Doris S. on 01/1/1970

I love the fact I don't get a lot of background noise. I love that they are very comfortable to wear. I love that I can hear everyone's conversations when we are out in a group. I tried an inexpensive hearing amplifier just before buying the Audicus hearing aid, and it only made everything louder - I still couldn't make out the conversations. Now I can. It's very isolating to be missing out on the conversations because you can't make out what people are saying. It's embarrassing always asking people to repeat themselves. Eventually you stop asking and just smile and agree without knowing what is going on. Now with my Audicus hearing aids, I am part of the conversation again!

I am so happy

2/12/2014 from Tuesday B. on 01/1/1970

Ordering was fast simple and accurate. The choices were diverse and good explanations of what each hearing aid was for. The hearing aid is exactly as I chose from the website picture and description and comes with a great instruction booklet. I am so happy with my hearing aid and wish I had gotten one years ago.

I am so happy to have Audicus.

6/6/2014 from Germain H. on 01/1/1970

What a difference with the previous hearing devices I had previously (furnished by the Quebec Governvent). Fortunately, I lost them. The directives in your booklet were so clear and user's friendly. I am so happy to have found you on the net.

I can hear again!

4/9/2014 from Jerry P. on 01/1/1970

The product info was cut and dry. I was able to figure exactly what I was looking for. So far I am very happy with my purchase. I can hear again!

I can hear birds again!

1/22/2014 from David K. on 01/1/1970

helpful people great prices top notch item. these are great I can hear birds in the morning again. My wife and friends don`t have to yell anymore.

I can hear the wind!

12/8/2014 from Mario R. on 01/1/1970

I can finally hear, the wind, the crackle on dollar bills so crisp.

I can hear! They worked perfectly right away!

9/10/2014 from Sandra S. on 01/1/1970

I am so thrilled with my eBlue hearing aids, and remote! I sent in my hearing test audiogram, and Audicus programmed it to each ear. I'd had surgery to remove a tumor from one ear, so the hearing loss in each ear was completely different. I also ordered a remote control, it controls the volume and program switching on both hearing aids. I couldn't wait to try them out. They cost $700 less than the least expensive similar pair at a place where an audiologist would adjust them if needed. That place charged $2000 for two hearing aids and remote. Well they worked perfectly! As soon as I put them in my ears. The TV volume went from a volume setting of 35 to 21. I am sitting here and I can hear every single word on the TV, from across the room. I had been reading closed captioning subtitles for several years. Now I can hear the TV perfectly! Spoke on the phone just fine (I do not have the Bluetooth option). Spoke to neighbors outside just fine. I hear noises like my shoes on the pavement, the whistle at the schoolground several blocks away Can't wait to hear crickets tonight! I'd thought maybe crickets were disappearing due to global warming, but people told me no, crickets are very loud this time of year. I am just thrilled. I am so happy. Thank you Audicus! I highly recommend Audicus to everyone that has any hearing problems. And their online help has been so very helpful, answering all my questions. Thank you again.

I had no idea what I was missing!

6/9/2014 from Barbara L. on 01/1/1970

I am so happy to have found Audicus. I knew that I was struggling somewhat to hear at the office, but I had no idea how much I was really missing until I received my aBlues and tried them out. I would still be putting off getting hearing aids because of the cost had I not found Audicus.

I hear so much better!

2/9/2016 from Shirley B. on 01/1/1970

I love the idea that they are quite discrete. I hear so much better now.

I love them

7/30/2013 from Robert F. on 01/1/1970

All of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly both before and after the sale. I've only had them for about a week and I love them. I'm amazed at what I've gotten used to not hearing!

I recommend Audicus

6/6/2014 from Susan S. on 01/1/1970

I found I needed hearing aids but could not afford them. The hearing specialist showed me models that were well over $6000 dollars! I researched companies online and found Audicus. The hearing aids were a fourth of the cost and I was able to get accessories to let me hook up with Bluetooth. I have recommended Audicus to anyone who needs help with their hearing.

I'm Hearing & Breathing easy too!

7/30/2014 from Jim P. on 01/1/1970

The first time I bought hearing aides was from a major company for $6000. I had more trouble with them than not. when then things started breaking on them, well, so much for your life time guarantee. The only reason I tried this pair of aBlue hearing aides was they offered a 45 day money back guarantee. Honestly, I have not heard this good since before I had a hearing problem. aBlue is a very good quality product and the company is customer oriented. I paid $1198 for a pair of aBlue compaired to $6000, well that's where the breathing easing comes in now. I would buy another pair of hearing aides from this company anytime. Jim Progin


2/27/2014 from James M. on 01/1/1970

New I needed hearing aids but didn't want to spend $5,000.00 on them. Started searching the internet and kept seeing your name coming up. Sent in my audiological report to see if you could help. Said the eblues would help so went ahead and ordered them. It was very easy and so far I'm impressed with them.

Improved hearing and speech recognition

10/30/2013 from Bill H. on 01/1/1970

I have been using my Ablue for about a month. I bought one for my left ear. It definitely has improved my hearing and speech recognition. I feel much more at ease in meetings and crowded room situations where I don't have to strain to hear conversation. I will be buying one for my right ear as my budget permits-probably within a month.

In Love with my Dias

3/23/2016 from Robert H. on 01/1/1970

Your sales people were very helpful, Courteous, and patient. I had been to a hearing testing site and they had informed me of my need to wear a hearing. They we very informative, but really marked up the report, and we're very reluctant to let me leave with even the marked up test report. They offered free trial, but the end result would still be very expensive (more than twice your cost-for just one ear!) I have shown friends my Dia, and they were impressed with the compact size, and quality. Comfort wise I sometimes forget that I have them in place. Hearing wise I notice a lot of improvement- especially in high pitched voices, and music. My wife also does not complain of a blaring TV anymore.

In one word - AWESOME

5/31/2014 from James on 01/1/1970

First things first. I was very skeptical about buying hearing aids on line. My audiologist and a couple of hearing aid sales places told me you should never do that. Poppycock!. Although I've not talked with a human in this endeavor I am exceptionally pleased with how AUDICUS operates. I was very uneasy about hitting the pay now button, but I did anyway. I ordered my aBlues (left and right) with the blue tooth controller on a Friday. I actually received an email on the following Wednesday that my order was shipped and on Friday received them. I was then a little skeptical about if they had been programmed correctly. I followed all the instructions (I’m a first time wearer), and they sounded better than the aids I tried in the audiologist office. I've had them now for a couple of days and I’m absolutely amazed. Although my diagnosis was mild to moderate I simply did not know how much I was missing. I find myself smiling every once in a while when I hear sounds that I typically never here. Like birds, not the loud ones like Cardinals but the small peeps of finches. I could not be more satisfied. Just for some complete honesty, I never realized how annoying someone crumpling paper could be, but I’m happy to put up with that for the benefit of hearing my wife in a crowded restaurant. Oh, I can’t believe I used the word Poppycock. Thank you AUDICUS. Same hearing aids one third the price.

It is a great hearing aid!

5/16/2014 from Dennis C. on 01/1/1970

My original vendor wanted a $2000-$3000 replacement cost for lost hearing aid. This motivated me to go to Google to price hearing aids. I was uncomfortable purchasing an unknown (Audicus) on line. I was impressed with the use of your user friendly website, during purchasing, and during the tracking of its delivery. My initial discomfort forced me to use your website listed phone number. I spoke to Ed Macilla who's professionalism put me at rest. I also received a follow-up call from Allison who also put me at ease. My hearing aid replace cost through Audicus was $599. It is a great hearing aid!

It's all good

9/3/2015 from Tom P. on 01/1/1970

Good cost structure and product performs well as advertised.

Just As Good as the Expensive Ones!

10/23/2015 from Benson A. on 01/1/1970

These are just as good as the aids the audiologist tested on me. I could not be more pleased to purchase from Audicus.

Just got my aBlues today!

9/21/2013 from Maryann on 01/1/1970

I got my aBlues today! No one is home to talk to, but I went to the bank and grocery store with them. Everything seems so loud and my own voice sounds so loud. I might have them on the wrong program....have to play with them and see. Turned my car radio down from #26 to #20. TV went way down also. Can't wait to watch a movie tonight and see how it goes! Very excited!


8/17/2015 from Barbara S. on 01/1/1970

The people at Audicus are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They were so reassuring and helpful!

Life changing.

6/9/2014 from Jesse C. on 01/1/1970

Easy to get information, helpful, life changing.

Life is Good

11/19/2015 from Ralph B. on 01/1/1970

I feel like I can now sit in the living room with my husband and watch TV. Volume is now set at 32 with the new hearing Aide as opposed to 100! We now can hear when we are talking, makes for better quality of life at a wonderful price.

Like a lot

6/20/2013 from R. Finnan on 01/1/1970

I tried the a-soul unsuccessfully and switched to the a-swing which I like a lot. Now I am trying the e-blue with mini-tek and it will be great to be able to have bluetooth, other devices, t-coil and fm streamed to it and have the a-swing as backup or visa versa, at less of a cost of 1 hearing aid in a store.

Love My Hearing Aids

10/15/2015 from Tony F. on 01/1/1970

I am now on my second set of Audicus aids as my hearing has declined over the past few years. I am very satisfied with both the service and the hearing aids themselves. Repeat customers like myself speak for the product and the company!

Love my Programs

1/29/2016 from Raymond J. on 01/1/1970

It is great to be able to change the programs in different environments.

Love my aBlues

9/18/2013 from Robert Fried on 01/1/1970

I've had my aBlues for almost 2 months. These are my first hearing aids. I find that speech recognition in a variety of environments is so much better. Sometimes I am surprised by voices that pop out in a noisy environment or at considerable distances. But mostly I am happy with the intelligibility during conversations. There are so fewer times that I find myself asking "what?"

Love the Service

10/26/2015 from Judy L. on 01/1/1970

Customer Service has been fabulous!

Love them

6/15/2015 from Charlotte C. on 01/1/1970

This is my second round of aids from Audicus

Love them

8/3/2015 from Nick O. on 01/1/1970

Great people and wonderful service. This is my 2nd set of hearing aids while it is my first set from Audicus. They are far superior to my last set!

Love them!

9/30/2015 from Monica A. on 01/1/1970

I received them & I love them. Thanks You!

Loved it!

7/10/2014 from Gail G. on 01/1/1970

I loved the fact that I could get an inexpensive hearing aid without a lot of fuss and bother. It works very well and I thank you for the service.

Loving my Aids

1/5/2016 from Luis T. on 01/1/1970

I love my Dia hearing aid. It's small, lightweight, and works great!

Most Satisfied

7/9/2013 from Carl H. on 01/1/1970

Purchasing my first hearing aid and doing so online can be a bit daunting. My questions and concerns were promptly and thoroughly addressed by Allison. As I near the end of my trial period, I am most satisfied with the product and the service.

Motivated me to get hearing aids!

5/2/2013 from Julietta on 01/1/1970

Audicus is what motivated me to get hearing aids. Without this company, I would have never gotten them - they are just way too expensive! The mark-up is absolutely outrageous. Audicus cuts the middleman and it makes it worth-it. ALL of my experiences with this company have been GREAT. And I am not easy to please! I would recommend Audicus to ANYBODY. Great product, great price, great customer service.

Much Improved Hearing

9/28/2015 from Robert W. on 01/1/1970

My hearing is much improved and I enjoy my hearing aid. I forget that I have them on most of the time. Thank you

Much better conversations

12/20/2013 from William W. on 01/1/1970

I very much enjoyed being able to better hear and participate in conversations in a group setting without asking people to repeat themselves or say "pardon". A great experience from start to finish, including one week turnaround and duty free for Canada. The only extra charge was a $14 processing fee charged by the local courier.... a very small fee considering the huge cost savings of the aBlue hearing aids compared to Canadian pricing.

My Experience So far

11/17/2015 from Emily G. on 01/1/1970

I had originally ordered the Uno model even though your phone assistance suggested to try the Dia. I wanted the hearing device completely hidden as I had already owned a pair that rested on the top of the ear like the Dia. After trying the Uno for a couple of weeks (after you adjusted the levels for me), I found that it was blocking my hearing canal thereby giving me the sensation of blocked ears like when one has a cold or earplugs in the ear. Also, the physical sensation of having an object that size in my ear was bothersome. So, I sent them back and received the Dia model. I have worn them for about two weeks now and find them to be excellent with one exception. I really appreciate your good service over the phone and also the fact that you honored my return of the Unos. I definitely like your prices and your business model. I have no issue with busting the monopoly that audiologists have in selling hearing devices. I don’t mind paying for their services, but their hearing device pricing is ludicrous. Since your mail order method actually works, I didn’t mind the wait to get the right product but my worries were definitely assured by your helpful operators who speak English clearly!

My life is back

6/15/2015 from Robert G. on 01/1/1970

After suffering for years with a combination of debilitating tinnitis and progressive hearing loss I sought the help of a hearing specialist who suggested that hearing aids could help both my issues. Shocked by the cost of hearing aids locally, I decided to do some comparative shopping on the internet. I found your site and was impressed with both your products and your prices. I forwarded to you the required information and in no time I had my hearing aids. After wearing them for only a short while I realized that they had drastically reduced my tinnitus and greatly increased my hearing. All I can say after more than a year, is thank you, you have given me back my life.

Never thought hearing could be possible again

6/20/2013 from M. Rodriguez on 01/1/1970

At first I was suspicious about the brand and quality. I was so surprised. I never thought hearing could be possible again. I especially like the sound quality. I don't get the annoying feeling of being like in a barrel where you could hear yourself breathe and you could hear the air around you.

Nice Product

11/24/2015 from Dave A. on 01/1/1970

I have just received the product and I am satisfied.

Nice box, easy to use

5/14/2014 from Kevin L. on 01/1/1970

The Hearing aid came in a nice box and was very easy to use.

No Complaints

3/24/2016 from Michael L. on 01/1/1970

They're great-- no complaints.

No Complaints

8/10/2015 from Christina D. on 01/1/1970

I've had a great experience from the beginning!

No Complaints

9/23/2015 from Fredrick L. on 01/1/1970

Quick and Helpful.

No Fuss

11/3/2015 from on 01/1/1970

Much easier than I expected and noticeable improvement in hearing even with just one ear. It's Practically invisible and there was no fuss at all in getting the device once I sent in the audiogram.

Only site I know with quality hearing aids at realistic price

10/22/2013 from John P., MD on 01/1/1970

I am a physician, I don’t see how people afford their hearing aids. I recently lost mine and it had cost me $1300. That was with a significant professional discount from my ENT. It was hard to start shopping for another given how easy they are to break or loose. I looked at Costco. Prices were better than the $5000 my audiologist told me it would be if I went for both ears this time around. (1 ear was marginal when I got my last HA) Quite frankly, the audiologist I spoke to at Costco was rude and I cancelled my appointment with him. Costco's price for 2 was $1800 and a lot better than the audiologist price. At first I though Audicus must be a scam or selling Chinese knock offs. But they did offer a 45 day return and had some good reviews. So I ordered 2 open ear hearing aids with a remote. Had them in 5 days. They are made in Germany and perform better than the 4 year old Siemens I had replaced. Total cost for 2 ears and a remote, just under $1300. Everyone who is considering a hearing aid should look at this site. Hearing aids cost about $100 to make. Audicus is the only site I know that sells quality hearing aids at a realistic price. I hope they will keep it up.

Opens up a new world!

9/27/2013 from Mike A. on 01/1/1970

I can't believe it. From a chance glance on the web till I can hear perfectly, in only 1 week! My local audiologist was perfectly comfortable selling me top of the line hearing aids for $5600.00, obviously never mentioning Audicus. $1200.00 later and I have the same aids and a whole new world open to me. Congratulations Audicus, especially Ed who saw me through the few steps involved. Only problem with the aBlue is yu quickly forget you are wearing it!! Our group of social workers and home workers say they are going to put the link on their site. Thanks again!


4/29/2014 from Charles H. on 01/1/1970

Outstanding, much better than analog aids I tried in the past.

Overall, Pretty Good!

12/21/2015 from Marilyn F. on 01/1/1970

Overall pleased with price, quality of sound and comfort.

Overly Satisfied

1/7/2016 from Cory S. on 01/1/1970

I love Audicus! I saved almost two grand by doing my research and finding them. Their customer service is amazing as well, I'm overly satisfied.

Pleasant Experience

9/18/2015 from Jim G. on 01/1/1970

It has been a very pleasant experience.


12/10/2014 from Wes S. on 01/1/1970

Very pleasant and informative

Pleasant, Helpful

5/23/2014 from Patricia P. on 01/1/1970

Generous in answering questions. Pleasant. Helpful.

Pleasantly surprised

6/2/2015 from Randy Z. on 01/1/1970

Purchased the Dia hearing aids back in January. Had almost forgotten how noisy tree frogs and insects can be sitting on the porch. Worth getting, just takes getting used to (normal background noises sounds loud when first starting out, but within the first week you tune them out) I treat them like my glasses, on 1st thing in the morning and remove them when I go to bed. Batteries average about 8 days. Only time I notice them now is a little feedback when I have my hand near my ear(s) or sitting in a high back chair watching TV.


4/2/2014 from David H. on 01/1/1970

I am quite pleased overall.


4/24/2015 from Donald S. on 01/1/1970

Have had my hearing aids for 18 months and they work well. I'm very pleased with them.


6/9/2015 from John P. on 01/1/1970

I was very pleased

Pleased with my experience!

11/13/2014 from Vien on 01/1/1970

I am pleased with my experience with Audicus. The product is as advertised, and customer service was second to none. I'm confident in knowing that if I have any problems with my hearing aids, I will get the support that I need.

Positive Experience

6/9/2015 from Sydella H. on 01/1/1970

My experience has been positive. Hearing aids are performing as they should and I am satisfied with them. Contact with Audicus has always been positive.

Positive First Experience

8/14/2014 from Richard B. on 01/1/1970

I was a little reluctant to purchase my first pair of hearing aids from an internet supplier. However; Audicus provided all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I have only had the hearing aids for a few days and have not had time to fully assess the product; but, so far the experience has been a positive one.

Pretty Easy

11/14/2015 from Ben H. on 01/1/1970

The entire process has been pretty easy.

Pretty impressed...

6/27/2014 from Joshua on 01/1/1970

So far so good. At first some of the sounds were harsh but it is less so now. My brother paid $6,000 for his hearing aids. I am impressed with the quality of the hearing aids. When i have called all my questions were answered. One thing i noticed when i called was the sound quality of the person i was talking to was poor. I had to strain to understand some if what was being said. From a first impression stand point this could translate poorly on the hearing aids and cause some one to think the aids are of put quality.

Price I can afford

6/9/2015 from David F. on 01/1/1970

I knew I was having a problem hearing in some settings so I went to an audiologist. I could not afford her recommended aids, but she was kind enough to give me my test results. I shared them with Audicus; and within two weeks, I was hearing and enjoying life at a price I could afford.


1/28/2015 from Harold R. on 01/1/1970

Very good, answered all my questions in a timely matter Got hearing fast, all personal were professional


5/21/2013 from Richard B. on 01/1/1970

Trouble free Professional

Professional, excellent service!

5/14/2014 from Joy M. on 01/1/1970

Absolutely professional and excellent service. I was a bit leery at first since I live in Canada but so far, so good!

Prompt and precise

11/25/2014 from Carolyn R. on 01/1/1970

Great service and when I had a technical question, they were very prompt and precise. Answered my question exactly.

Quality Improvement hearing aid and Reasonable Price

12/23/2013 from Tim R. on 01/1/1970

Finally a reasonable, quality hearing aid solution at a reasonable price! All of it is covered by my company health coverage.

Quality Product All Around

9/9/2015 from Sharon H. on 01/1/1970

Quality Product that works well + Reasonable, Affordable Cost + Excellent Service = Happy Customer

Quality Product, Quality Service and Value.

12/23/2013 from Alan J. on 01/1/1970

Very pleased with the unit, Fast delivery. Have already recommended to a friend. Your question 1 st time user. Answer is both Yes $ No. Tried a few years ago and found them to be fine. Now I really do need hearing aids, but cost remained an issue. Audicus provides quality service, quality product and value. I would strongly recommend Audicus to fellow Canadians.

Received very next day

7/30/2013 from Ron on 01/1/1970

I was Well informed, Very fast and accurate response time to my questions, as well as a very fast shipment time. Received my hearing aid the very next day that it was shipped.

Recommend to fellow Canadians

11/7/2013 from Alan J. on 01/1/1970

Very pleased with the units, Fast delivery. Have already recommended to a friend. Your question 1st time user... Answer is both Yes & No. Tried a few years ago and found them to be fine, but too expensive,ie, something I could do without, at that time. I returned them to that provider. Now I really do need hearing aids, but cost remained an issue. Audicus provides quality service, quality product, and value. I would strongly recommend Audicus to fellow Canadians.

Recommending Audicus to friends

9/9/2013 from Garrett W. on 01/1/1970

This is my first time wearing hearing aids. I purchased the A-blue aids and have been very pleased with them. I didn't have any trouble installing them and the directions were complete and clear. I have recommended Audicus to a couple of my friends that are thinking about getting hearing aids.

Remote is critical

10/30/2013 from Gary C. on 01/1/1970

The aBlue hearing aids are great. I use the remote often and find it to be a critical piece of equipment.

Seamless Experience

10/13/2015 from Lindsey S. on 01/1/1970

World opening. I never really understood how bad my hearing was until I got my hearing aids. My audicus experience was seamless.

Serves me well

6/9/2015 from Gary C. on 01/1/1970

Saved me a lot of money and the hearing aids have served me well.

Service is great

10/21/2013 from J. Rodgers on 01/1/1970

I am very pleased with the Hearing Aids and your service has been great

Service is great

6/9/2015 from Ana S. on 01/1/1970

i Love my pair of hearing aids! My life quality has improved a lot and I can't imagine myself without them anymore! The service is great

Shipped Right Away

8/28/2013 from James K. on 01/1/1970

The ordering experience was just fine. Audicus shipped right away , and when I later ordered the basic remote it too was shipped right off. I`m still getting accustomed to the aid itself, so I can`t give a complete review of that as of now.

Simple Process, Great Aids!

3/31/2016 from Tracey G. on 01/1/1970

The representative I spoke to was very knowledgeable, explained the process and answered all of my questions. I researched your company for about a year before deciding to contact you. It's been a learning curve to hear in my left ear again after so many years. I'm still getting used to hearing things on that side. But the hearing aid is great. The process was stress free. I've already recommended your company to others.

Simple, fast, and helpful

2/2/2015 from Frank G. on 01/1/1970

Customer service was very helpful. The process for ordering was very simple. Shipping was fast, and when I first put the hearing aid on I was surprised with the quality and how well I could hear myself. I am content with my Audicus experience.

Simply Love Them !

7/9/2013 from Glenda S. on 01/1/1970

Well I have only had them a couple of weeks now , but wow I have found that I am hearing things so much clearer now and also things that I can't remember hearing . But most of all my husband doesn't have to keep repeating him self and doesn't have to keep telling me to STOP yelling that he is in the same room as me and not down the back yard . So simply love them !

Smooth experience.

7/4/2014 from Christina C. on 01/1/1970

Everything went very smoothly. I have had hearing aids before without needing any follow up, so I thought Audius would be a good fit for me. I was right. Within 4 business days, I had my new hearing aids that work perfectly for me. The instructions are written very well and I am happy with the blue tooth option. I will definately get my next hearing aids from Audicus.

So Happy

7/9/2013 from Bonnie P. on 01/1/1970

These aids were for my 97 year old mother and we have been so happy with the results of having her hear us again. She is able to manage them very well by herself with us children only changing the batteries for her. Before she said she felt like an "idiot" as she could never join in the conversation. We are having a little issue in changing the volume on the aids as she says they can be a bit too loud and maybe you could help us out on this matter.

So far all is going well!

5/20/2014 from C. Michalek on 01/1/1970

Easy to order. (thanks for having paypal) Customer service is prompt and polite. So far (one week) all is going well.

So far so good!

2/13/2014 from Jennifer W. on 01/1/1970

Have only had them in a few days...so far so good.

So far so good.

10/3/2013 from David S. on 01/1/1970

So far so good. One week into using the device.

So helpful

5/1/2013 from C. Mack on 01/1/1970

very responsive, answered all my questions. very helpful

So helpful!

10/16/2013 from Louis C. on 01/1/1970

Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable . Especially Allison! Thankyou again for your patience, and in helping us find the best hearing aid for my special hearing needs.

Spectacular Service

4/19/2016 from Hector R. on 01/1/1970

I can so far only comment on your service with has been excellent! I misplaced the various domes that came with the set and you're already sending me another set-- Thank You!

Still Working

10/5/2015 from Sara P. on 01/1/1970

The hearing aid has worked very well from day one and they're still working good.

Still working great

6/9/2015 from Barbara L. on 01/1/1970

The Audicus staff person was courteous and helpful. There was no pressure. I received my hearing aids (aBlue) within a week of placing the order. I have had them over a year and they are still working great.

Super Helpful

4/16/2015 from Joy M. on 01/1/1970

I used your live chat to make sure I was ordering the correct accessories and presto! The order was complete. Matthew was an excellent help.

Super Value

1/28/2016 from Walter J. on 01/1/1970

My son and I recently discovered Audicus independently. I am the one with hearing issues. I went to a ENT and had a full exam including a hearing test. I obtained a copy of my audiogram. I contacted Audicus and asked how we get started. I e-mailed the audiogram go them. I bought two Dia. I read the instructions, watched a video and put them on. The difference was stunning. after a few days of use it became the new norm for me. I don't even realize they are behind my ears. They are almost invisible. I point them out to people and they still have a hard time seeing them. Great product, great service and a super value.

Suprised at how easy it was

1/22/2014 from Maria B. on 01/1/1970

I was very curious to see how the hearing aid would work for me without the expert (face to face) adjusting the program and the directions for the device. I was surprise how easy it was to follow directions on the manual and on YouTube about how to use them. It was an option that worked for me and I did not expended the large amount of money on hearing aids that my doctor recommended me to have.

Surprised at how well it worked

6/20/2013 from Noah H. on 01/1/1970

The box arrived today and I was excited to try them out. My initial impression was that I was surprised at how well it worked and that the clock in my office actually ticks. I'm looking forward to trying them in the real world.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

10/10/2013 from Roman on 01/1/1970


Thank you

6/9/2015 from Jerry M. on 01/1/1970

you are making it possible for me to hear and i thank you for that.

Thank you, Thank oyu, Thank YOU!

7/15/2015 from Dean D. on 01/1/1970

It is amazing that you guys sell these products for so much less than what my doctor wanted to charge me. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times more. I can't believe I am paying 44 a month to hear good, that is unbelievable!

Thanks Audicus!

4/2/2015 from Len G. on 01/1/1970

I would like to thank Audicus for the professional assistance I received while ordering my hearing aids. I would also like to send a personal thanks to Rebecca. She talked to me with genuine concern about my hearing; that made me feel good and thanks to her, I am living loudly.


4/16/2015 from Douglas S. on 01/1/1970

Sara was most helpful in helping me find what I needed. Thanks for everything!


11/23/2015 from Judie G. on 01/1/1970

I love your products so much. The Dia is my 4th set of aids and they are superior to any product I have ever used (including the a-swing from Audicus The Dia is THE BEST aid on the market in my opinion.

The best!

12/23/2014 from Lamar M. on 01/1/1970

Audicus is the best

They make you feel welcome

12/31/2013 from Ellie O. on 01/1/1970

I felt very welcome, as though I were part of your family. Your help was amazing.

They work great

8/27/2015 from Jared R. on 01/1/1970

Helpful, Prompt, Responsive

They're Great!

11/4/2015 from Lonnie D. on 01/1/1970

Great experience!

They've helped me in many ways

8/7/2015 from John S. on 01/1/1970

Changed my perception of my surroundings. They really helped my personal relationships.

Thorough and Professional

5/1/2013 from Anna on 01/1/1970

I find the service at Audicus is thorough and professional. My email queries are usually answered in a day or two; at the latest, within a week. I didn't encounter any issues during the ordering process and I look forward to receiving my hearing aid. Thank you, Audicus team for making my first hearing aid purchase simple.

Thoroughly Enjoying Them

10/29/2015 from Paula O. on 01/1/1970

I found your telephone representatives both helpful and pleasant. I received my Dia hearing aid within the time promised and I am throughly enjoying hearing again!


12/4/2013 from Peesh M. on 01/1/1970

I was skeptical. My husband researched Audicus while I was getting info from my audiologist about not buying online hearing aids. The cost difference and my husband's persuasion convinced me to try an a blue. I have used them daily for two weeks and I am thrilled! I have worn them in every circumstance that my old in the ear hearing aids made impossible,like being in an echoey art gallery. And I can hear, I can talk on the phone, I can leave them in all day...I forget I have them on. Thank you!!!"

Tinnitus is Gone

8/13/2015 from Robert G. on 01/1/1970

It solved a debilitating problem I had with tinnitus. It used to be 9 out of 10. After the hearing aids, it is 0 to 4 out of 10. I now hear my wife (good and bad..LOL) when she is talking to me. Plus my overall hearing is much improved.


6/9/2015 from Helen C. on 01/1/1970

Very helpful and trustworthy


1/30/2014 from D. Drummond on 01/1/1970

Unbelievable. As in unbelievably good. Everything was as advertised. Great service, wonderful product and terrific experience. Took the hearing aids right out of the box, put them in and presto ... they worked perfectly - no adjusting needed. Now I'm telling people to be quieter.

Very Comfortable

1/12/2016 from Howard L. on 01/1/1970

This is my first time wearing hearing aids, but after 2 weeks I can say that I am perfectly satisfied with them. They are comfortable to wear all day and seem to work well !

Very Comfortable

1/3/2016 from David L. on 01/1/1970

I received my hearing aids a week ago and they are comfortable and I can hear sounds I couldn't before I started wearing them.

Very Comfortable

2/6/2014 from Frank H. on 01/1/1970

very comfortable, easy to progress through the programs

Very Good

3/25/2016 from Alvin S. on 01/1/1970

Generally, Very Good!

Very Happy

2/29/2016 from Justin D. on 01/1/1970

I came across Audicus after my doctor tried to sell me a $2000 hearing aid. This is an excellent service and I'm very happy with the hearing aid. Thank you.

Very Happy

6/20/2013 from K. Stille on 01/1/1970

Very conciencious. Responded well. Hearing aid doing great. Had no idea tennis shoes hiking were so noisy. Getting used to pretty easily. Glad the directions about wax buildup. didn't know it happened so quickly. One aid doesn't cure everything, but better than nothing. In time will get another. Works almost as well as the $1700.00 one I tried. Very Happy.

Very Happy to hear again

9/11/2015 from Patti S. on 01/1/1970

I can hear without any problems with my device.

Very Helpful

12/9/2013 from Cunen L. on 01/1/1970

very helpful for the elder, the information are clear. customer service are very nice. got good contact and response

Very Helpful

3/26/2015 from James A. on 01/1/1970

I spoke to Amanda and she was very helpful. Thank you

Very Helpful

6/25/2013 from Siva C. on 01/1/1970

Audicus team was very helpful. Answered all my questions. Also like the flexibility to try the device with 45 day trail period.

Very Nice and Easy to wear

12/23/2013 from Miriam S. on 01/1/1970

Very nice and easy to wear.

Very Pleasant Experience

7/9/2013 from Ron J. on 01/1/1970

Very pleasant experience. The look on my dads face when he could hear was the best thing I've seen I very long time.

Very Pleased

9/6/2013 from Bob E. on 01/1/1970

Very pleased with the interaction I have had with your company. So.far the hearing aid seams to be working ok. I have given a friend of mine my comments to this unit and you already heard from him.

Very Pleased so far

11/10/2015 from Gerald R. on 01/1/1970

Very pleased so far. I'm learning and fine tuning it more each day.

Very Satisfied

4/29/2014 from Ishwar on 01/1/1970


Very Satisfied!

6/18/2015 from Carl C. on 01/1/1970

To say I am happy with my DIA would be understatement. It improved the quality of my life. Putting them in first thing in the morning has become a habit.

Very Smooth

8/28/2013 from Mohd Z. on 01/1/1970

Great. Very smooth, from the initial phone call to the delivery of the product.

Very content

8/3/2015 from Gil C. on 01/1/1970

Pleasant, informative, professional, and stress-free.

Very easy

1/19/2015 from John L. on 01/1/1970

The ordering process was very easy, and I am happy that I found a less expensive source for hearing aids.

Very good!

12/4/2013 from Julia S. on 01/1/1970

Very good. Received help in selecting instrument, and help in setting up cell phone and television pairing.

Very gratifying!

6/6/2014 from Alexis C. on 01/1/1970

The persons I interacted with were nice and were able to provide me with the information I wanted. My hearing aid arrived in a reasonable amount of time and the fitting was spot on. It's very gratifying that I can now hear what people are saying to me without having to ask them to repeat themselves. I anxiously await for my next FSA enrollment around September so that I can purchase the 2nd hearing aid and possibly the Bluetooth remote. Too bad my medical insurance doesn't cover hearing aids although they do cover hearing tests.

Very happy with the hearing aids

12/20/2013 from Ana S. on 01/1/1970

I am very happy with my hearing aids, it took me some days to get used to them but know I feel great.

Very helpful

4/17/2015 from Barbara L. on 01/1/1970

Dealt this morning with Matthew, who answered all my questions perfectly, even adding his recommendations which proved to be something I really wanted but didn't know about...my order will be placed online immediately. Thank you Matthew!!

Very pleasant

4/29/2014 from JW Carter on 01/1/1970

Very pleasant once I got past the fear that thinks would not work as stated. However my hearing aids arrived as stated (actually a day earlier than expected and they work well so far. The price was about $2000 cheaper than what I was quoted for a comparable HA at an audiologist's office.

Very pleased

4/29/2014 from Jocelyn on 01/1/1970

The web site is very useful with his chat possibility. I received my hearing aids, within a week, I'm very please with this.

Very pleased

6/25/2013 from Susanne L. on 01/1/1970

The followup to my inquiry was prompt. My questions were answered. The price was the best that I could find for the quality I wanted and the product arrived within a reasonable time. I am very pleased with my hearing aids.

Very pleased!

6/12/2015 from Michael B. on 01/1/1970

Been very pleased with my new BTE devices. Like much better than my old ones and at a very lower costs.

Very pleased.

8/1/2014 from David W. on 01/1/1970

I had had a horrible experience with a full price audiologist selling me the wrong hearing aid followed by even worse service. I did some on line research and found Audicus. Several nervous calls were professionally and patiently answered. Trouble with the WiFi remote control was quickly resolved. The hearing aid works well and literally cost one fourth as much! Don't waste your time and money when you get a fine product, excellent service all for a fraction of the price.

Very professional

1/12/2015 from Nick O. on 01/1/1970

Audicus is a very professional company with super personnel to deal with.

Very satisfied.

6/17/2014 from Germain H. on 01/1/1970

Very satisfied.


10/30/2013 from Sonny on 01/1/1970

I like the price and I like the looks. It's very handsome and it's small and unnoticeable. It's easy to put in my ear. Also my hearing is much better. I am getting better at using them and understanding them. It's a good buy for anyone who wants to improve their hearing. It's not an Internet rip-off. It's a good product. I reviewed 7 or 8 companies and this was the best opportunity. I used to have Siemens in the canal hearing aids from 2008 that were thousands of dollars and these are just as good.

Wife Couldn't be Happier

10/21/2015 from Bobby C. on 01/1/1970

Aids are great. My wife loves the way the look, feel, and how they allow her to hear.

Wife Loves Them

4/12/2016 from Anonymous on 01/1/1970

My wife Nancy has had your one note for both ears for about two years. She has been very pleased with quality and price. Would recommend your hearing aids to anyone.


9/1/2015 from Tamarek E. on 01/1/1970

Wonderful, easy and Money saving. I have had hearing aids for years. This is not only the best, but priced affordable for anyone. I will never use another company.

Wonderful Product

12/9/2015 from Walter J. on 01/1/1970

I love my Audicus aids. Thank you. I have started telling my friends and extended family about your fine product and service.

Wonderful to receive good service

5/21/2013 from Gloria C. on 01/1/1970

It has taken a short time to become comfortable with hearing aids for the first time. It has been wonderful to receive good service and prompt responses that I would not hesitate to refer friends to Audicus that want a reliable company at an affordable cost.


10/30/2013 from Vera S. on 01/1/1970

"My Audicus ""aBlue"" is wonderful. I don't wear it all the time. I don't need it all the time. The good thing is, I am enjoying hearing so well. By the way, it was a pleasure buying my hearing aid and meeting you all in your office. Thank you, Vera

Work very well

5/16/2014 from Larry S. on 01/1/1970

I feel very good with my purchase of Audicus. They work very well at a fraction of the cost of other hearing aids.

Worked Flawlessly

7/17/2013 from Kenneth S. on 01/1/1970

Great experience. Hearing aid worked flawlessly right out of the box. Definitely exceeded my every expectation!

Working Beautifully

1/22/2016 from James M. on 01/1/1970

It was easy to get them working beautiful and as good as my belton (at 1/3rd of the cost) Love them. They work great! I have no complaints.

Working Great!

10/9/2015 from Sara P. on 01/1/1970

My hearing aid has helped me hear a lot better, I have had no problems with it.

Working Great!

8/13/2015 from Dana B. on 01/1/1970

I saved $4,200 from the audiologist's price, and they work just as well. I could no be more pleased with the hearing aids or the service.

Works For Me

10/19/2015 from Gary P. on 01/1/1970

Excellent product, excellent price, excellent support.

Works Perfectly

10/2/2015 from Thomas S. on 01/1/1970

New aids worked perfectly right out of the box! Very pleased with my new aids.

Worth It

11/13/2015 from Tony H. on 01/1/1970

It was easier than I thought it would be.

Worth it

7/28/2015 from Ronald N. on 01/1/1970

It took a little time to learn how to adjust them correctly but since then it has been fantastic. Recommended them to a friend and he purchased a pair from you guys and he is also very happy with them.

Would definitely recommend Audicus

8/18/2015 from Edmund R. on 01/1/1970

I found Audicus on the web and decided to give them a try. I am very happy with the quality of the hearing aids and can understand what is being said to me. Everyone at Audicus has been very helpful. I do recomend Auducus for hearing aids.

Would recommend to all my friends

11/7/2013 from Ajit on 01/1/1970

Audicus fulfilled my expectations about buying a hearing aid online to save a huge amount compared to what the mainstream route costs. They answered my questions about their products, the logistics of buying and support, and the prices. I received my aid within a few days of sending my hearing test results. This is my first hearing aid, and so I'm still evaluating the efficacy of the aid, but the Audicus experience makes me want to recommend this method of acquiring hearing aids in general, and Audicus in particular, to all my friends who need a hearing aid.

Would recommend to anyone!

5/23/2014 from Patricia M. on 01/1/1970

On line chat was pleasant and very helpful. Loved the reviews and the price. I had previously paid $7,000 for a pair of audibels and this by far fits my needs for $1200! Would recommend this to anyone! Thanks again for your support and great product!

Wow! Amazing!!

7/7/2015 from Clara N. on 01/1/1970

I didn't know how bad my hearing loss was until I put the Dia in my ear! I'm hearing sounds that I haven't heard in yrs! I used to watch TV with the volume on 25, now it's on 10. Great product and so affordable when you make the payment option!


10/27/2015 from Chris W. on 01/1/1970

Love my new Dia BTE aids! First pair ever and wow, what one been missing! No one has even noticed I'm wearing them. Thank you Audicus!

Wow...just wow

7/15/2015 from Gerald R. on 01/1/1970

Great hearing aides, they changed my life. Thanks for helping me find the best product, good customer service!

You will not be disappointed

6/9/2015 from Tina P. on 01/1/1970

Having put off hearing aids for a long time, primarily due to cost, I finally went to an audiologist who tested and recommended their brand. It wore them as a test drive for 2 weeks and was so sad when I had to turn them back in, I just didn't have the money to purchase them. That is why I went online and I discovered Audicus. I was leary about ordering them online, but the money back guarantee convinced me to give them a try. That was almost two years ago. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I have been. The sound quality is as good as the expensive ones that I tested. The customer care has been wonderful. If you are not sure, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

aBlue Hearing Aids

10/30/2013 from Patrick C. on 01/1/1970

Great help so far!

aBlue and remote

7/17/2014 from Ron H. on 01/1/1970

I used it exclusively for meetings where I can turn up the volume if necessary. I really like this feature of being able to control the volume with a remote. I just wish the controller was a little thinner so it could fit in my shirt pocket easier.

amazed still

9/5/2014 from Abe S. on 01/1/1970

had this for a year minus a week .great product. i used an aid from my ent dr for 4 years and 2500 dollar a piece ,found this guys online last year ,bought the ablue, and trust i was v skeptical, well. lets try it what can i loose worsth can happen ill use it as a backup .got this in the mail fast ,put it on ,the girl called me the next day to see if its ok ,told her ;wow thank u.in fact im going to buy the new one they have ,so i can have 2 in case i loose 1,by the way i never gave long feedback till this 1,


8/14/2014 from Wilson W. on 01/1/1970

I,ve only received them a couple of days ago, but i find them excellent,happy that i got them from your company.


7/14/2014 from Anne on 01/1/1970

i can hear

great product, great price

6/8/2015 from Ron R. on 01/1/1970

great product at a great price. prompt, courteous customer service

hearing aids for my husband

7/4/2014 from Lea L. on 01/1/1970

helped my husband a lot with his profound hearing loss, its discreet enough so he's more compliant on wearing it daily

helpful, informative, patient

1/28/2015 from Virginia I. on 01/1/1970

helpful, informative, patient

my aBlue experience

6/26/2014 from Maxwell on 01/1/1970

Great people..very helpful.


9/22/2014 from Karen G. on 01/1/1970

My Audicus experience was outstanding! My hearing aids arrived in less than a week and I was truly amazed by the quality of them. I had been searching for affordable hearing aids since my insurance does not cover them and was so excited when I came upon your website. Also, and when I called your toll free number with a few questions, the staff was very helpful and courteous! Thank you! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends.

sounds really great

7/30/2013 from Ramamohan on 01/1/1970

I lost my left hearing aid while I was on tour in Europe. On my return to U.S. I called my hearing aid company for a replacement. I was told I have to pay $2000 since I didn't have insurance on the one I lost, Then I went online and found this hearing aid from Audicus which was similar to mine but I got it for 60% less than I would have paid otherwise and it sounds really great. Thanks Audicus.

unbelievable good stuff

5/10/2013 from peter paldino on 01/1/1970

i have just purchased a set of the top of the range , and a blue tooth mini media ,, great stuff, all works how it should , i was a little skeptical at first, because of the price difference here in australia a similar set cost $8000.00 that is right ,that's with out the bluetooth thingy,and i also thought they might be some cheap chinese product , if i am not mistaken they are german made , anyway could not he happier , thank goodness for the internet ,

very happy

1/2/2015 from Larry S. on 01/1/1970

I" am very happy with the hearing aids and I'am very satisfied with the service I have gotten when I have called.

very impressed

10/6/2014 from Helen C. on 01/1/1970

a simple procedure, well documented and was impressed with how easy to speak to a representative.

very positive

9/17/2014 from Albertus on 01/1/1970

All I hoped fore , very positive

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