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Not only can you take an online hearing test to assess your hearing, but new smart technology now allows you to get a hearing assessment using only headphones! Learn more about smart headphones and online hearing tests in this week’s Audicus blog!

Online Hearing Tests through Headphones

A new type of smart technology, the Even H1 headphones are capable of doing hearing tests for the user.

Even, a company that manufactures Silicon Valley-based technology, has created a new kind of smart headphones that can help people with asymmetric hearing loss to listen to music more effectively.

These headphones can be customized for the hearing capabilities of each ear. It is analogous to having eyeglasses that have customized lenses that are suited for the capabilities of each individual eye.

These headphones come with a remote control that contains a special circuit. The circuit is capable of conducting a hearing test. You can complete this test by double-clicking the Even logo while wearing the headphones.

When the Even logo is double-clicked the headphones deliver instructions for conducting the hearing test. The circuit introduces you to a series of music stimuli of differing intensity and asks you to choose the ones you can hear. This assessment is carried out for both ears individually.

Not only does the process take only a few minutes to complete, but your hearing profile is stored in the remote’s sound processor so that you do not have to repeat the test. You can now listen to music that is contoured to your hearing capabilities.

If you don’t wish to have this contoured system in place you can simply press the Even button. Even H1 headphones have 50mm beryllium dynamic drivers that are contained inside walnut-finish ear cups. The headphones are powered by a lithium-ion battery and can last up to 12 hours before needing to be charged again.

Online Hearing Tests for Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Asymmetric hearing loss, a condition that can be detected by using an online hearing test, may be caused by exposing one ear to a loud sound stimulus. This asymmetry can become even more pronounced if one ear is exposed to loud stimuli over extended periods of time.

Asymmetric hearing loss can be particularly troublesome because we rely on hearing symmetry to help locate the position of objects. This type of hearing loss can be risky when driving a car in traffic.

Audicus Online Hearing Test

Audicus also has an online hearing test that is readily available on their website. One exceptional listening device you can use after undergoing an online hearing test is the Audicus Clara.

Test Your Hearing For Free

The Clara is a smart listening device that provides sound clarity and reduces background noise in occasional settings. It helps in situations where it’s inherently difficult to hear, such as listening from a distance, discerning speech in loud places, and having soft conversations.

Used in conjunction with our Online Hearing Test, which uses a smart algorithm to analyze and correlate your results with thousands of existing hearing profiles from our database, the Clara is tuned to help you in situations where you could use a boost.

Be sure to take hearing tests regularly to assess your hearing health!

By: Aaron Rodriques

Source: Forbes