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If you have ever had a positive physical reaction to something you heard, you may benefit from the ASMR Internet trend.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is a relatively new phenomenon sweeping the audiophile community. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) affects millions of people, and even more, may not realize there is a name to their feelings.

Those who experience ASMR have different reactions to a variety of types of sounds, all positive. Some feel tingly, some sleepy, and most feel relaxed. The types of sounds include whispering, tapping, crackling, touching, and popping, as well as many more.

While there is no exact science behind the sensation, there’s no denying the positive side effects experienced through hearing certain sounds. What has helped ASMR gain in popularity primarily is the increase in YouTube videos, online postings, and communities. One example of an ASMR-specific trend is the obsession with crunchy slime videos.

What is a crunchy slime video?

Crunchy slime combines the popularity of creating slime at home with the popularity of ASMR videos. Videos with crunchy slime involve the formation of the sticky, stretchy slime with the addition of a larger object (generally plastic) that pop or clicks when combined with the slime.

If you’ve ever played with silly putty or blown a bubble with gum, you can get an idea of the satisfaction value of stretching crunchy slime.

Every day individuals create the crunchy slime, tape themselves molding and spreading the slime, and post the videos online. You can then go online and watch the videos, and if you experience ASMR, you may enjoy them even more.

Where do I find crunchy slime videos?

YouTube allows for the creation of channels where video creators can post videos and garner a following. Because people with ASMR have sound preferences, they often follow channels to find and watch videos fitted to their specific tastes. Here are a few of the most popular channels:

  • Satisfying Slime ASMR: With close to 1.5 million subscribers, this is the go-to channel for crunchy slime videos. They post multiple videos a day, all related to slime, games, and toys. Their videos fit into several series related to food slimes, DIY (do it yourself) slimes, cutting stress balls open, and ASMR-specific slimes. Their most popular video about rainbow slime has over 45 million views!
  • Relaxing Slime ASMR: This YouTube channel not only posts videos featuring relaxing slime sounds, but it also has an online community where users can respond to prompts like “Do you like or hate slime fail videos?” This allows the channel creators to tailor their videos to keep their followers happy.
  • Best Satisfying ASMR: Though this channel was established less than a year ago, it has almost 2 million views. Their most popular video involves pressing a metal grate (akin to a cooling rack baker’s use) into colored slime and pulling it up. The stretching and drawing up produces a sound slightly different than the crunchy slime, but still sensational to some.

Even if you don’t think you experience ASMR, these crunchy slime videos may still be pleasant to your ears!

By: Diana Michel