David’s Hearing Loss:

This week we spoke to Audicus customer David Carter from southern Mississippi, who works as a counselor at his church. He has experienced age-related hearing loss and his Audicus hearing aids are his second pair.

David serves his community in a variety of capacities: as a grief counselor; marital counselor; and addiction counselor. Considering that counseling is a career that requires one to listen, hearing loss posed for him a large hurdle.

Of course, it can be difficult for anyone who approaches age-related hearing loss. The human desire to control is challenged when bodies age and change. It doesn’t help that people who are ready to purchase hearing aids often face price barriers, since hearing aids are traditionally thousands of dollars at the clinic and not covered by insurance.


 David’s Search for Hearing Aids:

When David found it time to get a new pair of hearing aids, he went online and discovered the Audicus site, thinking there must be a way to find “less costly, yet good hearing aids available.” He said at first he didn’t want to trust a website, but he gradually became more comfortable after speaking to Audicus representatives over the phone.

“Gradually I built trust [in Audicus],” he said.  “The 45-day program was good. I called [Audicus] and the person I spoke to was very helpful. It sort of built trust. It was a building process.”


David’s Audicus Experience:

Once he received his hearing aids, he gained additional trust.

“I have used them for a few weeks and find that they do well–as well or better than my previous much more costly aids,” he said. “I am pleased and was not taken advantage of in any way. I can suggest with secure confidence that my search produced good results. Now, I can recommend Audicus as ‘the source’ as the right choice for hearing aids. ”

David describes his hearing aids as his own ‘assistants.’

“They’re like having an assistant,” he said. “Instead of having to ask someone to repeat something, my assistant does it for me. I don’t have to say ‘huh’ anymore.”

David’s hearing aids have helped him function better in his role as a counselor and in his marriage. He said his wife is the most grateful for his new hearing aids.

“You can’t just adjust your life just for yourself,” he said. “You have to do it for anybody you love.”


By Eli Pauley