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2018 is set to bring us some exciting and new sounds! Make sure to wear your hearing aids so you can hear everything.

1. Super Bowl LII: Whether you’re at the game in Minneapolis or watching from the (warm) comfort of your living room, you’re going to hear some cheering. The two teams for the 52nd Super Bowl have not yet been determined, but it’s sure to be a great game. It’s important to wear your hearing aids so you can control the noise level, whether you need to turn up the volume to hear the halftime show or stealthily turn it down when it gets too loud.


2. Snowfalls: Technically, you won’t hear this. But the “sound” of snow falling is often a pure and soothing silence. Have you ever walked outside during a gentle snowfall at night and experienced this quiet? Recently the U.S. was hit by a “bomb cyclone” of winter weather, causing extreme snowfalls around the country. Winter is just raring up, so be sure to take some time during the next snowstorm to appreciate the peace and quiet a heavy snowfall can bring.


3. PyeongChang Olympics: The Winter Olympic Games are headed to South Korea! The sounds of skis on snow, blades on ice, and the roar of the crowds will all be present during the nonstop television coverage of the Games. Check out this list of deaf or hard of hearing athletes who overcame their physical challenges to become Olympic champions.


4. New Orleans Turns 300: The Big Easy is having a big birthday this year. America’s favorite city for music, art, and culture (not to mention the booze) is celebrating 300 years and is doing it in style. Turn up your hearing aid and tune into the great live music, fireworks, and block parties that NOLA will be hosting all year long.


5. FIFA World Cup: GOOOOAL! The 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place in Russia this year and will be played from June to July. Soccer is the world’s favorite sport and has fast-growing popularity in America. The U.S. didn’t qualify this time, but everyone has their favorite country to support. Will you be cheering for the defending champs Germany, or will you pick an underdog? Make sure to keep your hearing aids tuned up so you don’t miss a second of the games!


There are many national and world event taking place this year. Take some time to hear the sounds, see the sights, and maybe even smell the scents of all these exciting happenings!


By: Elena McPhillips