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When Patrick Freuler started Audicus, he had a mission of providing hearing aids to the public at a reasonable price. By cutting out the middleman, he hoped to decrease the overhead cost involved in hearing aid production. While the idea may have seemed revolutionary at the time, other industries followed a similar model, disrupting the retail industry, making his idea not as crazy. Over time, Audicus provided hearing aids and collected countless positive reviews along the way. Now that we hit the 20,000 mark for hearing aids sold, it’s our turn to thank you!


Taking a walk down memory lane, we can revisit some of the countless consumer stories. Back in October 2014, we caught up with Wally Savoy who needed a commercial driver’s license for his job. After failing the hearing test, he realized he needed to purchase hearing aids, but did not have the funds. With the help of Audicus, he was able to quickly return to work and pass his license test with the aid of Audicus’ in-canal hearing aids.


In February 2015, Ronald Clayton told us about his personal experience with hearing aids. As a professor he needed to hear his students – even the ones in the far back of the classroom. After experiencing some apprehension about purchasing hearing aids online, he decided to buy from Audicus and couldn’t be happier about his choice. His interactions with the Audicus audiologists were positive, and he walked away with a pair of well-fitting, well-programmed hearing aids.


Vera Schlesinger chatted with us in September 2016. After a gentle push from her husband led her to exploring hearing aids, she found Audicus to be a cheaper, yet still a quality product. She said “it’s the fear of aging that stops us from investing in the devices that help us. If you have hearing loss, you should get them [hearing aids]. Do it to stay young.” No matter how old or young the client, Audicus hearing aids have proven to be a great solution to hearing loss.


More recently, we’ve received these positive reviews:


August 2017: “I cannot over express how pleased I am with my new Audicus hearing aids. The words: amazing, awesome comes to mind. When I first put them on it sounded a little mechanical, similar to a sound processor. However, after about 20 minutes of wearing them they sounded so natural that I had to remind myself that I was wearing them.” – Peter W.

November 2017: “Ordering is very easy, their customer service is great and the accessories/parts are simple to order. I have recommended Audicus to every one that is having problems with their hearing.” – Kevin R.

October 2017: “Once I tried them, I have nothing but praises. Best units EVER! I hear things I haven’t heard in decades! I’m a BELIEVER in Audicus.” – Laurel B.


Thank you to all the customers who supported our vision and provided fantastic feedback on our products. While we are happy to have improved the lives of 20,000 individuals, we know there are many more who can benefit from the cost and customer service connected with Audicus. Cheers to many more lives changed!


By: Diana Michel