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Wally Savoy didn’t have digital hearing aids.  A Maryland resident and mechanic for the past 20 years, he recently failed the hearing test of his employer’s biyearly physical exam. He could not renew his commercial driver’s license, required for his job.

Savoy found himself out of work and distraught.

“I was let down,” he said. “I had to use 16 sick days because I couldn’t work.”

Savoy knew he had some trouble hearing high-pitched sounds, caused by noise induced hearing loss from the shrill noise of high-pressure air containers at a former job.

A second hearing test by an audiologist confirmed Savoy had lost 80 percent of hearing in his left ear. The audiologist advised him to get digital hearing aids.

Savoy found Audicus online and purchased in-the-canal hearing aids.

“They amplify sounds and aren’t uncomfortable at all,” he said.

Savoy retook his employer’s hearing test and this time passed.  He returned to work the next day thanks to his new hearing capabilities.

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by Lemicher Mack