As consumerism changes with the times, more and more companies are moving in the direction of direct-to-consumer methods. Instead of going through a department store or other brick and mortar options, these companies switch completely online and offer the customer the chance to cut out the middleman and grab an online deal. Through this method, these smaller start-ups with few employees are able to compete with larger corporations. Here are some of the reasons to turn to a direct-to-consumer company for major purchases:



  • Cheaper, controlled cost – Consumers are tired of constant markdowns and desire a consistent low price. Over half of the cost associated with in-store sales accounts for research and development, store space, and employees. Cutting the physical store opens the door for greater online deals.
  • Cheerful workers – These companies who are disrupting their industries understand the value of quality employees. Higher pay, flexible schedules, and creative workplaces often come with the territory, which contributes to positive moral within the company. Happy workers tend to work harder and provide an even better product.
  • Great customer service – In conjunction, happy workers also tend to provide superior customer service. These companies tend to emphasize the customer experience to make the process as quick and painless as possible. After all, if the customer could get a better experience face-to-face, the online business would never succeed.
  • Simple process – Once customers grasp the idea of shopping online (which may be a new process to some), they can customize products, pay quickly, and receive their product on their doorstep shortly after. This method simplifies and streamlines, cutting down on any stress or pressure associated with in-store sales representatives or brand loyalties. Purchasing from the comfort of home is a luxury that actually comes at a lower cost!
  • Innovative products – These companies tend not to have systems that branch out, meaning that there is only one venue for change. Traditional stores change slowly because it is a process to overhaul every individual store. These changes have to go from the head honchos down to managers down to employees, which takes time. Direct-to-consumer companies can adapt and quickly make adjustments to ensure the best customer experience and product. With that quick turn-around, they can take more risks and make innovative, new products without fear of ruining the company.


Now that you know about the online deals to be had, here are a few examples of companies to turn to for the best experience and most bang for your buck!


  • Dollar Shave Club – Choose your preferred blade and receive replacement cartridges at your selected frequency.
  • CasperPurchase the right sized mattress for your, and it comes well-packaged in a box. Open the box and the mattress springs to life!
  • Warby Parker – Select 5 frames to be sent to your home. Pick your favorite, enter your prescription, and soon after you will have your own pair of glasses at your door. They’ll also send a pair to someone in need.
  • Hubble Contacts – Add your prescription, and you’ll get contacts in the mail via a monthly (or your preferred timeline) subscription. Unlike other online retailers, Hubble makes their own brand of contacts at a cheaper price.
  • Ollie – Design a meal plan for your dog, and it will show up at your doorstep at your preferred interval. They offer many healthy, relatively cheap options for feeding your pet.
  • Audicus – Send in your audiogram, choose the best hearing aid for you, then check your mailbox! Reprogramming is free, and there is plenty of customer support. They provide some great online deals.


Get out there and find the best online deal for your needs!


By: Diana Michel