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Hearing loss should never hold you back from staying active. With the right hearing loss treatment, like advanced, digital hearing aids from Audicus, social settings can still be very enjoyable. We sat down with Audicus customer Vera Schlesinger and learned why hearing aids are more than just physical devices to her. Read more about how hearing aids have helped Vera ‘Live Loudly’ in this inspirational customer spotlight below:


Audicus: When did you start your search for hearing aids?


Vera Schleisinger: I only started wearing hearing aids a couple years ago. Initially, when I was going for my check up, my ear doctor said to me, ‘Vera, you’re young enough to be part of life. Get a hearing aid.’


Living in New York City, my search began very quickly as all I had to do was venture around the corner on 36th Street. Reality sunk in as I learned the exorbitant cost of hearing aids. I had purchased a hearing aid from my doctor, but had to give it back due to the cost. In search of alternative options, my husband Steve (the online researcher at our home) had found you guys as a possible solution to my hearing needs.


A: Were you hesitant to get hearing aids for a long time? If so, why?


VS: I never go straightforward for anything–especially when a doctor tells me to do something. To tell you the truth, my husband drove me to get hearing aids. He’s a more direct individual and takes care of things that way. He would always ask me, “what are you waiting for, Vera?” It wasn’t just Steve that pushed me to get hearing aids. Every time I would visit my daughter and granddaughters, I would notice I was missing pieces of our conversation. Knowing my hearing loss, my daughter, too, would constantly ask me, “What are you waiting for?”


A: What advice would you give to others starting their hearing aid search?


VS: There are so many people that resist getting hearing aids. They think, “Oh, I’m aging; oh, I have wrinkles.” We don’t age gracefully. It’s the fear of aging that stops us from investing in the devices that help us.


If you have hearing loss, you should get them [hearing aids]. Do it to stay young. It took me a while, as I never go to a doctor, but we have to take care of ourselves. You will get used to the hearing aids and it will make you feel safer. It’s a positive feeling.

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