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Looking for some new winter activities to do with your hearing aids? Learn more about different indoor and outdoor activities in this week’s Audicus blog! Some new leisure activities you could try during the winter include:

Hiking with Earmuffs and Hearing Aids

Hiking out in the wilderness can be a great way to enjoy nature while getting exercise. Hearing aids should be worn consistently while hiking in order to keep aware of key factors in your environment like moving vehicles, cracking ice or wild animals.

Using your hearing aid during a hike also allows you to keep communication with the other members of your hiking party. Momentarily using earmuffs during resting periods will not only keep your ears warm, but it will also protect your hearing aids.

Hearing aids are susceptible to damage from moisture; this can include the snow, rain, sleet that you would normally experience during the winter activities.

Crocheting, Knitting and Hearing Aid Supplies

Crocheting and knitting have become increasingly popular on websites like Etsy and Pinterest. These activities can be fun, inexpensive indoor hobbies that don’t require leaving the house.

Knitting bags and other types of compartments can be a nice way to create items for storing jewelry, hearing aids and other possessions.

Hearing Aids and Audio Games                                                                                                        

Audio games, or games that rely on sound, are an interesting new type of gaming technology that can actually condition people to hear soft speech in noisy environments.

Audio games are designed in such a way that provides feedback while the player progresses through the game, allowing her to pinpoint a target. has an amazing assortment of games to keep you captivated during the winter season!

Vehicle Restoration and Hearing Aid Protection

Do you have a car that is in need of a repair? A very interesting side project that you could partake in during the winter season is vehicle restoration.

Feel free to use hearing aids when in the process of a repair- often times you can tell if a section of a car has a loose or broken part by the sound it makes. However, use earmuffs if you feel the engine of the car is too loud for your comfort.

Bird Watching With Hearing Aids

Watching birds is a low-intensity winter activity that the entire family can enjoy! Not only will binoculars and camera gear allow you to see these winged wonders with amazing clarity, but hearings aids can also help to better the experience as well.

Wearing your hearing device during bird watching can help you to pinpoint the direction of different birds for better picture taking, as well as observe the numerous calls they make amongst each other when communicating.

With this assortment of winter activities it should be easy to keep yourself preoccupied before spring arrives!


 By: Aaron Rodriques