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Getting Accessories for Your Hearing Aids

You’ve just purchased a pair of hearing aids, and now you may be wondering what else you may need to optimize your hearing experience.

If you purchased your hearing aids through Audicus, you know that your first pair came with a cleaning brush, dome variety pack, earwax guard, and then depending on what kind of hearing aid you purchased either batteries or a charging case. However, those supplies won’t last forever and soon enough it will be time to buy more supplies. 

The first place we suggest looking at is our Supplies page on our website. The Supplies section features everything you need to personalize, use, and care for your hearing aids.

This section is easy to navigate and allows each customer to filter by device model to find the supplies you’ll need to clean and maintain your specific device. 

Buying Supplies For Hearing Aids Online:

Even if you purchased your hearing aids through Audicus, you may be wondering if you can buy your accessories from an in-store supplier. We want your hearing journey to be seamless and convenient and that is why we crafted the Audicus Supplies page. 

If you know the exact supplies you need and want then this process can be very quick and easy, but if you are still unsure of what supplies you will actually need there ongoing services we offer to keep your hearing aids running and protected. 

The Best Hearing Aid Accessories: 

Looking after your hearing aids is a top priority, but we understand that it can be tiresome to order new supplies constantly and live with the worry of losing your hearing aids. That is why we created the Audicus Care and Protect subscriptions. 

Audicus Protect offers you complete coverage of your hearing aids, including unlimited repairs, unlimited Clean & Care service, and a loss replacement. Audicus Protect must be purchased within 60 days of your hearing aid purchase and can be paid as 24 months up-front or paid monthly for just $12 per month. 

Audicus Care subscription allows you to receive regular shipments of domes, batteries, earwax guards, wipes, desiccant drying capsules, and cleaning brushes delivered directly every 3 months, or contact Audicus if you ever need more, with no extra charge.

For just $12 per month, you never have to worry about running out of hearing aid supplies again. 

However, if monthly subscriptions are not your style we still offer a full range of accessories made exactly for your type of hearing device. Simply click on our supplies page and filter it to show off the exact supplies you are looking for, and you can even pay extra for Express Shipping to get your supplies even quicker.