Get $500 off Omni 2 hearing aids for a limited time with code MEMORIALDAY

Healthcare memberships now go way beyond just signing up for your local gym. The wave of direct-to-consumer healthcare has led to new types of subscription-based health and wellness services delivered straight to your door. We take a look at some of our favorite healthcare subscriptions and introduce you to the new Audicus hearing aid membership!

Healthcare membership for hearing: Audicus’ all-inclusive hearing aids

When you sign up for the all-inclusive hearing aid package with Audicus, you get so much more than just our award-winning hearing aids. We also include:

  • The enhanced clarity upgrade, which includes up to 20 channels for the sharpest sound quality
  • Accessories sent regularly
  • Insurance
  • New hearing aids every 18 months
  • Expert care from our team

This all comes out to as little as $39 a month. If you’re interested in upgrading your hearing experience, get started here.

Healthcare membership for full-body health: Ritual vitamins

Ritual has upgraded and overhauled the multivitamin game. Originally created as a subscription for and by women, Ritual has now expanded their vitamin offerings to men as well. Ritual is wholly transparent about their sources and science and offers clinically-backed multivitamins for men and women in all stages of life. The best part is that these vitamins get delivered straight to your door.

Healthcare membership for lenses: Hubble contacts

How annoying is it to constantly have to refill your contact lens prescription? Even though we wear them every day, getting new contacts can be something that easily slips our mind. It can be potentially dangerous to extend the life of your contacts, so a direct delivery contacts subscription might be just what you need. Hubble Contacts offers a monthly plan for $36/month that brings contacts right to your home. You can either stick with your regular brand or take the quiz to see if Hubble brand contacts are right for you—your first box is only $1!

By: Elena McPhillips