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Ready or not, we have arrived in 2023. Many of you are probably already pursuing resolutions (or still coming up with them – oops!), but you may be surprised to learn that whichever resolution you’ve chosen may benefit your life in more ways than one. We rounded up five of our favorite blog posts related to some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and of course, your hearing.

Healthy eating: You hear what you eat

You know the saying “you are what you eat,” and you don’t want to end up looking (or feeling) like a big pile of chili cheese fries. Did you know that getting the proper nutrients can also help your hearing? Read on for our top five foods for preventing hearing loss.

Quit smoking: The impact of cigarettes on hearing loss

We know that quitting smoking can do your lungs a huge favor, but what about your ears? Cigarettes contain ototoxic chemicals that can harm your hearing, making smokers 70 percent more likely to develop hearing loss than non-smokers.

Lose weight: Hearing loss linked to obesity

Looking to shed a few pounds? Your new fit figure will do more than impress your family and friends (and random passersby!); it also comes with a variety of health benefits. From more obvious candidates like diabetes and heart health to the less obvious (ahem – hearing loss), losing weight can help avoid some of those pesky doctors visits. Combine exercise with healthy eating for the most benefit!

Help others: Where to donate used hearing aids

Have an old pair of hearing aids lying around? Is it time to upgrade your current set? Put them to use by donating them. These organizations will refurbish old hearing aids and distribute them to people in need. No hearing aids to spare? You can still get involved with the Hearing Health Foundation, donate to the American Hearing Research Foundation or volunteer for the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Learn something new: How musical training can beat hearing loss

Your school days may be long behind you, but it’s still important to keep your brain active to maintain cognitive function. Keeping your ears active is also important for their function! Try something that does both: learning an instrument. Intensive musical training, even if you’ve never played music before, has been shown to prevent hearing loss no matter what your age!

Will you be trying any of these resolutions this year? Did we miss any? We’d love to hear about it! Email [email protected] to tell us about your goals for the new year. Stay tuned for more healthy posts all month long. Happy Hearing!

By Alice Stejskal