The all-inclusive Audicus Dia II Membership from $39/ear per month.

As an Audicus Dia II Member, you get everything you need to get back to happy hearing. All from just $39 per month, with no minimum commitment. Every Audicus Member gets:
  • The Audicus Dia II, a discreet behind-the-ear hearing aid
  • All the accessories you need, delivered automatically to your door
  • Peace-of-mind protection in case of loss or damage
  • A free trade-in to a new device every 18 months
  • Expert care from our 5-star support team
How membership works:
  • Sign up today for a setup fee of $100
  • Try for 45-days with our 100% money back guarantee
  • Pay monthly membership from $39 per ear
  • Cancel anytime. Just return the devices.
Audicus Membership is available only to United States residents Please see full Audicus Membership FAQs here

Payment Summary

Monthly Payment
+$100 one-time setup due today
 Free shipping US
 45 Day Trial
 Cancel any time
 Accessories shipped before you need them
 Unlimited support and tune-ups