Get up to $300 off Series 2 hearing aids for a limited time.

Our rubber dome seal improves sound quality by blocking  out the right amount of extra noise for your hearing loss.  The 6-count pack of domes is best used to replace old domes after use. Domes should be replaced every 6 weeks for optimal function.

Select from open, closed, or double shapes and small, medium, or large sizes.

Unsure what dome size you need? Pick your style (Open, Closed, Double) and select 'Variety' for size. We'll send you all 3 sizes (Small (2), Medium (2), Large (2)). Decide which size works best for you after your package arrives and start hearing better immediately. 

Compatible with the Audicus Clara, Oro, Alto and Dia II hearing aid models.


  • 6 x Domes