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Build your own hearing device

Audicus Clara beige Audicus Clara beige-battery Audicus Clara black Audicus Clara grey Audicus Clara grey-battery Audicus Clara silver Audicus Clara silver-battery

Choose one or both

Left ear

Right ear


Need to add rechargeability?

Standard batteries


Rechargeability upgrade

 + US$200

Do you want enhanced clarity?



Enhanced clarity

 + US$50

Choose a color


Want to add a controller?

No remote


Classic remote

 + US$199

Audicus Care

Kits every 3 months

+$12per month
  • 4 packs of batteries
  • Replacement rubber domes
  • 8 wax guards
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Drying Capsule

Audicus Protect

2-year Audicus Protect

+$12per month
  • Extended warranty
  • Clean and care services
  • 1-time loss protection

Payment Summary

One time Payment
 Free shipping US  45 Day trial